I love music. Music, music, music. Here it goes down. Down into my heart.

Or, pretend there was no introduction to this post. That may be the better option.

  • The best amp tech I have ever met, Jerry Blaha, has a new line of amps out. I’ve yet to try one, but if the mods he’s put into amps I’ve owned are any indication of his skill, then these should be pretty fantastic: AC Custom Design Amplifiers. You should buy one. Especially you studio guys, with their recording capabilities. In fact, you guys should buy two. Hopefully I’ll be posting a demo here soon.
  • Becoming re-fascinated with the Analogman Bi-Chorus with deep switch. Mmmmm.
  • Bought something from Behringer. Broke within 5 minutes of exposing it to fresh air and running audio signal through it. I guess that was asking a lot.
  • Ever have those moments where you just need one honest word? On Sunday, we were short a bass player. And in my infinite wisdom and musical skills, I of course know that there is nothing my superior tone cannot do. So I proceed to re-eq my amp, make a chorus sound out of my delay pedals, and play weird inversions on my guitar to make it sound like a bass. It didn’t sound glorious, but I knew it was anyway because I was playing it. The sound guy walked in, and with one look of frightened and bewildered widening eyes from him, I decided it was time for an acoustic set.
  • Very excitedly read a thread on Gear Page the other day about what is the best vacuum cleaner, as I have been having trouble getting our carpets clean. I then realized in horror that I am officially old.
  • You should have a ZVex Super Duper.
  • I normally don’t comment on current events (I like to think that sometimes this is the one place on the life (internet) you can go without having to hear about politics or the latest church scandal), but I can’t help but mention that Rob Bell interview video every website keeps telling me I need to see. Now, the only thing I know about Rob Bell is a couple Nooma videos I saw years ago, which I thought were kind of cheesey. So, I’m not a huge fan, nor do I hate the guy. But the most interesting thing about that video, was all the comments below it of ‘owned’, or what is infinitely worse, ‘*pwned’, or things to that effect. If you think he’s teaching heresy towards your interpretation of the Bible, fine. Speak up. But how is ‘owned’, laughter or making him out to be an enemy, doing any good for him, you, other believers, or the view of Christians as a whole?
  • Also, ‘*pwned’ or ‘teh’ or any of the other internet words that I want to shoot with my Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz, never do anybody any good. Ever.
  • Of course, the Musket Fuzz didn’t have a pronounced enough midrange for me, so it probably wouldn’t cut through the mix enough to do any real damage anyway.
  • Who here thinks it’s high time we brought back the 1982 drenched in reverb snare sound? Oh yes.
  • Also, not to worry…I have now outlawed autotune. You’re welcome.
  • I hate it when people like themselves too much. Probably because I like myself too much, and think they should definitely like me too much too.
  • At one of the church’s I play at, they have spray-painted the TU-2′s black so as not to be a distraction on stage. I can’t help but think how much they die a little inside every time I bring my pedalboards in.
  • I have never sat down and learned how to play Crazy Train, Brown Eyed Girl, or Mustang Sally. Am I even allowed to call myself a guitarist?
  • Grace is the best.
  • Hey, remember that scene in the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens where Daniel Craig shoots the space ship from the gun attached to his arm? Ya, that’s gonna be awesome. Hoping for the best ‘not-taking-itself-completely-serious’ sci-fi movie since Tremors. I also did the score for it. Except that I’m a liar.


P.S. For those of you who may have gone to Bandcamp, and seen the price drop, that’s so that I no longer have to ask for donations to this site without having anything to give in return. (See the Donate link for more details.) But if you’ve already bought it, please let me know if you’d like the extra money refunded. :)