Musical Loveliness (Or Something Less Feminine)

I love music. Music, music, music. Here it goes down. Down into my heart.

Or, pretend there was no introduction to this post. That may be the better option.

  • The best amp tech I have ever met, Jerry Blaha, has a new line of amps out. I’ve yet to try one, but if the mods he’s put into amps I’ve owned are any indication of his skill, then these should be pretty fantastic: AC Custom Design Amplifiers. You should buy one. Especially you studio guys, with their recording capabilities. In fact, you guys should buy two. Hopefully I’ll be posting a demo here soon.
  • Becoming re-fascinated with the Analogman Bi-Chorus with deep switch. Mmmmm.
  • Bought something from Behringer. Broke within 5 minutes of exposing it to fresh air and running audio signal through it. I guess that was asking a lot.
  • Ever have those moments where you just need one honest word? On Sunday, we were short a bass player. And in my infinite wisdom and musical skills, I of course know that there is nothing my superior tone cannot do. So I proceed to re-eq my amp, make a chorus sound out of my delay pedals, and play weird inversions on my guitar to make it sound like a bass. It didn’t sound glorious, but I knew it was anyway because I was playing it. The sound guy walked in, and with one look of frightened and bewildered widening eyes from him, I decided it was time for an acoustic set.
  • Very excitedly read a thread on Gear Page the other day about what is the best vacuum cleaner, as I have been having trouble getting our carpets clean. I then realized in horror that I am officially old.
  • You should have a ZVex Super Duper.
  • I normally don’t comment on current events (I like to think that sometimes this is the one place on the life (internet) you can go without having to hear about politics or the latest church scandal), but I can’t help but mention that Rob Bell interview video every website keeps telling me I need to see. Now, the only thing I know about Rob Bell is a couple Nooma videos I saw years ago, which I thought were kind of cheesey. So, I’m not a huge fan, nor do I hate the guy. But the most interesting thing about that video, was all the comments below it of ‘owned’, or what is infinitely worse, ‘*pwned’, or things to that effect. If you think he’s teaching heresy towards your interpretation of the Bible, fine. Speak up. But how is ‘owned’, laughter or making him out to be an enemy, doing any good for him, you, other believers, or the view of Christians as a whole?
  • Also, ‘*pwned’ or ‘teh’ or any of the other internet words that I want to shoot with my Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz, never do anybody any good. Ever.
  • Of course, the Musket Fuzz didn’t have a pronounced enough midrange for me, so it probably wouldn’t cut through the mix enough to do any real damage anyway.
  • Who here thinks it’s high time we brought back the 1982 drenched in reverb snare sound? Oh yes.
  • Also, not to worry…I have now outlawed autotune. You’re welcome.
  • I hate it when people like themselves too much. Probably because I like myself too much, and think they should definitely like me too much too.
  • At one of the church’s I play at, they have spray-painted the TU-2’s black so as not to be a distraction on stage. I can’t help but think how much they die a little inside every time I bring my pedalboards in.
  • I have never sat down and learned how to play Crazy Train, Brown Eyed Girl, or Mustang Sally. Am I even allowed to call myself a guitarist?
  • Grace is the best.
  • Hey, remember that scene in the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens where Daniel Craig shoots the space ship from the gun attached to his arm? Ya, that’s gonna be awesome. Hoping for the best ‘not-taking-itself-completely-serious’ sci-fi movie since Tremors. I also did the score for it. Except that I’m a liar.


P.S. For those of you who may have gone to Bandcamp, and seen the price drop, that’s so that I no longer have to ask for donations to this site without having anything to give in return. (See the Donate link for more details.) But if you’ve already bought it, please let me know if you’d like the extra money refunded. :)

90 thoughts on “Musical Loveliness (Or Something Less Feminine)

  1. Great post Karl! haha…I love your random comments.

    I have to ask you though: would I benefit from having a FD2? I have the ts9, and I love it, but I am wonderign if the FD2 can be used for a heavy OD?

  2. Brandon–thanks! And I don’t think the FD2 is usually the first choice for a heavy overdrive, but it can get pretty gainy. Perhaps look into a Mosferatu as well.



    KennyG–haha Nice!! Yes it was.

  3. went with the Box or Rock, which has the OD + the Super circuit for boost. everything that’s wrong with 80’s music started with verb on drums. that TU-2 thing could only happen in SoCal. sheesh

  4. “At one of the church’s I play at, they have spray-painted the TU-2′s black so as not to be a distraction on stage. I can’t help but think how much they die a little inside every time I bring my pedalboards in.”

    This made me laugh… I was seriously thinking about painting all of my pedals pink…. hmmm

  5. Behringer. What a laugh. Have had a Chorus and Delay pedal crap out on me. I have told myself not to be penny wise and pound foolish.

    Still got some Boss pedals from the late 80’s that have never failed to work. Although these (BD2 & SD1) were given a new life over the last few years with mods.

    My pedalboard is very colourful on stage. The bright blue LED’s just convey tone to the congregation.

  6. Zach–haha You mean you guys don’t paint your TU-2’s black?! 😉

    And right with the Box of Rock.

    Rhoy–hahaha Nice!!

    Because I’m guessing that through you, the Bi-Chorus would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine. 😉

    Sal–hahaha That would be awesome!! Then you could sell them as ‘custom.’ 😉

    James J–seriously! I honestly think worship would sound worse without colorful paint and bright led’s. hehe 😉

    And yep, Boss pedals just work. Forever.

  7. I got to hear the Musket yesterday in my friend’s rig. It sounded great and didn’t sound as scooped as I remember the Skreddy Pig Mine being. Are you still using the Furman Power Factor Pro? I had no idea of the size until I saw it in person yesterday. The pictures online don’t give you any sense of the scale. It’s like a Lovetone enclosure on steroids!

    • yeah, I had no idea the size of the Boss FV-500H volume…when it came in, I was like “THAT’S HUGE!”. Also, the line 6 pedals (the dl4s and stuff) are pretty big in person.

  8. Not that I want to start controversy here, cause I don’t and I won’t, but I’m reading Mr. Bell’s book. Mostly we operate in different spheres but interesting so far.

    Perhaps more shocking, I am thinking of getting the MI Audio Crunchbox. Ok, not so shocking–there pretty good quality–just shocking in the sense that they’re mid heavy and compress your sound a bit–at least from the youtube vids. Although I’m liking how they sound. If I do get it my dirt options will diversify–I got the tube screamer clone (BBE), a sort of fuzz/sort of distortion in the Little Big Muff Pi, and then the Crunch Box would be for heavier distortion moments that aren’t gnarly. We’ll see though–I’m trying to like the Muff more–I like it in some ways but probably expected too much from it. It seemed to suffer from a volume drop when I used it at church a couple weeks ago, which was not cool for my octave riff (I just switched quickly back to the bbe), but I think that’s because the knobs moved. I’m moving my TU-2 from first in the chain to last because I hear fuzz pedals don’t like buffers, and I’m trying them off of carbon batteries instead of a power supply.

    So anyway, hoping to get to guitar center to try out the crunchbox soon–may try out the mi audio blues pro but I have a feeling that’d make me kick the green screamer off the board. And I’m not sure I have money for that right now.

    I have to say, dirt’s been more fun of late–especially with learning how they fit with my Tele.

    “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead,
    Today and tomorrow, are yet to be said,
    The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
    The mold of your life is in your hands to break.”

  9. Karl, I have a confession to make. It’s something I swore I’d never do again, but I have… I bought a flanger pedal, to be precise, a Hartman Flanger. To be fair, I only set it for chorus-like tones, and it nails the Andy Summers’ tones from the Police, so it’s not all bad.

  10. For years I had a stock white TU-2 on my board and was wondering why the congregation seemed so distracted in worship – a couple of months ago I switched to a PitchBlack+ and the difference in the intensity of our worship is tangible! Black tuners are far more Holy 😛

    Seriously though if a brightly coloured pedal board with lots of flashing LEDs was controversial then I would be the Rob Bell of worship guitar players. Still waiting for his book to arrive from Amazon but I’m looking forward to reading it – have always found his stuff really good in the past. This whole controversy makes me very sad to see Christians attacking each other in this way.

    Ditto on Behringer stuff. I’ve never used any of the Behringer things I’ve bought more than once.
    And I can’t play any of those “classic” songs either Karl so join the club!

  11. I love the comment about the classic songs… The high school I went to was full of… country folk. When someone hears that you play guitar the first thing out of their mouth was, “Can you play Free Bird? or Sweet Home Alabama?” You were lucky if they asked about crazy train. Not to brag (but I am) but my band lead a pretty awesome hardcore punk revival. Even some of the hicks were listening to Taking Back Sunday…

    Sometimes I feel like my board doesn’t have enough color. Then I catch myself wanting to by pedals because they will add color to my board and I realize how hopeless I am. I’m still convinced there is too much black on my board. I had to buy red George L’s just to break it up.

  12. I checked out the Mosferatu…was pretty expensive. So would the FD2 be a heavier drive than my ts9? I run the ts9 right now about 11 oclock on the gain…

    • Not only is that a great line but it’s also an obscure U2 reference (they covered Paint It Black on the b-side for Mysterious Way, I think).

      +2 for you brother!

      • Spontaneous song parody is sort of my superpower. Well, that and causing stereos in public establishments (like coffeehouses) to play 80s music in my presence.

  13. Rhoy–haha Gotta love it!!

    Dan–I am, but the rackmount version. Helps with the space a bit.

    And the Musket sounded great in my office, not so great with a band. This may have been v1, though. Did you get rid of your Pig Mine?

    Brandon–those double as weapons. :)

    Caleb–I have one of his books from a friend; haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.

    And the Crunchbox is very Marshall-y. Lots of grit. If that’s the sound you dig, might be awesome. I ended up selling mine; not really the sound I was looking for.

    Sam–that’s okay. ‘Hartman’ is the golden pass. I think I might even buy a digital modeler if he made it. 😉 😉

    Baggas–haha Your TU2 comment was awesome. I wonder if at some of these churches, it’s from a comment from a parishioner. I know I’ve done some strange things over the years because of something someone’s said. haha

    And ya, I can’t comment on any of Mr. Bell’s beliefs, as I haven’t read anything by him yet. It was just interesting to see all the comments on the video, after one 7 minute interview.

    Stoked someone else has never learned Mustang Sally! :)

    Josh–haha Ya! I should’ve added Sweet Home Alabama. haha And yes, color makes it sound better. 😉

    Brandon, Dan W, and Craig–I think the Mosferatu’s about $140 used, and the FD2 about $100 used. Ya, the FD2 is very tubescreamer-ish, but you can push it higher gain by adding in the second channel. Maybe check out the MI Audio Blues Boy Deluxe. About $80 used, and can do some decent high gain stuff.

    Scott–lol Nice!

    KennyG–haha Nice again!!

  14. Yeah I figured as much. Although I didn’t hear too much “grit” in the youtube videos. To me that word has negative connotations, like grating getting on your nerves, and recalls my Digitech mfx processor — metallic.

    But maybe you mean “beefy.”

    That, by the way, is why I said it would be shocking. You seem to like open, non-compressed pedals with a flat eq (kinda, I feel like I’m paraphrasing a verse from the Bible and messing it up). I, though I don’t care for too much compression, don’t mind it altogether (the CB doesn’t seem compressed till the gain is past 1 o’clock, which is a lot of gain), and I don’t mind my tone being colored. And I like the mid-hump, which makes sense that I’d like the Crunch Box because it’s mid-heavy. But I still want some clarity when I roll back on the volume knob–and I still want some note articulation. I get those things to a minimal/reasonable degree with the BBE, and I expect the CB would be more.

    I may end up returning it or I may not, haven’t even tried it, but I’m totally thinking of getting it for that Marshall-in-a-box sound. It’ll be nice to transform the Fender, and also I don’t really have a hard-edged sound from that amp to enhance anyway like maybe the Timmy does (which I haven’t played but just heard). I may end up selling it after I get it too because it’s a one trick pony, but at this point, I’m sort of looking for specific purpose pedals. I.e. the Green Screamer covers a wide variety of tones, and the Fuzz and Medium-Heavy Distortion should take me the rest of the way. Unless that way is what a Sparkle Drive or Direct Drive or OCD or Timmy would take me, which I don’t know as I haven’t tried any of the above.

    The plan, aside from demoing the Crunch Box, is to try out some other pedals I’ve heard about while at Guitar Center, i.e. the MXR Distortion, and see what I think. But yeah I’m definitely looking for a medium to heavy box (not metal per se), unless something just blows me away in the musical breeze.

    I guess the whole point in having these dirt offerings is that while the BJ doesn’t sound bad, I like distinctive dirt sounds to express clear changes in texture/structure for a song. I.e. somewhat drastic (in a good way) and noticeable from OD to Distortion to Fuzz.

  15. Caleb & Sam, you guys are awesome!

    Ya, we’re probably thinking different things when we hear the word ‘grit.’ I’m thinking of the lovely, dirty decay of the notes that EL34-based amps such as Marshall’s seem to give when pushed to power amp distortion. Which, if I remember correctly when I owned a Crunchbox, is what it was emulating.

    I like your approach to different dirt textures. And while we’re on ‘Marshall-y’ sounds, may I suggest the Menatone King of the Britains. Fantastic ‘Marshall-without-having-a-Marshall’ sound. :)

    • Yeah thanks man, I will check it out. I’ve heard the box of rock is in that camp too. Also, with my Little Big Muff Pi, any advice you have with Fuzz’s would be helpful. I don’t think it’s a completely true fuzz, maybe it is, it’s on a circuit board (looks kinda like the kinda where they print it on and not etched), and I don’t even know if it falls into the silicon vs. geranium camp. Anyway, I got it for $40, which was a reasonable price, so you’re not going to hurt my feelings if you tell me its poo. I was at one time thinking of the Hartman because of you’re high praise, but I dunno–it seems like the road to fuzzes is long and unpredictable (kinda like the boxes themselves).

      Thanks yeah too, I guess while I play a decent amount of styles, the stuff I have been writing is more indie pop meets british rock meets classic rock I guess–something like that. So OD is on most of the time, which is why taking it a level further is nice (aside from a volume increase). Although for worship team I approach stuff slightly differently. Funny though, I haven’t really played many Marshall amps, just heard them, so I wouldn’t know the nuances like you do. Like when a digital modeler recreates one amp, but only at one setting or something.

      • Caleb,

        The Angry Charlie is squarely in the Marshall in a box camp. $179.00 with 10% off this month. Covers a ton of territory. The Mini Foot from JHS also covers a ton of territory (in a really small box) for $135.00. If you end up liking the $40 fuzz that is sweet. I’m new to fuzz as well, but really liking what it does for my tone.

        Did you check out American Guitar and Band when you were at GC?

          • No it is a Marshall type distortion. It sounds amazing. The Mini Foot is the fuzz.

        • Actually I haven’t made it down to GC yet–it hasn’t worked out timing wise with friend’s work schedules who also want to go down.

          Yeah, I kinda forgot about American Guitar and Band. My fear is I’ll go in there and fall in love with the most expensive pedal they have! But either way, with GC and AGB, the experience will be good to play a couple other MIA Tele’s, even though I went with the MIM. I’m fine with the pickups, but I think the MIA I played in St. Cloud wasn’t representative of the “best” MIA Tele out there. That’s nothing I want to decide anytime soon though–I want to get to know my Tele more–I’ve been liking it quite a bit so far.

          • You will need to be careful at AGB, you might leave with some Karlesque gear. It’s a great place to dream though.

        • Wow yeah that Angry Charlie sounds amazing! And it can do the metal sounds which I’m thinking the CB can’t. Where is it 10% off at?

        • I’m not super sold on the Little Big Muff, it was more of an impulse buy which for $40 I was okay with. But it does have some cool sounds and some gnarliness (I wouldn’t have bought it if I thought it sucked), but it doesn’t really make a difference whether my BBE is on or not. It smooths it but the BBE doesn’t seem to add much. I was actually in the market for a distortion pedal, as I still am, and I played through quite a few pedals. I’ve at least decided that if I want a distortion pedal to be able to be mid-heavy, even if the mids can get scooped (I have a feeling the MXR distortion won’t be for me–based on the Whirlwind distortion I played which models that). I won’t be doing heavy sounds except for the rare occasion, as the drummer with the fellows I’m sort of starting an impromptu band with likes some heavy music aside from classic rock and can do some sick double-bass beats. But I don’t personally sit around playing metal riffs–I like a nice crunch usually.

          After some thought and reading this interview (, I’m gonna try turning up the gain on my BJ to about 8 or 9 and engaging the Green Screamer to see how saturated I can get. I’ll probably still pick up a distortion pedal and the JHS looks great but it’s good to at least try out different settings than typical with my stuff.

          The other way is learning about stacking low-gain pedals. But that frightens me because it’s a whole other world I know next to nil about.

          • I’m not sure how to make it work, but I’d be happy to let you try my AC. I was a little worried about not being able to try it before I got it (although mine was free because my Satchurator got fried while JHS was doing a mod, and Korg was difficult about sending them the replacement chip so Josh hooked me up) but it was a pedal that sounded great right out of the box. If you go that route Josh will probably work with you a little to point you in the right direction. It sounds like their All American might be a good fit also. It’s a little heavier and gets into fuzz territory as well. Good luck.

          • Yeah that’d be great if it could work out! I don’t know if I have anything you would want to try, probably not, unless you’ve never tried a Nova Delay (and wait–were you one of the guys who gave me advice on that pedal? anyway I’ve written down all my settings so you could fiddle with it). You can email me at I can’t remember where you live–if it’s not uber far from Maple Grove, maybe I could just bring my rig with when I test pedals there and head over to your direction. Haha I don’t know. Let me know what would work best for you.

            Btw I was looking at the artist section on JHS and noticed the prominent amount of Christian bands (and bands that I like their tones)–and I guess the company has some Christians in it too. That’s cool–personally I don’t really care who I do business with particularly–but I like that some of the Christians in the business are making top-notch effects.

          • I’m not able to drive right now, but I’ll drop you an e-mail when I can and we’ll see what works. I actually have been considering a Nova so that might be good.

            The guy who owns JHS is a believer and plays at IHOP in KC pretty regularly. I too like to deal with believers when I can. If you have a chance to check out Stefan Van Voorst’s (he leads at Open Door) new CD there is JHS fuzz all over it. Justin Sharbono loves his JHS stuff. I’ve spent some time with Josh ans have met some of his tech guys, they are really good guys. If you drop him an e mail he can work with you to try to match you up with the right stuff.

          • Sounds good man. Are you a regular at Open Door (sorry if you’ve already answered this)?

          • No, I have some friends on staff there, and a few who attend. I split time between a couple of churches in the Cities.

  16. This might make me some kind of board pariah 😉 but I actually bought a Bugera Vintage 22 last summer (after my Traynor YCV40 died) and it has completely failed to break. It… doesn’t sound bad, either. Sounds pretty good actually! Even when I don’t have any pedals on.

  17. This might not be a bad topic for a full post from Karl, but I find in playing worship music that I need a pretty wide range of pedals to get different kinds of tone. our church has several (lay) worship planners who each have their own stock of preferred music, so I make adjustments every time I play.

    I’ve never gotten to a point where I say, “this is my personal tone” (and I’m not sure I want to). More often I say, “what tone/pedals/guitar/amp setting does this song need.” It’s a different kind of project, but it sure is fun. Pretty ridiculous how much time (and $) I’m willing to put into it too…

  18. Zach, I have to agree and disagree with you at the same time. My ideas about that have changed over the years. I used to take a lot of flack from the rest of my team for suggesting that we make a song sound more like the cd. My experience has been that people worship better when they’re familiar with the song. If you take the song and take it down 3 keys and rearrange all the chords then it’s really not the same song. There is a reason why you don’t do a set of all new songs every week and I think that logic applies to changing songs too.

    Now, I’m going to contradict myself. (I’ve been reading Karl’s posts too much. 😉 sorry, couldn’t pass that up) I also think even in trying to play a song like a certain band you are going to sound different. Unless you have the same gear exactly and the same experience/training, you are just going to sound different. I also like the idea of changing around old songs that if you were to do them the same way you would just have people falling asleep. We did our own rendition of We Fall Down a couple weeks ago and it was a hit. I talked to some people after the service and they admitted that when they saw the words on the screen they were disappointed and almost laughed at the idea of pulling an old song like that. So, I think having your own tone has its place. I also think that emulating someone else’s tone is a good practice and also a stepping stone to having your own tone.

    Now everyone can tell me why I’m wrong. Oops sorry that’s TGP. :)

    • Yeah, we also have taken some old songs and made them a lot more rock versions! It has gone over pretty well with the youth. You know…a song that everyone really likes is “Like a Lion”. That has gone over the best!

    • I am all about taking old songs (or even newer ones) and making them rock. We did “Nothing but the Blood” last week with blues style and it was fun & well received (see link to hear a quickie recording:

      I have a couple more thoughts about this:
      a. It is good to play songs in a familiar fashion. People hate it when a song they like gets rearranged in a way that they can’t follow.
      b. I guess this kind of thing is relative, but I don’t think it takes too much gear to get sound that’s gonna be at least pretty close to what a recording might sound like.
      c. My approach is never to copy what a recording sounds like, but to get a sense for the intangible stuff: mood, tone, way the song builds, etc… and find ways to communicate the same thing. This discovery is best part of playing for me, and inspired my original comment.

      • Amen,

        Personally I feel like the as long as the meldoy line stays pretty close to what people are used to there is a lot of freedom with arrangements.

        Check out this as an example.

        As far as your c it seems to me that to do it any other way turns the worship team into a cover band doing a show.

        • Craig, you are correct about the cover band thing. A lot of worship teams worry to much about the riff for riff content of a song rather then capturing the essence of the song. I agree about keeping the melody close everything else is up for interpretation.

          • My teacher gets (IMO) way too anal about trying to play the riffs exactly as on the CD. To the point of capoing to get the open strings right. Maybe I’m wrong but a D is a D and can be played in several different places and still sound the same. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a main riff or riffs then by all means learn them, but don’t get married to them. Be creative.

          • that’s too much. I hate the capo and avoid it like the plague. there are so many ways to play a chord that you don’t need it on electric guitar.

            playing electric you really don’t need to be playing more than 3 strings at once to get plenty of sound and voicing. and if you learn your chords you can get those sounds all over the fretboard.

          • I disagree on the capo, I actually enjoy trying to use it for different voicings, and I have had fun with the cut capo as well. But I agree that there are different ways to play the same things and they will all work.

  19. I’m still having a run at modeling (with HD series POD) and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. It’s in no way a replacement of my analog/tube rig but it sounds pretty decent and it’s far easier to load in/out and set up.

  20. On the Marshal-in-a-box thing, the Dirty Little Secret can be had used fairly cheap (around $140 if you look).

    Now that I think about it, is that cheap for a quality overdrive in America?

    • Thanks yeah I took a listen (youtube)–it sounds good, but I’m looking for something a little more hard-edged with a little more hair–I guess a high-gain Marshall? It was pretty close but not quite there. But you know, hard to tell with demos sometimes.

      Don’t know that I can answer your second question though–my TS clone was $50-60 but of the ones that other people like and praise they seem to be around $100-140.

  21. hey karl, i think you need to start a forum here. lots of good conversation that stems out from your blog posts (even way out from the original topic sometimes 😆 )

  22. Ya know, I’ve been thinking about it. I’m just a little worried about the time it’ll require to moderate it. But maybe I should just let it go, and see what happens. Thoughts?

  23. Karl:

    But maybe I should just let it go, and see what happens. Thoughts?

    That sounds awfully dangerous. I think the way most forums work is there are multiple moderators so it all doesn’t fall on one person to handle…

  24. Karl:


    just so you know, I am just kidding about the forum. it takes a lot of time to moderate conversation especially once faith/religion is mentioned. one misguided post can turn into a “holier than thou” exchange … just look at place like TGP. Even worse, it sometimes happen at Praise & Worship forums, too!

  25. It’s confession time. Hi, my name is Bret and I am a Tone newbie. The guitar …. ahhh! It was 1964 and the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show. Of course I couldn’t let my parents know that I was interested in that kind of music. I was 14 at the time. Well they bought me a cheap Japanese electiric, the one with too many switches and pickups and a small magnatone amp. All I could do was make noise. Next came a 1957 Gibson f-hole acoustic and I beat on that thing off and on til the early 80’s. No lessons, just me, the guitar, and the times we lived in. 1980, big year for me. Finally surrendered to Jesus and began the greatest adventure. Music and guitar playing actually had meaning in my life as the vehicle, tool, means to worship God. Wahoo! I am writing all this to say after all these years I don’t know a thing or very little about electric guitar tone. You all have been a great help in understanding, but without the actual hearing of what you are describing I still don’t have much of a clue. I also confess that my main weapon of tone is the (drum roll inserted) Line6 M9, the Swiss army knife of sound manipulation. Sooo, anyone up for some serious toneology lessons. I’m in the Louisville, KY area, but am willing to travel. Vulcan mind melds are also accepted.
    Your brother, Bret

  26. KennyG–ya, you’re right. Maybe I should just let it go!! haha I trust everyone, right? 😉

    Caleb–haha Yep! Until I realize that most of them say ‘Which pedal should I buy’ rather than, ‘Karl is so cool.’ Which is of course what I always think they’ll all say. 😉

    Rhoy–but that would never happen here. 😉 hehehe

    Sam & Rhoy–lol Yep! Guitar for Worship. Just no worship talk. hehe

    Bret–hey, it’s great to have you here, brother! Would be more than happy to talk tone with you. :) As far as hearing the sounds, on the sidebar there should be a section marked ‘Gear Reviews and Demo’s.’ Some of the sounds of the gear we discuss here are there. Welcome!! :)


    Josh–hehe We should all do that for tonal knowledge.

  27. I can’t wait until you create :)
    My first post will be: what does the Bible say about cloning?

    I sold the Pig Mine because I got a Lunar Module Deluxe.
    The PM works great with a single coil guitar into
    a clean amp but that isn’t my set-up.

    Rob Bell controversy makes me laugh.
    I hope that mentioning Rob Bell moves your site up on Google ranking.

  28. hahaha Best first topic ever. You know, I actually have a draft on cloning here. Never posted it. Got too scared. 😉

    I would like a Lunar Module.

    Ya, it was entertaining, probably bordering on sad. I actually hope it moves me up, too. Ranking # 3,657,889,113 is getting kind of old. 😉 Every little bit helps!!

  29. You should post it. It’s interesting to scan the TGP effects emporium and see what companies make clones. One company says they don’t make clones but there are too many of them out there…

  30. Hmm…I just might. As long as you promise to comment in it! 😉 I think we’re probably close to the same place on the whole cloning thing. Actually, to be completely honest, it was your comment about Zach Vex saying, ‘Ya sure, steal my stuff’ that hit me hard enough to sell my This1smyne clone and get the real thing. :)

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