You know the stuff that challenges your entire world view just by its very existence? Ya. Here’s the stuff that makes me realize I know nothing:

  • Taylor guitars. They are so uncool, so overused, and way more mass-produced than they used to be. And they sound really, really good.
  • John Mayer. Yep, just him. His tone, his playing…it just plain shouldn’t be.
  • Epiphone Valve Junior selling for $75 and sounding better than so many things that are cooler because they don’t say Epiphone on them.
  • Eminem making records that people buy. A lot of people.
  • This picture:

(Note the mic’d JC120. And yes, I choose to believe he modded it to accept tubes.)

  • The current fascination with Glee.
  • Brad Pitt looking better and younger at 47 than I do at 27.
  • BB King’s tone from a solid state amp.
  • Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. That should be self-explanatory. And ‘pretty cool.’
  • The White Stripes. No bass player. Worst drumming ever. Amazingly catchy songs.
  • That game on the app store where you shoot angry sponge-monsters off cardboard boxes with tennis balls. And the fact that I want to play it more than I want to listen to U2 sometimes. Or live. Same thing.
  • On Raglan Road.
  • The live version of Bad. U2′s Bad. There is no way that song has only two chords.
  • When we had no bassist on Sunday and played an electric set acoustically, but still with drums and electric guitar. (This is wrong on so many levels. Maybe even a moral one.) And folks engage, and people tell you later it was the most they’ve let go and worshiped God in years. ?????!!!!!! Sometimes, the joke’s on us. And that’s a good thing.