Ever had a team member suggest a song that you knew would never work, and then it totally goes off? Twice? More confirmation that I do not know everything.

Although I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and post some pontification here as if I do know everything. Hey, I’m a worship leader…that’s how we roll. Come on now, you know it’s true:

Congregation wasn’t worshiping. Maybe you chose some poor songs, arranged them wrong, or went off on too many stop-worshiping-and-listen-to-my-capitol-records-is-in-the-congregation-today-vocal-skills tangents? Nope. Spiritual warfare.

Children’s ministry’s angry because the service went too long. Maybe you shouldn’t have given your sermonette during chorus build-up into epic stop number 23? Nope. Message went too long.

Hum in the monitor. Maybe you should’ve gotten the jack on your acoustic fixed? Nope. Sound guy.

Put the capo on the wrong fret? That was the right fret; team just wasn’t in touch with the Spirit.