Well…kind of.

It’s all explained in the new Board page up on the menu bar. And in this photo:

Actually, very little is explained in that photo. How these things happen is absolutely beyond me. Between this and Hollow Man, I have come to the conclusion that mankind probably has about 10 years before our heads literally implode upon their own emptiness. Not sure if you’ve ever seen Hollow Man, but they forget to make sure that Kevin Bacon is actually dead about 17…thousand… times.

Anyway, this new Community Board part of the site with the ‘message board’ is totally just in the experimental stages right now, as I’m looking for some way to continue this site without me having to be completely immersed in it; as I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been more and more absent over the last few months. Been a rough year, and working a few different jobs to try to make up for it. Not to mention trying to write and record some music, so that I can hear the joy of blue led’s, rather than just talking about them. ;) The blog will still remain the same, and I’m doing my best to be around much more often and to get the posting to be more frequent, more useful, and more clever than the above movie poster would have you believe. hehe No idea if this will work, or even if I want it to work. lol But enough folks have asked over the years, so we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully better than Hollow Man, but if luck is with us, just as hilarious.