Joel Weldon, My Rig, and Humility

Ya, so Joel Weldon definitely had an amazed look on his face when he saw my pedalboard and amps. The question is, was he amazed at how awesome my rig is (and hence, how awesome I am, of course), or was he amazed at the profound waste of time, money, and effort that my rig is when his music could produce the same feelings in his audiences with just a guitar and an amp?

I’m guessing the latter. Now Joel Weldon may not be a big deal to you, but he was one of the musicians very instrumental in me starting to play guitar and starting to realize that God could work through songs that weren’t hymns. He had these two acoustic/Cat-Stevens-ish ballads called ‘Angie’ and ‘Best a Man Could Do’ that still speak to me to this day. And now he’s one of the worship leaders at a church near where I’m from, and he totally came up to me last night and asked questions about my rig! I mean, it was like if the Edge or Bono came up and asked about my gear! Nope……sorry……..that’s a lie. But, still….it was really cool!

The only thing was…….did the look on his face mean, ‘Wow, cool rig, son’ or ‘Well, it’s a good effort.’ Probably the good effort one.

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(This is Joel Weldon, six years back at what is now Revival Church. And here’s the crazy thing…..I have this odd memory that my father might have been playing keyboards for him on this night. Hmmm….guess my Dad’s still up on me….he actually played in Joel’s band……I’m just happy that he might have laughed at my amp. Bit of a difference there. hehe)

But here’s the thing…..he introduced himself as ‘Joel’ and never said one word about himself, his rig, or any songs he’d written. He didn’t say, ‘Oh, I used that amp on tour’ or whatever. He just said, ‘I’m Joel.’ Seriously. Whether you like his music or not, he’s more famous than you. (Well, that’s just an assumption…..if you’re on a blog written by me, you’ll have to forgive me, but I’m assuming you’re not any more famous than I am. Which is very little famous…….even bordering on none famous. That’s a fair assumption, right? I mean, I’m guessing Johnny Buckland does not frequent this page.) But anyway, here’s a pretty famous guy, showing more humility than I do. I mean, how many times have I wanted to introduce myself by my full name? And then the, ‘Ya, I’m the guitarist for the junior high group at First Assembly Baptist Calvary down the road. Oh ya. It’s really happening down there. We’re up to 6 kids now.’ And not that there’s anything wrong with 6 kids at the junior high group for First Assembly Baptist Calvary (which is fictional, by the way…..I think), but you get the point.

It’s just really cool to see someone more famous and more talented than I am, being more humble than I am. Puts me in my place.

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(And this is Johnny Buckland not reading my blog.)


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