First Time Ever…

….that I’ve been watching a pedal end on ebay hoping I don’t win.

Gotta love impulse bidding. Stupid delay.


Edit: Blast.

Edit 2: Well, at least I can demo a really rare pedal that’s brand new and no one’s ever heard about before. It’s this little green analog-voiced digital delay that utilizes these new, like, ‘Sharc’ processors? From a little local company called Strymon, not sure if you’ve heard of them.

Oh, wait. That would’ve been last year. 😉

43 thoughts on “First Time Ever…

  1. Somehow, yes. I put in what I thought was a low bid last night, but it ended up being the highest and nobody bid after me.

    Kind of funny that you commented…so, will I like the Brig or not? 😉

  2. haha … that’s funny bro!

    I think you will like it but maybe not enough to keep it for a long time … especially you were already spoiled with great delays (timeline, dd-20, memory lane).

  3. Been there, done that.

    As far as the brigadier goes, I like the tone of the delay a lot, but I don’t like the lack of control over the modulation, and I don’t like that tapping a new tempo in the middleif a song causes the repeats to change pitch. I’m hoping that the new timeline will remedy those faults.

    • Huh. I think I did read a thread on that. I don’t mind the pitch-shifting tap on the Memory Lane, as it’s analog and I figured there was no other way. But it does surprise me about a digital delay like the Brigadier. Maybe they put it in as a ‘feature’? You know, all the nuances of analog?

      • I actually contacted strymon about it, and they said that they were being true to the analog-ness of the design. In my opinion, it’s a flaw. Sure, it should warble when you turn the knob, but not when you tap a new tempo. I can’t think of a single performance situation where that would be desirable.

  4. Gotcha…well, I ended up having on ebay gift card, too…so I got this for really cheap. Maybe I’ll sell it and buy my Memory Lane back.

    Ooh, just got chills even thinking about having a Memory Lane again. 😉 But, I’ll give the Brig a try and see how it goes. They’re definitely popular, so that bodes well!

      • I have a Roadrunner case for my bass and the zipper is seperating from the rest of the case. Also, I lost one of the feet on the bottom of it so it’s not stable when I set it down.

        But I’ve been on the Strymon website almost hourly for a few days now. Their new Leslie simulator came out on Thursday and was sold out by Saturday……and I want it. And the El Capistan… And the…

      • I have three Roadrunner cases but they’re all hard cases (abs plastic). I have no idea how their gig bags are. Also, I do tend to be pretty gentle with my gear (while transporting it anyhow…I have a few chunks missing in a couple of frets where I knocked a mic stand down on top of me while I was laying on the stage…ah, my younger rock’n roll days…) so YMMV…

  5. I had the Brig, thought it was nice, but not amazing. Loving my Skrecho and my Flashback. Seriously the Flashback w/Pete Thorn toneprint has some crazy mojo…

    • How difficult is the “strum” tempo thing to get used to. I’m ready to pull the trigger on one, but I’m a little wary about that.

  6. Brandon & KennyG–I’ve used them in the past, and they’ve fallen apart. However, I do play out a lot and tend to be a bit rough on my gear. :) I honestly don’t know what case I’m using with the Prairiewood. It’s really high quality…although the neck still did snap. hehe

    Dan–cool. Ya, unfortunately with the Skreddy, I’m not at a place where I can spend that much for just an ambient piece…i.e. no tap tempo/bpm ability. I guess same with the Flashback, as I don’t really like the hold to tap thing. Do you have it? Are you enjoying it?

    Guy–yep…we’ll see how it goes!

    • Yeah, I have the flashback. Really like it a lot. Don’t love the strum tempo either, but I’ve gotten it to work for me so far.

    • It sounds liek you like to beat your gear up when it doesn’t perform well! :)

      I bought the roadrunner…I’ll let you know how it goes, but I am very careful with my gear. It should hold up pretty well since my electric guitar hasn’t snapped yet with my soft classical guitar case I put it in! lol

      I use a pillow to prop it up a little!…Yes, it is something that needs to be fixed!

  7. I hated my Brig a first, but now I love it. If it doesn’t blow you away straight up, then give it a chance, it’s a fantastic pedal. It doesn’t do the dotted eighth thing that well, but that’s not really the strength of analogue delays. It’s pretty awesome for creating pads too.

  8. Karl, you better get a Memory Lane soon. they are running out chips, very soon. just kidding, they said over 2 years ago 😉

    Let me just say that I did enjoy the Brig for over a year as the only delay I used. Soundwise, it is great. There are just some functionality that I can’t get past with.

    1. having to flip a switch to change short-medium-long delay times where others like the new MLJr have the full range available without a switch.

    2. the latching tap switch … Strymon says this is a design because it’s more durable and to be able to use secondary function (oscillation). I don’t think so, again, MLJr has a non-latching switch. It seems pretty durable to me and also has a secondary function

    3. i can’t write it here as it is intermittent and I didn’t contact Strymon about it 😉

    Other than those, soundwise it’s great and versatile especially in a controlled environment such as recording a track. I would have kept it but I can’t justify a $300 pedal sitting unused that is not a Memory Lane … hehe

  9. Like the other guy said the pitch modulation when tapping renders it next to useless in a live situation IMO. I bought one with out knowing that and was kinda bummed. Im just gonna hold onto the El cap and Brig until the timeline comes out and keep the el cap and the timeline.

    O well it still sounds really good so i guess thats what counts

  10. Dan–hmm…ya, not sure I could do strum tempo. Wait a second. Ya…I know I couldn’t! haha Especially whilst singing…or tapping a different delay. hehe It’d have to be almost a no tap delay pedal for me. Hey, if it sounds good enough! :)

    Gilks–haha Cheers to you too, bro!

    Sam–hmm…cool, maybe I’ll like it! Although, it’ll have to sound pretty amazing for me to keep it in lieu of selling it for an actual analog delay like the Memory Lane, or the new 919.

    Rhoy–interesting. Seems like this pedal may almost be like a Skreddy Echo or something that’s just for ambience…if changing settings and tempo has that many hoops to jump through. How’s the Memory Lane Jr.? I played a prototype at NAMM last year and remember thinking it still sounded digital. Did they change things?

    Mikey–doesn’t the Cap mute the delay while tapping? Since both these units have spillover, is it possible to do a workaround where you shut it off, tap the new tempo, and then turn it back on? With 2-3 repeats, the transition should be relatively seamless. I know, it’s 2 extra steps, but I may try it out.

  11. No, it’s versatile if you are sitting down in front of it. Using it live is a little bit of a different story.

    As for MLJr, I haven’t put a lot of mileage on it but I will tomorrow & Sunday. So far so good, as far as tone goes. It’s close to the ML1 but a little different in the way it degrades, Diamond increased the “bandwidth” of the filter to make cleaner as it degrades and doesn’t go into crazy oscillation. So you might say it sounded digital because of this, maybe. Although, the first 2 repeats are very very close, imho … which is what I really cared about :)

    There is a minor “issue” that when you re-tap a new tempo, there is no glitch but the previous repeats (dry still plays) are not played anymore as the digital buffer gets refilled with the new one. No biggie for me as I hardly do re-tap in the middle of the song. I can see this as a deal-breaker for a lot of people. And that is too bad as this is a very good ML1/2 alternative

    For me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages
    1) close to ML1
    2) very small footprint compared to ML1/2
    3) standard 9v power

    i haven’t gotten the chance to blog about this (maybe I should just cut-&-paste this) but here’s a very rough take into a AC30 Line6 modelled amp! I’ll let you be the judge if it does sound digital … hehehe

    Btw, what you suggested turning off and re-tapping to avoid the mute/pitch is what I used to do with Brig/El Cap.

  12. The ML jr was meant as a companion to the ML 1 and 2, so, the tone isn’t really comparable, rather it’s just a great sounding digital delay.

    Well that’s from my limited use with one anyway.

  13. Thanks, Rhoy! And that sounds really good. I’m in total agreement with you…sounds really close at first, but doesn’t deteriorate into that washy mesh that the 1 and 2 do. I can see this as an advantage for some folks; personally, I really like the mesh. hehe Although I must admit, the smallness is a plus for me.

    And ya, with the Memory Lane’s I’ve had, I switch them off, tap, and then back on. Of course, without spillover, I’ve had to be careful about what part of the song I do that in. Does the Jr. have spillover?

    • no problem bro … i like ’em Diamond delays :)

      and yes, the Jr has a spillover that I have not tried yet and a kill-dry as well.

      btw, i tried it last night at rehearsal and i didn’t want to turn it off. it’s non-intrusive to the dry even with a fuzz/mid-gain dirt in front!

  14. I bought my Brigadier after winning a ML on Auction last year, but the seller never sent. So, when PayPal refunded my money, I got a Brig instead.

    I was pretty devo’d th ML was in custom blue.

  15. Karl, i have to be honest… i’m specifically waiting for YOU to buy and review a Strymon Timeline. Whether i buy or not is determined by and based on your review. No pressure. You just are the determining factor of whether or not Strymon gets $450 from my wallet.


    …but also maybe I’m not. :::furrows brow with a serious expression:::

  16. Rhoy–ah, those are the best delays when you don’t want to turn them off! Spillover…hmm…might be worth checking out!

    James–really? Are you building it? :)

    Sam–ah, blast! I used to have a blue Memory Lane…maybe it was the same one! :)

    Adam–haha Really not sure I’ll have $450 next month, or if I’ll be able to click ‘Buy’ fast enough when they come out! haha But I’ll try. 😉

    Oh, and by the way, the Brigadier…on first ear-glance…is lovely and stupendous. Lovelendous. Update on it in an Edit on the newest post here.

  17. Nooo, it was a bid on ebay for a delay pedal. I subsequently won the auction today with a single bid I made when tired a few days ago. It was a DD5 in brand new condition so not quite as expensive as a strymon delay!

  18. haha That’s great. It’s so weird when that happens, too! You know, I was searching for the value of a pedal last night, going through ebay’s completed listings for it. And in the same condition, the same ones were selling for between $90 and $250 in March. I seriously don’t get ebay. haha

    • How weird, yeah, people were bidding on an old beat up dd5 whilst the single bid I had made on this new condition one was remaning the single bid! I was like, “I must have missed something here…”, however the seller had 100% fb and everything looked genuine lol.

      I’m guessing that it’s God saying “buy more delay”… Which must also be why you won the strymon, congratulations lol.

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