So it Begins…Once Again…

This has the potential to be the best idea I have ever had. Also the worst. I fear there will be no in-between.

I have not weighed it yet, but I have a feeling that when I do, the scale will read, ‘All……the weight.’

Also, the Brigadier already came in…most musical modulation I’ve heard since possibly when I had an old ’70’s Memory Man. I must admit that I was quite impressed.

I play tonight…if my back has not broken due to the weight of that case or from jumping from a building in a euphoric Brigadier modulation high (those happen, folks), I will report further.


EDIT: Okay, so now my foot is swollen. Chalk this one up right alongside wanting to run a garden hose in my rig so that the water would cascade down a screen in front of my amp’s grill cloth with the mic picking up both. In both instances, what a great idea……with absolutely no forethought whatsoever.

EDIT 2: Ya, so the Brigadier may not ever leave my board. I did not expect that from a over/super-hyped pedal, and from my not diggin’ the Blue Sky so much. But the Brigadier…nothing decays quite like a Strymon/DC. Haven’t had time to put it to the test and see if the tapping falls short or not; just blissfully doing modulated ambience for the time being. Emphasis on the bliss.

35 thoughts on “So it Begins…Once Again…

  1. Haha! Looks awesome… so is your pedal board underneath the stack of amps and everything? And is it easy to take apart to load into a car to get to a gig?

  2. lol … i used to run the Brig with Mod @ 2 o’clock and Bucket Loss @ 10 o’clock … it’s dirty and gorgeous at the same time 🙂

    and please don’t break your back!

  3. Wow Karl, intense! Where do people get something like that case? Hopefully for cheap, heh. So the board come out, or… don’t tell me you’d gone to MIDI switching already!? If you have… I want your job. No no, just your paycheck. 😀

    By the way, I’m diggin’ the 65 amps cab. You tried their amps before? What are your thoughts? Good luck playing tonight!

    • I’ve heard great things about them, but I have never tried them. I tell ya, my favorite amps are: Fender Blues Jr, Vox Ac30, and Marshall 100wt (forget the exact model…)

      All of those had great tones when I tried them!

  4. Karl, after your comments on the Brigadier I went to the strymon website and they are very impressive pedals. Great clear sound. I was especially impressed with the (Bullet the) Blue Sky Reverberator. Such lush soundscapes…

  5. Sal–haha Yep! That was kind of the whole point…to have an all-in-one pedalboard case, drawers for all my random stuff, and an amp stand. Unfortunately, I always tend to overestimate my strength…

    Brandon–nope! lol 😉 Took me about half an hour to get it into my truck. It’s 101 pounds unloaded…the board is 85 pounds with no pedals on it…so that’s 186 pounds with no pedals, cables, or my secondary board. And you can’t really benchpress it into the truck. haha I think this is going to look great in my apartment!

    Rhoy–that’s totally what it seems like! Yikes…have to admit that I was not expecting this.

    Gilks–ya, the board slides out. And I got it from a company in Washington…the heaviness of the case has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with my lack of foresight. haha

    On the 65 Amps, the cab has incredible construction. Great sound, and is very directional up close, so it mic’s very well. On the amps, I’ve heard the London and the Marquee, and they were very nice! Seemed a little more marshal-y and classic rock-ish than voxy in the preamp, even though the power amps go with EL84’s. But still a very nice sound.

    Brandon–totally agree on the Blues Junior. AC30…I’m only a fan of the ’60’s ones or possibly the handwired series. Marshall’s for me need to be old ’59’s or Bluesbreaker’s, or that handwired/Hendrix series thing they came out with a few years back. That one realy surprised me!

    Dave–haha Nice! Ya, I’m really enjoying the Brigadier. I didn’t so much like the Blue Sky, but that was last year and I might give it a second chance to see if my tastes have changed. 🙂

  6. hehehe That would be awesome. Just don’t know if I can stand the chorus of ‘Have you ever heard of the M13?’ from said roadies every time they carry my gear in. 😉 hehe

  7. the Blue Sky seems like you’d use it more for the “shimmer” effect that it produces…correct? or am I confusing it with another pedal?

    • Ya, the Blue Sky has a shimmer mode, which a lot of folks really like. Actually though, that was the mode I wasn’t too impressed with…but I might try it again after hearing the Brigadier. 🙂

  8. I really like the case (even though my back hurts just looking at the picture…). Have you ever considered using a midi switching system and just having all the pedals stay in that case? I know they’re not cheap though…

    • btw…does anyone else have the opening riff from Mortal’s Alive & Awake running through their head after reading the title of this post?

      • Geez, I haven’t thought about that song in a long time! Did anyone else have any fold Zandura stuff? It was some of the same guys doing some pretty cool mellower stuff.
        I’m off to find a youtube clip of alive and awake right now….rawk!

        • I did have the Fold Z album at one time (it was lost along with a ton of other CDs in a move). I played in a band back then and we got to open for Mortal a few (and I think once was when they played as Fold Z…I can’t remember now). Probably one of favorite memories from my “rock star” days.

  9. Yeah, I agree. The Blues by far is the best. I just can seem to reason to put that much $$$ down on one right now! haha.

    Do you think that my tone is suffering by using a solid state? And also, would my pedals and all my pedal settings be different on a tube amp? (I mean intensity of the drive and stuff like that)…

  10. @Brandon, depending on the tube amp you got you could get more drive out of your pedals. As in, using them to push the amp into it’s own overdrive (what Karl does). Some other things might change but it wouldn’t really be a big deal.

    • Thanks for the advice…I was mainly concerned with the drive. I have a TS9 and a Dano Fab Tone (fuzz). I just didn’t want the TS9 to be like a super hard OD when right now I use it pretty light…

      • I got my Blues Jr. for $450 new at a store because it was version two and version three just came out in 2010. You might try to see if you could snag one of those, although apparently they sell between $300-$400 used on the net. I enjoy the BJ with pedals but I also like the grit I can get with just HB’s by setting the amp to break-up and digging in a little harder. I can get some poor man Dr. Z tones (at least in my head)

  11. Karl, I still don’t quite get how you can not dig the Blue Sky. I guess that goes to show you that something that works super well with one person might not with another. If you try it again, remember to give this a try — a couple people recommended this on TGP and it really worked. Try turning the low damp up mostly all the way, then keep the high damp just between 12 and 1:00. For a long time, I had the low damp at about 12:00, which, generally, is too low. When you turn it too low like that, it lacks a lot of body and doesn’t sound as natural. So I just thought i would give you a recommendation since I have been using it a while and learning some of its nuances.

    Btw, I just got an Ecstasy Drive. Man, that thing sounds great.

  12. Btw, random comment of the day. I had a dream last night that I got a Timeline (DC) in the mail–only thing was, it didn’t look like the Timeline–it was basically a plexiglass rectangle box with some green circuitry inside and perhaps some switches on the outside? Anyway I kept looking back at the box (which was nondescript, no picture), looking for some way to verify it, thinking, “this is not how I remember it looking on Karl’s blog.” And then I was getting mad because I thought someone had ripped me off on eBay and I was gonna let them have it, only I couldn’t remember for sure if maybe it wasn’t the real deal. Haha, dreams are so strange. Especially when they involve GAS.

      • I had a dream that I was on a train to somewhere and left my guitar there and when I went back to look for it later in the day it was still on the train but the neck looked like karls guitar when it broke a few months back because some careless kids had smashed it up… I woke up thinking that my guitar was broken the morning I was meant to be playing it at church! Fortunately it was fine, thank God. Turned out to be an amazing morning service that day.

  13. Did you ever try your head with a Matchless cab? My friend/dealer let me borrow his Matchless cab back in the day when I had ordered a THD cab but they kept getting damaged in shipping according to THD. After 6 months of waiting, I needed a cab for recording and he let me borrow his cab for a couple days. Amazing sounding cabinet and I could see why they were so expensive.

  14. On midi-switching, so much of what I do is knob-turning improvisation, that I just can’t bring myself to go midi…I like the pedal laid out in front of me. If I were ever to take Edge’s spot (it’s so happening) and have presets for everything, then ya, I’d do midi. 🙂

    On solid state, tone suffers from it almost 100% of the time. There are exceptions, such as ES335’s, and Evans Amps, but with your average rigs and average guitarist applications, tubes really sound better.

    On the Blue Sky, I think I was looking for something insanely lush like the Wet, or really quirky like the RV3. The Blue Sky was somewhere in the middle and left me feeling ‘Eh’ on all the settings. But like I said, it could’ve been the mood I was in. haha

    On tone dreams, YES.

    On Fold Zan, AH! YES.

    On Matchless cabs, no I never have outside of in-store trying out. Probably in part due to the fact that my 65 Amps cab is now so beat up that it would be nearly impossible to sell; so I don’t want a reason to. 😉 haha

  15. Very different. The Memory Lane modulation is big and other-worldly. The Brigadier’s is more smooth. Both are lush. I’d say the Brig is what I’d imagine a digital Memory Lane to sound like. In a very good way. haha

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