This has the potential to be the best idea I have ever had. Also the worst. I fear there will be no in-between.

I have not weighed it yet, but I have a feeling that when I do, the scale will read, ‘All……the weight.’

Also, the Brigadier already came in…most musical modulation I’ve heard since possibly when I had an old ’70′s Memory Man. I must admit that I was quite impressed.

I play tonight…if my back has not broken due to the weight of that case or from jumping from a building in a euphoric Brigadier modulation high (those happen, folks), I will report further.


EDIT: Okay, so now my foot is swollen. Chalk this one up right alongside wanting to run a garden hose in my rig so that the water would cascade down a screen in front of my amp’s grill cloth with the mic picking up both. In both instances, what a great idea……with absolutely no forethought whatsoever.

EDIT 2: Ya, so the Brigadier may not ever leave my board. I did not expect that from a over/super-hyped pedal, and from my not diggin’ the Blue Sky so much. But the Brigadier…nothing decays quite like a Strymon/DC. Haven’t had time to put it to the test and see if the tapping falls short or not; just blissfully doing modulated ambience for the time being. Emphasis on the bliss.