Okay, Be Honest…

…how many of you come here solely to keep track of what ginormous new universal statement I may make, and then how long it takes me to break my own rules?

As in,

August 2nd: ‘Tubes. Nope, no excuses. Tubes.’

August: 9th: ‘The Timeline sounds just like the T-Rex Replica, and it doesn’t have tubes. So I don’t really care that the Timeline 2 doesn’t have tubes.’


P.S. I promise, a real post is coming soon. For those of you for some reason still reading, God bless you. So here’s the best gift I can think of today:

I was about to say that I don’t have any idea why the ringwraiths are excavating the tree root, but then at the end it’s like, ‘Oh, of course. Because there’s a man in there.’ 😉 But in all seriousness, Ireland is the source of all music.

25 thoughts on “Okay, Be Honest…

  1. Speaking of the 90’s, I would be pretty pumped if you did another “choose your own ending” post. I still smile to myself when I think of the last ones.

  2. Rhoy–nice! I’ll check them out. :) And I still can’t get the idea of getting another Analogman Bi-Chorus out of my head. 😉


    KennyG & Rhoy–wikipedia says they formed in ’89. So we just made it! hehe

    Craig–oh ya! I mean, I’m working on that. hehehe

    Nater2d–haha Thanks, man. Ya, I’ll try to get another one of those going.

  3. If I remember correctly, one of the guys at DC said the tubes in the original Timeline were to buffer the dry signal, or something like that.

  4. Ya, I think you’re right. I think the manual says they buffer the wet signal, and then I’ve heard them say they buffer the dry as well. But I need to check on that.

  5. What? You mean that you hated seeing Darth Maul pop out with a double lightsaber, Yoda fight like a beast, or didnt get chills when Darth Vader had his helmet snap on and hear his first mechanical breath? Oh Karl. You are missing out.

  6. hahaha I would’ve loved to see Yoda fight! Cartoon Yoda? Ya, not so much. hehe 😉

    Same with Darth Vader. It was gonna be so cool! Instead it was Haydn Christensen yelling, ‘MAAAAHH!!’ hehehehe

    I love the story…just not so much the execution. And this one opinion may bring me more hatred than any before it. 😉 lol

  7. Well certainly you dont expect a puppet to fight do you haha? Yah I know what you mean, there were certain things that made me think….is George Lucas trying to be a comedian now? Like….Jar Jar! Haha. There were some awesome scenes though, like the first 5 seconds of this video….

  8. Okay, maybe it’s because I’m sick at home tonight, but I actually read 3 pages of comments on that video. Wow. Just wow. Is that how I sound here when I talk about gear? hahaha Probably.

    And with Lucas, it seems like there was a turning point somewhere. He did some brilliant stuff…nerdy as they are, the original Star Wars’ are pretty great, American Graffiti is rad, and THX 1138 is absolutely fantastic. And then he went back and put in all these crazy special effects that ruin the story into all 3 original Stars Wars, and THX. It’s very odd to me. On a gear note, maybe we do this when we start getting too into the gear itself rather than the sounds and stories we can create with it? I think there might be a new post here somewhere…… hehe

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