It’s the little things in guitar tone. New strings make more of a difference than mahogany or walnut. New tubes make more of a difference than Celestion or Eminence. And rolling off the mix on your delay pedal can make everyone think you’re playing a boutique one.

The Morgan Shadow Verb is just along those same lines. It has one knob. It doesn’t do much. But what it does do? Wow. I bought it because it’s rare, discontinued, and the little ‘M’ logo on the front lights up. (I have a thing for gear that falls into those three categories.) I had no idea what it was going to do, or how many controls it was going to have. So when I pulled it out of the box, I was a bit disappointed. I’m looking for something to stretch me a little bit on the ambient side of things, and this pedal is not it. I plugged it in, did a quick test, and my suspicions were confirmed.

So before I sold it, I figured I may as well do a quick demo for the blog. And…uh…well let’s put it this way. I have almost completely moved out of the ‘having always on pedals’ thing. And this pedal…might end up being always on. This is a brilliant, simple, and gorgeous little spring reverb pedal. And Morgan’s amps aren’t bad sounding either. Very Divided by 13-like. He’s a Huntington Beach area builder down in my neck-ish of the woods area. Morgan Amplification.

The Demo

Godin Strat–>Matchless HC30–>65 Amps can with Celestion Blue mic’d up

Morgan Shadow Verb. That’s all I know. Don’t know if it’s digital or analog, analog dry path or not, or even if it’s supposed to sound like this. I do know that it wants more than 100mA of power. I suppose I could’ve just waited and posted this after Joe at Morgan Amplification answers my email, but that gives me less to joke around about.

Just beautifully adds that 3rd or 4th dimension that every tonehead talks about. And doesn’t drop your volume, even with the depth turned all the way up. Very rare for a reverb pedal, in my experience. It’s an addition to your tone, without killing the clean tone you’ve worked so hard for. And it lights up, reflects sunlight off it’s mirrored finish, and reflects all your other blinking lights off the rest of its loveliness. What more could you want?

But you might want more. Especially in the more ambient/drone department…so those are coming. But for now, I give you……message boards where pictures actually work! And videos! The message boards were getting really good response, so I made better ones. Well, actually, ‘actual’ ones. They’re under the Forum heading up top. The old ones will still be up for a while; you can link to them through the ‘About’ page. And the Brig demo is coming…just spending some quality time with it first, so that the demo doesn’t end up being an hour long as I fumble over my words (and my love).