Oh Great…Real Bullets!

Because these are bullet posts, but I don’t want to call them that, but I’m running out of titles for them, and Steve Martin is much more creative than I am.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you need high quality cables, contact Matt Solomon at clearsoundmusic@gmail.com . He’s pretty much my exclusive cable supplier now. (That just means I buy all my cables from him…but the first way sounds way cooler.)
  • Beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find…his…nucleus…
  • Okay, you just never know when it comes to hum issues. I developed some increasingly bad noise in my rig a few weeks ago. Spent hours trying to figure it out. Turns out the Lava mini-ELC cables do not like to touch the Fryette Valvulator. Or be anywhere near it. Haven’t had a weird one like that since discovering that Teese Wah’s don’t like Timeline’s. With that one, I could literally move the wah over my board in shapes and get different hums like a theremin of ground loops.
  • And yes, I was tempted to keep it just for that purpose. 😉 I know you were wondering.
  • Recorded a new song with the Strymon’s. And unfortunately, yes, you can tell the difference between it and ones recorded with DD20’s and Behringer RV600’s. Not a huge difference, but there. No difference between the Strymon song and the ones recorded with Timeline’s, though.
  • Also, it’s May now. No Timeline 2 yet, and we’re all still alive?!! 😉
  • Had a dream that robot vacuum cleaners were actually transports from space for zombie predators we could take the form of any human. But if you touched them first, it rendered them powerless. So at the end of the dream, I’m hugging a zombie Danny Trejo with Predator dreads, so that his claws can’t go into my skin. It was weird.
  • The dream also took place in my junior high school. Don’t know what that means.
  • I also had a dream recently where I was sitting at a desk, and everyone I was mean to in my junior high school came walking through the door wanting to talk to me. And I tried to talk with every one of them in order to make right the fact that I had once made fun of them, but they were all talking too fast and I couldn’t keep up. I do know what that one means.
  • Played an folk/blues set a couple days ago at a church. I was extremely stoked to plug straight in to the amp. But they said they wanted delayed textures. I was very disappointed. Then I heard my delay again. And I was fine.
  • Heard a country-pop song in the post office about a ‘truck that ain’t much to look at, but gets him from a to b’, and started jammin’ to it. Something has gone terribly wrong.
  • Remember life before we were waiting for the Timeline 2? Ya. Me neither.
  • I don’t like Gungor. And yes, I’m fully aware that the only logical event following that statement is excommunication.
  • Matchless is making me re-think my stance that the guitar is the most important part of your chain. I’m not there yet, but I’m revisiting it. Because anything you throw at that amp is turned into magic with very little skill on my part. And for those of you who think that’s snobbish because Matchless are expensive, sell your three buffers, two clean boosts, eight overdrives, Empress SuperDelay, Eventide Timefactor, and El Capistan; and buy a Matchless, Fatboost, and an Echo Park. I can almost guarantee you you’ll love your tone more. That’s just a quick note on how to get good clean tone. You may or may not agree. But even if you don’t, you do. 😉 And it doesn’t have to be Matchless. Just remember, $2,000 on pedals will more than likely never get you a clean tone as good as $1,000 on a good amp and a good guitar. (Disclaimer: for those of you who may be new here, I got my Matchless used and at a screamin’ deal. I did not pay the $3750 or whatever they are new. Not even half of that. lol I still have to live somewhere and eat things. haha)
  • Also, a First Act guitar, Crate 10 inch, and a Toneczar Echoczar. That’ll do the trick, too. 😉
  • I think we’re way off. (And whatever that makes you think about, you might need to do something about it. Me too.)
  • Neil Young? Old Man live at Massey Hall? Haunting.
  • Is it cheesey that I’m listening to Mitch and Mickey right now? Yes. If Eugene Levy is singing through your laptop speakers, it’s cheesey. And surprisingly beautiful.
  • I had something in here on churches. But I expressed myself quite poorly. So I’ll bite the bullet, leave a blank spot here, and try to do a better job with a full post in the near future. The last thing I want is to create confusion as opposed to honest discussion leading to encouragement. Suffice to say, God is love…and I am learning continually how far that seemingly simple statement goes.
  • And have I mentioned too often how much I want a None More Black pedal? Nope. Not possible. I’m also holding out for a Menatone ‘Preserved Moose’ fuzz pedal.


28 thoughts on “Oh Great…Real Bullets!

  1. you know, i’ve been trying to find ways to get my wife to understand that dumping a big lump sum of cash to buy a matchless will be better in the long run rather than the random pedals here and there in the span of a few years … she’ll just give me the look without answering. sometimes i think she already agreed, maybe? 😉

  2. Dan–haha I guess after posting that, I should listen and give them another chance. 🙂 They just don’t sound much different than most other Christian bands to me. But I’ve been wrong before! I’ll probably fill up a post in 2 weeks with their youtube videos. hehehe

    Rhoy–haha Just keep getting like, a $200 pedal every couple months, and then sell ’em! hehe

    In all honesty, I was lucky and bought a ton of needless gear junk when I was 19 and worked three jobs and had no girlfriend. So, I was able to sell a bunch of it and buy better stuff. And then sell that stuff and buy better, fewer stuff. And so forth. 😉 However, it has run out before I was ever tempted to buy a Dumble, thank goodness. haha

  3. I never heard of Gungor until yesterday.

    I would love to own a Matchless, but not eating for a year would kill me.

  4. Jacob–on second thought, the book you recommended doesn’t seem to be related to the point I was trying to get across. So, I’m going to go ahead and assume that I did a terrible job in expressing my original point! haha As such, I think I’ve decided to give that particular thought its own post, and leave it out of this one. The intent of some of the more inflammatory points in these blogs is discussion leading to encouragement; so if they’re going to be that confusing, then I did a terrible job on the writing! haha So hopefully I can be clearer if I lend it its own post.

    Feel free to email me if there’s still any confusion. Again, I’d rather write nothing at all than cause anything less than God being glorified through our discussions and overall encouragement. 🙂 Thanks, brother.

    Samuel–ya, they’re huge in my area around church folk. They’re definitely not bad, I’ve just gotten some odd looks the last few weeks when I don’t gush all over them. 🙂

    As for Matchless, you just gotta find a used 15 watter. If you look hard, they can be found for right around $1,000. That’s only 3 Strymon pedals and a Tim! 😉

  5. Haha it is the phrasing indeed that I’m intrigued by … but that isn’t what I was thinking …
    (and yeah the amazon link is rather misleading … but I do recommend the book … very interesting spin on people’s preconceptions of what “church” is)

    But to elaborate a little …
    To say “I think I’m craving something a little more real than most churches are offering…” is (I would say) a “Christian consumerism” mentality. You expect to go to church and be offered something (to be fed) … instead of coming together with your brothers and sisters and offering something yourself.
    Do you go to family reunions expecting something?

    Too often we “go to church in order to grow closer to God”
    Growing closer to someone doesn’t happen in an event … it happens every day during the rest of life … in the midst of the mundane (not in the middle of an epic bridge to a new great worship song)

    Recently I had a discussion with my mentor:
    People’s perception of church seems to be that the worship leader’s job is to make me feel good, and the preacher’s job is to take me to heaven.
    – Self-centered focus
    – And totally passive in terms of relationship building

    I’m not saying you share this perception … but I feel that sometimes the way we talk about “church” leads us to bring our American consumerism into our place of worship.
    And something is very wrong when Christians are going to church to be served … instead of leaving church to serve others.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Again I hope you don’t think I’m “attacking you” personally …

      Just the way you said it lends itself to the discussion of how we as American Christians understand and relate to the Church

  6. Jacob, great points! Actually, you were probably writing this as I was editing both my comment and original post. After reading where you thought I was going with what I originally wrote, I’m really glad I took it down! haha

    The point I was trying make was actually more along the lines of what you were saying. I’m actually getting a bit tired of churches catering to the consumerism. I’m ‘craving’ something a little bit more than that, and in my personal life, that might actually mean some things I’m a bit scared to do service-wise.

    But upon re-reading what I originally wrote, I expressed myself so poorly, that I realized I don’t have the writing skill to say what I wanted to say in that small of a space. Hence, the confusion. So, it’ll get its own post here soon.

    Either way, really appreciate your views, as well as the discussion! And my apologies for a poorly written thought originally. hehe 🙂

  7. Haha …
    Sometimes our language fails us
    Sometimes we fail our language

    I figured you were hinting at that … just said it in a way that seemed contradictory

    I’m interested in this “other post” and to hear what some of the things you’re thinking need to change in your own life.
    Heaven knows we all need change. So I’m definitely right there with ya.

  8. What is going on around here? Strymon gear only sounds marginally better than cheaper gear?!? Jamming to a “country-pop” song?!? “…a First Act guitar, Crate 10 inch, and a Toneczar Echoczar. That’ll do the trick”?!? You don’t like Gungor?!?

    Well, ok, I’ll give you that last one. I had actually not heard of them before reading this so, I promptly pulled them on youtube. I can certainly see why they would be popular among the church folk. However, I don’t think I’ll be playing any more than the two songs I checked out. Not terrible but, they just sound too much like everything else to me.

  9. “Christian Consumerism” Interesting that yesterday’s sermon talked about that — we’re in the middle of a series on Gifts.

    Gungor? I’ll have to google them.

  10. I listened to Gungor’s Beautiful Things and scratched my head. Then listened to Giving it All to You and smiled. Good, but not overshadowing other worship music out there. What’s their best example?

  11. Jacob–ya, it was one of those things where I was hesitant to even write it, as it didn’t say exactly what I wanted it to, but I figured I’d give it a shot. So your comment was the proof I needed that it wasn’t ready yet.

    I’ll try to get working on that post, and see what happens. This happens to me about every six months or so, where I start to get this feeling that Jesus’ words meant something a lot more real and tangible than what I’m doing.

    Samuel–ah! I forgot about you folks that live in Australia. And shipping is really out of control now. Somewhere on your continent though, is my old Matchless Spitfire. That’s where I shipped it; I don’t know if it’s five miles from you or five hundred miles from you, but it might be worth a shot to see if anyone’s selling a sparkly shower curtain grey Matchless Spitfire. It’s a discontinued color, I believe, which should make it easier to find. It’s also one of the few Spitfire heads they made with reverb. 🙂

    Not that your tone needs it; I love your gear, bro! But…just figured I’d give the PSA. hehe

    KennyG–haha I know…worst post ever. haha And to clarify, the difference between the Strymon gear and cheaper gear is, I would say, audible to people not knowing different gear was used. So, I probably downplayed it a little too much in the original post; it’s more than marginal…but still not enough to say that cheaper gear can’t hold its own.

    And I was joking about the Echoczar. 😉 Although that did use to be my mindset. Worst amp and guitar ever, thousands of dollars in pedals! haha

    As for Gungor, so glad you said that! That’s exactly how it is with me. People keep talking about how they’re so different, and just the cutting edge of Christian music, so I was interested to hear them. And it sounds…well, about the same as everything else. I’m a little confused.

    Naal–and that’s the type of comments I expect to get. Total excommunication for not liking the poster boys. 😉

    What do you think of them? 😉 Or do I dare ask? hehe

    Randy–on the gifts thing, that’s very interesting. I’d be intrigued to hear what you guys talk about regarding the not desiring of the more outward-appearing gifts.

    As to Gungor, I’m right there with you! Glad to hear I’m not alone. Ya, it’s not terrible stuff, but with the way folks in my area are going on about it, you’d think it was just light years different than everything else going on. And it’s well…kind of not. And Beautiful Things is the big one that’s out right now. Kind of sounds like a song that Telecast did five years ago. Almost exactly, now that I think about it. Hmmm. haha

  12. I asked my wife if I could sell her car to get a Matchless. She said no and I said why? She hasn’t said much since then. I think she is warming up to the idea…

  13. hahaha That’s what you gotta do! It’s the sacrifice we all make for tone.

    And yes, in complete honesty, my Matchless is worth more than my ’95 Toyota. 😀 Just how it should be. 😉

  14. Seriously though, I don’t care either way. I am secure enough in my taste in music to not feel like you all have to listen to everything I do. I mean, I don’t care for U2. So I guess we’re even. 😉

  15. I heard Toad the Wet Sprocket “Crowing” last week and thought about why the guitar sounded so good. Matchless (winning!)
    and Dan Seta back in the day too:

    I told my wife that having 2 kids in preschool was like buying a used Matchless every month. 🙂

  16. Randy–cool! I’ll have to listen to that. Thanks, brother!

    Rhoy–right on. I’ve taken those many times…they always come out different for me. Probably more to do with me not knowing myself very well. haha

    Naal–that was pretty cool! 🙂 I’ll totally give ya that. The song still doesn’t do a ton for me, but the concept was cool, and the orchestration was very good. I’ll listen to it a couple more times, and hopefully it’ll sink in and I’ll start to appreciate it more! 😀 Definitely more talented musicians than I, and I have huge respect for that. Just not quite on board yet.

    And I am definitely not secure enough to hear of anyone disliking U2. 😉 hehe Except for the October album. You can dislike that. And half of Zooropa. And the new one. And Bono’s current choice of clothing. And the compression they’ve gotten themselves into using. And Larry’s electric drum kit on the newest album. Oh, ok, you can dislike them! hahaha

    Adam–nice to know I’m not the only one! I don’t think they’re terrible by any means; I guess I just don’t understand all the craziness.

    Dan–mmmm…Matchless. You could sell your two Lovepedal’s and probably have enough money for two Matchless! 😉 hehe I know, though; to sell a Lovepedal is to renounce tone completely.

    And lol at the two kids in preschool thing! Is it really that expensive? Yikes!!

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