Because these are bullet posts, but I don’t want to call them that, but I’m running out of titles for them, and Steve Martin is much more creative than I am.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you need high quality cables, contact Matt Solomon at . He’s pretty much my exclusive cable supplier now. (That just means I buy all my cables from him…but the first way sounds way cooler.)
  • Beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find…his…nucleus…
  • Okay, you just never know when it comes to hum issues. I developed some increasingly bad noise in my rig a few weeks ago. Spent hours trying to figure it out. Turns out the Lava mini-ELC cables do not like to touch the Fryette Valvulator. Or be anywhere near it. Haven’t had a weird one like that since discovering that Teese Wah’s don’t like Timeline’s. With that one, I could literally move the wah over my board in shapes and get different hums like a theremin of ground loops.
  • And yes, I was tempted to keep it just for that purpose. ;) I know you were wondering.
  • Recorded a new song with the Strymon’s. And unfortunately, yes, you can tell the difference between it and ones recorded with DD20′s and Behringer RV600′s. Not a huge difference, but there. No difference between the Strymon song and the ones recorded with Timeline’s, though.
  • Also, it’s May now. No Timeline 2 yet, and we’re all still alive?!! ;)
  • Had a dream that robot vacuum cleaners were actually transports from space for zombie predators we could take the form of any human. But if you touched them first, it rendered them powerless. So at the end of the dream, I’m hugging a zombie Danny Trejo with Predator dreads, so that his claws can’t go into my skin. It was weird.
  • The dream also took place in my junior high school. Don’t know what that means.
  • I also had a dream recently where I was sitting at a desk, and everyone I was mean to in my junior high school came walking through the door wanting to talk to me. And I tried to talk with every one of them in order to make right the fact that I had once made fun of them, but they were all talking too fast and I couldn’t keep up. I do know what that one means.
  • Played an folk/blues set a couple days ago at a church. I was extremely stoked to plug straight in to the amp. But they said they wanted delayed textures. I was very disappointed. Then I heard my delay again. And I was fine.
  • Heard a country-pop song in the post office about a ‘truck that ain’t much to look at, but gets him from a to b’, and started jammin’ to it. Something has gone terribly wrong.
  • Remember life before we were waiting for the Timeline 2? Ya. Me neither.
  • I don’t like Gungor. And yes, I’m fully aware that the only logical event following that statement is excommunication.
  • Matchless is making me re-think my stance that the guitar is the most important part of your chain. I’m not there yet, but I’m revisiting it. Because anything you throw at that amp is turned into magic with very little skill on my part. And for those of you who think that’s snobbish because Matchless are expensive, sell your three buffers, two clean boosts, eight overdrives, Empress SuperDelay, Eventide Timefactor, and El Capistan; and buy a Matchless, Fatboost, and an Echo Park. I can almost guarantee you you’ll love your tone more. That’s just a quick note on how to get good clean tone. You may or may not agree. But even if you don’t, you do. ;) And it doesn’t have to be Matchless. Just remember, $2,000 on pedals will more than likely never get you a clean tone as good as $1,000 on a good amp and a good guitar. (Disclaimer: for those of you who may be new here, I got my Matchless used and at a screamin’ deal. I did not pay the $3750 or whatever they are new. Not even half of that. lol I still have to live somewhere and eat things. haha)
  • Also, a First Act guitar, Crate 10 inch, and a Toneczar Echoczar. That’ll do the trick, too. ;)
  • I think we’re way off. (And whatever that makes you think about, you might need to do something about it. Me too.)
  • Neil Young? Old Man live at Massey Hall? Haunting.
  • Is it cheesey that I’m listening to Mitch and Mickey right now? Yes. If Eugene Levy is singing through your laptop speakers, it’s cheesey. And surprisingly beautiful.
  • I had something in here on churches. But I expressed myself quite poorly. So I’ll bite the bullet, leave a blank spot here, and try to do a better job with a full post in the near future. The last thing I want is to create confusion as opposed to honest discussion leading to encouragement. Suffice to say, God is love…and I am learning continually how far that seemingly simple statement goes.
  • And have I mentioned too often how much I want a None More Black pedal? Nope. Not possible. I’m also holding out for a Menatone ‘Preserved Moose’ fuzz pedal.