• …when the music gear in the back of your car is worth more than the car.
  • …when you’re content just to stare at your rig. Not turn it on. Just stare at it.
  • …when you look for a pedal to buy that has a British name, because that would make your board look really cool.
  • …when you describe your work day in pedals. For instance, if you make $20 an hour, and you worked an 10 hour day, you just worked a Zendrive.
  • …when you hear about the economic crisis, the first thing you think about is if the price of a used Analogman Sunlion might have dropped.
  • …when you have pedals on your board that you haven’t turn on in more than 4 months. But whoa, do they look good on that board!
  • …when your guitars have names. No, not names like ’64 Fender Telecaster.’ Names like ‘Bob.’
  • …when your amps’ speakers have more total area than the sound system at the gig you’re playing at.
  • …when you go out for an evening, you call home to make sure your gear is alright. If the phone doesn’t ring, it means the house might have caught on fire, and your gear is burning up. This ruins the rest of your night.
  • …when you get excited because your flight is ‘delayed.’
  • …when you give your amp a quick ‘good game, sport’ pat on the tolex after a good sounding show. Don’t lie. I know you’ve done it.
  • …when someone asks you if you know the riff to a certain song, you just point to a pedal and respond with, ‘What do you think.’

Please feel free to add more as you see fit. :)