Quick Pedalboard Update and Billy Joel is Telling Me to Take a Break

So, I’ve been thinking about taking a break here for a while. Not a vacation, not a break from work, or email, but a break from this blog. The Gear Page. Facebook. Bandcamp. The Gear Page. (Oh wait, did I say that already? 😉 ) Not a long one; just a week or two. I know, I know, I risk angering Internet by this break from blogs, message boards, and facebook. But I’ve been toying with this for a while, and today, while watching the playback on my newest pedalboard update video and feeling like I was onboard a seafaring vessel of some sort (yep) as such is the terribleness of the video, yet having no desire to go back and produce something that was actually good, I realized it’s probably time for a little break. Also, because I was listening to Billy Joel (no, seriously) and he told me to:

Oh yes.

So, I’ll be taking a week or two off in the coming weeks. I’ve got some great and also fantastic folks lined up to do a little guest posting, so things will still be going here…just without me. Probably even how it should be most of the time. haha Comments will be open, the authors will be in charge of their own posts, and the message boards will be rock ‘n rolling, just as much as any message board with 60 members can rock ‘n roll. 😉 But to be very honest, as much as I love this blog and some of the things it’s seemed that God has done with it, definitely in spite of me, it’s going to be really nice to not think about it for the first full week in about 3 years. It’ll probably be the week before Memorial Day weekend, as well as that weekend. So, be sure to check out the awesome guest bloggers! Some good stuff is in the works!

Oh ya, in case you’re interested, take some seasick pills, and here’s the pedalboard update video. :)

And ya, I’m running more music promo’s. Sorry. I’m trying to filter all music-related stuff through my Facebook Music page, so that you don’t have to be annoyed hearing from me on 18 different social mediums. :) And I could write down all my pedals and list everything out in typing right now for clarity’s sake, but I just have no desire to. haha Hence, the forthcoming break. 😀

Also, the Tim is probably getting sold. The Fatboost is just plain cutting through the mix better.

Billy Joel.


43 thoughts on “Quick Pedalboard Update and Billy Joel is Telling Me to Take a Break

  1. interesting that you were thinking about taking a break, I was thinking of doing the same yesterday … I try to do it every once. thanks for the reminder that maybe it’s time once again 😉

  2. Nic–haha Yep, I brought the big board out of its six month retirement. lol I’m in talks with a guy about building me one with less wood, but same space.

    Rhoy–for sure! Ya, it’s really nice to get away from the internet for a while. I need to more often!

    Tremblay–haha Yep, me too! And then I just plain didn’t care. haha Which is a definite sign for a break. It’s quite possibly the worst video ever. :)

  3. karl, you are always too hard on yourself with your videos. Wasn’t bad at all. I have tried making videos a few times, and it’s really hard. I can’t think of what to say, so I just ramble on and don’t make any sense. And my playing is always at about 50% of true ability. So I always end up giving up after my 15th try.

    So now my question to you is, why in the world do you need that many delays!? Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some delay. And I do really need to finally upgrade from just a DD5. I am too waiting for the new Timeline. But man, I can’t imagine keeping track of all those delay sounds!

    So anyways, enough with the “you have too many pedals” comments that I’m sure you get all the time. I just wanted to say, I recently gave the Valvulator a try simply because I saw it on your board. I didn’t know what to think about it at first, whether it was worth the money. But just as I was about to take it back, I put it in my looper to test if it was really making a difference. Wow, it’s actually a significant difference. Now I can’t take it back because I would know what I would be missing. It sure is a beautiful masterpiece when you open that thing up. So many components for something that does so little.

  4. Hope the break accomplishes what you need Karl. If it does, maybe take them more often? I finally got through to my Pastoral staff about the fact that I’m taking the summer off from leading worship — after six steady years. Senior Pastor had no reservations at all and pointed out that he had done the same thing a few years ago.

    Next I get an email from a talented team member who had expressed an interest in leading some. However she started by saying she’d be gone most of the summer, and gone here on this date and gone here on that date, etc etc. I just told her to coordinate with the Pastors. :-) The tricky part is who is supposed to be committed and strapped in ready to serve most weeks? C’est la vie
    Ok I already complain too much on here. Life and stuff goes on and our Lord is in charge, thankfully.
    Now to find some jam buddies for a little blues and rock ‘n roll.

  5. I rather enjoyed the random swoops around the pedalboard! Also, if your Tim is peacing out, I’ve been thinking of getting one and just haven’t gotten onto the wait list yet. If you want, you could send me an e-mail, facebook message, blog comment, anything really. I’d love to help you out and also get a Tim.

    Also, good call on the break. Mine are usually unplanned and due to having 14,000 other things pop up, but it’s definitely way better to have a plan than to just disappear for weeks at a time….Good luck!

  6. I was about to say that it would be a great idea to do guest posting…but you already thought of that! haha.

    If you need me to guest post, just let me know!

    Nice board! :) I could only dream of a board of that capability! lol

  7. Gtr1ab–thanks, brother. I think there’s gonna be some great discussions here! I’ve got some great folks lined up, and not all guitarists either. :)

    David–haha Thanks, man. To be honest, I thought the video was terrible because it literally made me motion sick when watching it back. lol But maybe I’m just getting old. 😉

    On the delays, the 3 Boss delays basically function as one delay. I really like the sound of the DD20, but it’s lacking on features; so I use the DD7 to replace the DD20’s looper, and the second DD20 to give me five more presets when I need them. The added bonus is that with that little tap tempo box, I can do completely sync’d dual rhythmic delays with the 2 DD20’s in line.

    The Strymon is my delay for swells. It’s on that setting 90% of the time, and I kick it on and off quite often, even just for the ends of phrases. That way, my DD20 can stay on whatever setting its on for the main delay of the song. And, well, the Strymon just sounds amazing for ambience.

    The Arion isn’t really used as a delay. It’s there as a washy finishing effect ting just to make swells and build-in’s sound cool.

    The Timeline is there for big, lush, background, weird, whatever-I-need verb and modulation sounds at the end of everything. Really warms things up.

    So I guess the bottom line is that I need that many delays because I don’t want multiple boards. I could have a recording board for ambience, a church board for regular playing, and then a solo board for when there’s no keyboardist. But it’s really nice to have them all in one because some nights, I need them all. :)

    On the Valvulator, totally agree. Just incredible how it helps you run through pedal chains. 😀

    Randy–that’s awesome! I love how God provides. And I hope the break really serves you well, and that you can find some blues guys to jam with. Sounds awesome!

    Ben–thanks, bro! And ya…I’ll give you an email about the Tim this weekend. I’m gonna give it one more shot today and tomorrow at our services, but it’s most likely coming off.

    Brandon–thanks, bro! I think I may be set for this time, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind for next time! :)

    • Cool man. If you decide to keep it, it’s all to the good. I’ve got a whole bunch of drives I’d like to try out in the next few months, so I’m not in any huge rush.

  8. How much does your board weigh Karl? Lol

    I have learned the hard way dont let your escape become your prison. Take a break, relax and come back refreshed! Maybe you will have some cool awakening and buy us all new guitars!!!!!! Okay maybe that last bit is a stretch 😉 haha

  9. Good for you. It’s amazing what taking a step back can do for you.

    So, about the guests … Will they have the same tone philosophy
    (ie delay and U2)? Or will we get a dose of flangers and BieberFever?
    Just askin’ … :-)

    Enjoy your time off.

  10. I have just come back from a break… incredible… a whole weekend by myself, sitting on beaches, watching footy (aussie rules that is). Wrote a couple of songs, didnt talk much… great and rejuvenating!!

  11. Zach–thanks, bro! :)

    Shawn–if I remember correctly, 80 pounds…without pedals. 😉 A new one is on order hopefully.

    And I’ll see what I can do about the guitars! hehe

    Phillip–haha Nice.

    TimH–actually, I specifically got folks with different perspectives than me, at least instrumentally. :) I haven’t read anything they’ve written yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

    Cam–right on, bro! That sounds great.


  12. All I can say is that my whole pedal board weighs about 15 pounds…my guitar and the case maybe 30lbs…and amp…well that is about an ounce! haha. No it is more like 5 lbs.

  13. I do envy you. My rig is lovely once it’s set up and I’m playing it. And then afterwards, it’s like it always surprises me that I have to move it again. haha

  14. When I first heard this song, Karl and “ambient” came immediately to mind. Vineyard’s If You Say Go
    The ambient bit doesn’t last long though. Ok, here is one that catches my ear sonically, the lyrics aren’t difficult to understand or too “poetic” and there aren’t a whole lot of words ( maybe not enough). But what do you think of this one?

  15. Wow. Actually one of the best Christian songs I’ve heard in a while. I think that one would rock, especially if you introduce it on a week where you can tie it in to your pastor’s message on faith or missions. That could be powerful, methinks. :)

    • Vineyard doesn’t get a lot of playtime compared to Passion & Hillsongs … I like Vineyard songs better than most of Passion/Hillsongs releases especially newer ones which tend to sound the same after a while :)

  16. rhoy:

    Vineyard doesn’t get a lot of playtime compared to Passion & Hillsongs …

    I’ve noticed that as well and I think it’s a real shame. There was a time (granted it was like 10 years ago…) when it felt like all I ever did was Vineyard stuff. Not that it was a bad thing at all. They had a ton of great guitar-driven worship songs. I think I may need to dig some of those out and start doing them again…

  17. I create Pandora radio stations based on songs/artists I’m interested in, which often leads me to a usable song. If you mark them thumbs up / thumbs down, after a while you can log onto your Pandora account and check what you marked as “good.”

  18. You mentioned in your video about your broken headstock. Has Prairiewood given you a timeline to get your guitar back? Seems like it has been gone for awhile.

  19. Karl, did you ever write a blog post describing what exactly happened to all of your gear and your prairiewood guitar? I am new to your blog, but i really love to read your posts and I am trying to catch up. I did do a little searching, but I kept getting interested in the topics i was skimming through so alas I never found a post where you told the whole story, just mentions of the story. Anyway, I am glad to see that things are shaping back up and I hope you get your prairwood back soon. Also, enjoy your break.

  20. Surprised few have commented on the portentous Tim banishment–can such things be? 😉

    Although I spotted a Fat Boost v. 1 on eBay for what I thought was a reasonable price, and I’ve been thinking about getting a boost pedal for a while, so I picked it up. Probably getting rid of the Muff now if I can sell it for a decent penny

  21. Matt–ya, I think it’s somewhere, but I ramble so much that it’s difficult even for me to find it. haha The short of it is that I was traveling to a conference with two other guys and our luggage in my half cab, and all our gear in the back. We got caught in a hailstorm going up the mountain with nowhere to go and nowhere to put the gear. My stuff had no roadcases because I’m an idiot. haha

    Elisha–what, seriously?! Uh-oh, I may have to keep it now! 😉

    Caleb–I know, really!! Has the Tim lost its luster for everyone?!

    Mmm…Fatboost 1.

  22. I just ordered a Tim from Paul. Well, scratch that I didnt just order it, I ordered it back in the beginning of March and it shall be ready sometime in July. However, my interest is peaked, is the fatboost a noble adversary. Has anyone done a shootout?

  23. i am quite sure that the reflection of the matchless is a sign. maybe the tim is saying… “i can sound like the matchless if you keep thinking about it hard enough. dont sell meeee”

  24. OK, so both of your DD-20’s are now for sale on TGP? Hmmm… Did Strymon offer you the first new Timeline because of your awesome vids of the old one?

  25. haha I wish!!

    But no, I just have the gear bug for something, and I need to sell a DD20 that I almost never use. But I figured someone might want to the whole cool setup, and then I’ll get another DD20 later. haha Hmm…typing it out, that’s a very odd way to do things. lol

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