So, I’ve been thinking about taking a break here for a while. Not a vacation, not a break from work, or email, but a break from this blog. The Gear Page. Facebook. Bandcamp. The Gear Page. (Oh wait, did I say that already? ;) ) Not a long one; just a week or two. I know, I know, I risk angering Internet by this break from blogs, message boards, and facebook. But I’ve been toying with this for a while, and today, while watching the playback on my newest pedalboard update video and feeling like I was onboard a seafaring vessel of some sort (yep) as such is the terribleness of the video, yet having no desire to go back and produce something that was actually good, I realized it’s probably time for a little break. Also, because I was listening to Billy Joel (no, seriously) and he told me to:

Oh yes.

So, I’ll be taking a week or two off in the coming weeks. I’ve got some great and also fantastic folks lined up to do a little guest posting, so things will still be going here…just without me. Probably even how it should be most of the time. haha Comments will be open, the authors will be in charge of their own posts, and the message boards will be rock ‘n rolling, just as much as any message board with 60 members can rock ‘n roll. ;) But to be very honest, as much as I love this blog and some of the things it’s seemed that God has done with it, definitely in spite of me, it’s going to be really nice to not think about it for the first full week in about 3 years. It’ll probably be the week before Memorial Day weekend, as well as that weekend. So, be sure to check out the awesome guest bloggers! Some good stuff is in the works!

Oh ya, in case you’re interested, take some seasick pills, and here’s the pedalboard update video. :)

And ya, I’m running more music promo’s. Sorry. I’m trying to filter all music-related stuff through my Facebook Music page, so that you don’t have to be annoyed hearing from me on 18 different social mediums. :) And I could write down all my pedals and list everything out in typing right now for clarity’s sake, but I just have no desire to. haha Hence, the forthcoming break. :D

Also, the Tim is probably getting sold. The Fatboost is just plain cutting through the mix better.

Billy Joel.