It’s just plain the worst when people quote themselves. So…I’m gonna do it anyway. The following are things that I have actually said at one time or another. Some of them…were said on this blog. Pretty much…I’m awesome. Except not at all.

  • “Digital is the way of the future.”

–Karl Verkade, 2003. Said while desperately trying to make myself believe that my ‘Fat Match’ patch on my Boss GT6 sounded every bit as good (and definitely more reverby) than my friend’s actual Matchless.


  • “Edge might use digital delay live because of its functionality, but in the studio, he uses exclusively analog delays. The Korg SDD-3000′s.”

–Karl Verkade, 2004. Stated in a very heated discussion regarding analog versus digital. If you read this quote along with the previous one, you will realize that I may have a problem with moderation. ;) It’s all or nothing for me. Oh, and as to where I got the information in this quote? I can’t actually remember, although I can photographically remember myself saying it. Which means I probably made up the information in my head, and then assumed that since the information originated from me, it just made it that much more credible.


  • “I will never sell this Tim pedal.”

–Karl Verkade, 2005. 2006. 2008, 2009, and 2011.


  • “Yes, I need all four of them. Don’t you know anything about tone?”

–Karl Verkade, 2005. In response to a question from the sound guy regarding the four amps I had brought and was in the process of setting up for our 75-person service. There were two to run in stereo, one that split out into a secondary board to run washy delays and phaser sounds in the background, and one that split out earlier before the effects for just straight crunch. The ground loop hum from this setup should have been enough to add an ambient drone all on its own. Luckily though, the tone suck from my 32 pedals rolled off so much high end that there was no hum at all. Oh, and of the 3 heads, 3 cabs, and one combo, we had red, tan, purple, two different shades of green, and tweed. It was pretty spectacular.


  • “I don’t ask people to stand. The people stand when the Holy Spirit moves them.”

–Karl Verkade, 2003. Which, of course, meant there were many an awkward service with no one standing. And me railing on about the spiritual warfare attacking the hedge of protection we’d prayed around ‘this place.’


  • “A capo?! Learn your bar chords!”

–Karl Verkade, 2001. Said before I knew how insignificant of a thing it is to know bar chords. That hit me full force one day when I saw my hero guitarist put on a capo for the next song, after ripping this amazing solo on the previous one. When I asked in horror why he was using a capo, he said, ‘Because it’s easier.’ Ohhhhhhhhhh.


  • “No Line on the Horizon is U2′s finest work.”

–Karl Verkade, 2009. That one was just good old-fashioned denial. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably even be able to find that post here, and hencetoforth (yep) never take anything I say seriously ever again.

But now, in all honesty, how seriously do you really take anything I say? Once you start explaining the reasoning behind 6 delay pedals, your credibility starts to slip just a little bit. ;) Although as long as it’s on Internet, it must automatically be true and someone will google search it, find it in the synopsis without actually clicking on the site, and it will end up in a research paper. So, with that in mind, “Edge plays a Dumble.” hehe Take that, Internet. Or…tiny portion of the internet that cares about Dumble’s.