• I’ve just received pictures of my Prairiewood with a neck on it. I’m almost afraid to hope. Godin, I love you, except for the fact that I don’t really anymore.
  • I have a serious thing for ’80′s synth sounds. I love how non-pristine they sound, and think music these days might possibly benefit from more of that. Might even buy an old Juno 6. And do what with, I don’t know. I think I just want to hold it.
  • It’s almost as if things sound so computerized now that we need an auto-detune plugin to make our voices and instruments sound real again once we’ve used autotune to artificially fix the pitch we were too lazy to do another take on.
  • Hey, everyone! Come look at how much I don’t care if you look at me or not! ;)
  • It’s incredible how much of what I do is done out of selfishness. I mean, when you really stop and think about it.
  • Enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean 4 almost as much as I enjoyed the other one. (The second and third Pirates do not exist.) However, I am well aware that that sentiment puts my of course completely-deserved indie film critic status that I awarded myself for liking Brick and disliking Juno, at high risk. Quick! Gotta mention some little-known, low budget film, preferably starring Sam Rockwell! Uh…Choke! Moon! Assassination of Jesse James! Huh…strangely enough, Galaxy Quest also fits that criteria.
  • So after all that big talk about how to treat your worship team and stuff? Totally just had a weekend where I had to shoot down everyone’s ideas and musical creativity. Felt like a jerk. I totally knew that this would happen as I was writing that post. haha ;)
  • I also ended up talking with the arriving members of the team on both Saturday and Sunday, from my knees with a screwdriver as I worked on gear. To be fair, it wasn’t my gear…but still. :)
  • Normally I love bringing U2′s lyrics to life, but when you pontificate on something (as I did in my last post) and then can’t back it up, it haunts me to hear the lyrics, ‘Those that can’t do often have to preach’ echoing in my head. lol
  • Changed my strings, and played a brand new guitar. Absolutely amazing how much of a difference that makes.
  • Looks like people are pretty bummed that the new Strymon Timeline doesn’t play dvd’s, have wireless internet access, and make smoothie’s.
  • I am currently obsessed with Ron Swanson.
  • Ron Swanson on Working:

    Ron Swanson on Veganism:

    Ron Swanson on Bacon:

    Ron Swanson on Hipsters:

  • I don’t like the new Coldplay single, but I recognize a good melody. This bodes very well. When I first heard Violet Hill off the last album, I was like, ‘What are they doing?’ And now I love that album more than I love my children (pedals). So I’m expecting great things from this new one.
  • Okay, be honest…how many of you worship players’ favorite part of church is the inevitable afternoon nap time that follows it?
  • Untimed delay can be a great thing.
  • And rock solid bass lines are the stuff dreams are made of. My dreams. Actually.
  • Shimmer is so overused. And sometimes? The perfect tool for the job. Always error on the side of what sounds good, rather than the side of originality.
  • Am I the only one who finds the version of the ‘Thigh Bone Connected to the Knee Bone’ song that’s in Rain Man, extremely creepy?
  • The longer I live, the more I am amazed by the amount of things to which simple love is the solution.

(Just in case you didn’t believe me. Indie darling…well, before he did Iron Man 2…Mr. Rockwell in Galaxy Quest.)