So These Have Nothing to Do With Each Other…

  • I’ve just received pictures of my Prairiewood with a neck on it. I’m almost afraid to hope. Godin, I love you, except for the fact that I don’t really anymore.
  • I have a serious thing for ’80’s synth sounds. I love how non-pristine they sound, and think music these days might possibly benefit from more of that. Might even buy an old Juno 6. And do what with, I don’t know. I think I just want to hold it.
  • It’s almost as if things sound so computerized now that we need an auto-detune plugin to make our voices and instruments sound real again once we’ve used autotune to artificially fix the pitch we were too lazy to do another take on.
  • Hey, everyone! Come look at how much I don’t care if you look at me or not! 😉
  • It’s incredible how much of what I do is done out of selfishness. I mean, when you really stop and think about it.
  • Enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean 4 almost as much as I enjoyed the other one. (The second and third Pirates do not exist.) However, I am well aware that that sentiment puts my of course completely-deserved indie film critic status that I awarded myself for liking Brick and disliking Juno, at high risk. Quick! Gotta mention some little-known, low budget film, preferably starring Sam Rockwell! Uh…Choke! Moon! Assassination of Jesse James! Huh…strangely enough, Galaxy Quest also fits that criteria.
  • So after all that big talk about how to treat your worship team and stuff? Totally just had a weekend where I had to shoot down everyone’s ideas and musical creativity. Felt like a jerk. I totally knew that this would happen as I was writing that post. haha 😉
  • I also ended up talking with the arriving members of the team on both Saturday and Sunday, from my knees with a screwdriver as I worked on gear. To be fair, it wasn’t my gear…but still. :)
  • Normally I love bringing U2’s lyrics to life, but when you pontificate on something (as I did in my last post) and then can’t back it up, it haunts me to hear the lyrics, ‘Those that can’t do often have to preach’ echoing in my head. lol
  • Changed my strings, and played a brand new guitar. Absolutely amazing how much of a difference that makes.
  • Looks like people are pretty bummed that the new Strymon Timeline doesn’t play dvd’s, have wireless internet access, and make smoothie’s.
  • I am currently obsessed with Ron Swanson.
  • Ron Swanson on Working:

    Ron Swanson on Veganism:

    Ron Swanson on Bacon:

    Ron Swanson on Hipsters:

  • I don’t like the new Coldplay single, but I recognize a good melody. This bodes very well. When I first heard Violet Hill off the last album, I was like, ‘What are they doing?’ And now I love that album more than I love my children (pedals). So I’m expecting great things from this new one.
  • Okay, be honest…how many of you worship players’ favorite part of church is the inevitable afternoon nap time that follows it?
  • Untimed delay can be a great thing.
  • And rock solid bass lines are the stuff dreams are made of. My dreams. Actually.
  • Shimmer is so overused. And sometimes? The perfect tool for the job. Always error on the side of what sounds good, rather than the side of originality.
  • Am I the only one who finds the version of the ‘Thigh Bone Connected to the Knee Bone’ song that’s in Rain Man, extremely creepy?
  • The longer I live, the more I am amazed by the amount of things to which simple love is the solution.

(Just in case you didn’t believe me. Indie darling…well, before he did Iron Man 2…Mr. Rockwell in Galaxy Quest.)


37 thoughts on “So These Have Nothing to Do With Each Other…

  1. For the last 6 months I have had a keyboard player on my team who is really into developing sounds. He has got a group of great lo-fi dirty organ sounds that just sounds brilliant next to a guitar delayed riff on the verge of break-up. The right keybaord sound next to a guitar riff makes it sounds sooo much better – mainly because it allows you to play less and let the notes hang. love it…

      • We were right behind the stage about 12 rows back. It was loud, but rock shows should be. I loved how many old songs they played from the Achtung Baby era.

  2. I can’t decide what I think about the new Coldplay single. It’s growing on me though. And there are some Sundays when I long for the Sunday afternoon nap before I even get out of bed that morning.

  3. Cam–that is awesome! There’s a guy I get to play with at one church who’s like that…just amazing synth textures, and sounds so good to play off of it. :) Ah, synth. Stoked to hear about people doing lo-fi stuff, too!

    Dan–oh, that is so awesome!! And I think that has everything to do with everything. :)

    Eric–haha Love the part about the nap! And same for me on the Coldplay single. They always do something different, and it takes me a while to jump on board. But I end up loving it!

    Hey, great blog, by the way. Mind if I ad you to my blogroll?

  4. Galaxy Quest= Yes. Guy. Just, Guy.

    Pirates 4= also yes. Was happy to see they kept the overwhelming amount of cheese down. Very entertaining.

    Ron Swanson= the only real reason I watch Parks and Rec. Okay, Andy’s kinda fun, too.

    The strings thing= I think you’ve mentioned it before, as have I, but no matter how many times… it’s amazing how stubborn our minds are sometimes, isn’t it?

    Shimmer= Annoyingly so, yes. I hate missing it since my 2nd Verbzilla crapped out. On the plus side, I’m finding more and more heavy modulated delays to be quite fascinating.

    and lastly, and the only one of consequence…
    Simple Love=YES!!!!! 😀

  5. I also don’t like the new Coldplay single. The more I listen to the radio (that isn’t classic rock), the more homogenized and pop-y it all sounds. Just another clanging gong to my ears.

  6. Brick= win. Juno… I still haven’t seen it. Along with Avatar. Does that make me cool?

    80’s synth sounds are to you as 80’s snare reverb is to me. I just want everything to sound like that. All the time.

    I like that in Pirates 4 they stopped giving inanimate objects plot lines. And no one from previous movies showed up mysteriously having become a pirate in between films. Refreshing.

    I saw X-Men tonight and I think I would say the same thing for that- better than the last two X-men films (Last Stand and Wolverine). It was nice to have an X-Men movie that kept to the plot of the comics AND original film. Or, in other words, a retcon plot line. Bam.

    Nice pontification.


  7. so much stuff to comment on :)

    let me just say that I like Sam Rockwell, in fact, I rented a movie yesterday with him & Hilary Swank titled Conviction. haven’t watched it yet but i’m sure it will be great! oh, and I saw him in a DeNiro flick’s “Everybody’s Fine” a few months ago, too! 😉

  8. TINY SWIVEL to my keyboard…

    I love Ron as well! My favorite thing recently, other than the swivel chair, is when he taught that little girl about government and her paper on why government matters simply said, ‘It doesn’t.’ and he gives her a land-mine to protect her property. Then when he gets in trouble he has her sign the paper for him… Best ever. That was when I realized that me and Ron have the same political beliefs…

    New strings are the best…
    My high school band had the best bass player I’ve ever played with. He was RIDICULOUS and was good enough to know when to hold back and compliment the band…
    I’m not buying the new Timeline if it doesn’t do over the air updates…

    Rob Lowe’s character on Parks & Rec. kills me as well. He is Literally the funniest TV character I have ever seen…

  9. No preset naming on the Timeline is the end of the world! I’m curious how people are going to use it without a midi controller. So naming and editor – hint: midi controller!. I want multiple delay presets ready to go and don’t want to bank up/down.

    I’m trying to lay out my new pedalboard and can’t get everything to fit on a 18 x 16 board. I have a 30 x 18 board but I would feel kinda douchy bringing that to church. Can you move that over so that I can put my battleship right here? :) Other people’s big boards don’t look that big to me on stage though.

    How long before you have your guitar back?

  10. Nate–haha So rad to meet someone who knows what Galaxy Quest is! hehe And absolutely on Ron and Andy, and heavy modulated delays. :)

    So, two Verbzilla’s have gone bad on you? Yikes!

    Joe–ya, I hear you. Personally I think it’s the compression. We’re so into making song files as small as possible to fit on portable devices and to be played on tiny speakers; I think we’re starting to lost something.

    Naal–you’ve seen Brick! Right on! Seriously one of the coolest ideas for a movie I’ve seen. And I laughed out loud at your Pirates reviews. hehe

    Rhoy–how was Everybody’s Fine? I wanted to see that and never got around to it. Is it worth a rent?

    Matt Linardo–lol I agree!

    Brandon–quite possibly. I don’t think the road that leads to my unit actually has a name. hehe

    Josh–I totally love Rob Lowe’s character, too! And Ron Swanson teaching the little girl…I love when her mom comes in:

    ‘You gave a nine-year-old girl a land mine!’
    ‘It seemed appropriate at the time.’

    And +1 on strings, and hilarious Timeline mention. Yep, if it can’t communicate with Strymon wirelessly, I’m out. 😉 Unfortunately, I think there may be a few Gear Page folks who actually feel that way.

    Josh–hahaha And I love what she says earlier: ‘There’s a sign that says not to drink the water, so I used it to make some tea.’ haha

    Dan–ya, I’m the exact same way! It’s really not a big deal for me, because I’ve always just assumed that to get the most out of 200 presets, I’m going to have a midi controller.

    And I bring a 36×20 board with 3 tiers everywhere I go. lol I actually have a backlog of about 10 self-deprecating jokes that I can make about myself whenever I walk in to someplace new while carrying that thing, just so that people don’t think I’m a jerk. hehehe

    And I’m actually heading to the post office right now to mail Rob a check! I’m hoping it’ll be here by next week! 😀

    • to be honest, me & my wife just saw it on the Movie Network. I must say it was a pleasant surprise. it’s not bad, good storyline really. might be worth a rent … maybe 😉

    • Yes…. 2 verbzilla’s, one of which was only about 6 months old. Still looks brand new, not a scratch on it. Never been dropped or anything. I baby my babies 😉 But these things are ridiculous. No more Line6… ever

  11. For anyone with a DD-20:

    I got the DD-20 in today, and it sounds awesome! The only problem…I can not get the looper to keep going without the annyoing pause (delay). Any suggestions?

  12. Karl you are so brutally honest about yourself. Of course most of what you confess about yourself applies to the rest of us too. :-)

    Took my wife to see Pirates 4 since that was one thing she wanted for her birthday. Got major points out of that one. For you young guys and single guys, marriage is mostly about points.

    Being a guy, you are very prone to running in the red on points, so take any chance you can to earn some. It might even lead to approval for a tube amp or something.

    Lava cables, Schmava cables. Digressing here into a gear discussion, oops. Bought a lava cable a few months back to be my main guitar-to-first pedal cable. I needed one end to be a right angle. I’ve had issues but of course checked other things first ( the wrong things ).

    Finally this past Sunday all was well at rehearsal but as the first song of the set began ( somebody else was leading ), no sound from the old Strat. Finally jiggled the cable near the input jack of my compressor and got sound. Today, after still not believing it could possibly be a lava cable, and cleaning/disassembling the compressor, I finally opened up the right-angle end of the lava cable.

    It has a thin piece off plastic to shield the soldered connection from the metal “barrel.”
    So I wrapped some electrical tape around the plastic piece ( which is like glorified scotch tape), screwed it back together and Voila. No more static or intermittent disconnects.

    Well usually you get what you pay for and more expensive stuff is better. Usually.

  13. I am also not a big fan of the new coldplay single… lyrics too much like something the “black eyed peas” would write… arrrggghhh. The melody is not great either in my opinion… and to think i was getting excited about their new material after they released “christmas lights”… now that song had lyrics that were interesting and a melody that was brilliant and musical simplicity with enough there to remain interesting.

  14. Keith–unimpressed with U2? Impossible! 😉 😉

    Rhoy–cool, thanks! We may give it a shot.

    Nate–wow. Ya, I hear so, so much about Line 6 gear giving out way too soon in its lifespan. Yikes.

    Brandon–as in, a pause as the delay loops back on itself? If that’s the case, are you pressing the record button exactly as you start playing the phrase, and stopping it exactly as you stop playing? Because it’s not an intuitive looper…it starts and stops when the button is pressed, even if you’re not playing at the time.

    Sorry if you already know that, it’s just the only thing I can think of.

    Sal–haha Best comment ever. :)

    Randy–haha Thanks! And to be quite honest, I’m slowly replacing all my Lava cables with EA cables. Too many of them are going microphonic, and the customer service isn’t what it used to be. Seems like quality may be dropping as well. I’m really trying not to disparage them, because they seem like good folks. But for what it’s worth right now to me as a consumer, I will probably not be buying from them in the near future either.

    Cam–ya, I loved Christmas Lights! I think this new one is gonna grow on me, though. We’ll see. :)

  15. This was literally one of the best posts ever. From Parks and Rec to someone else who’s seen and loved Brick to the atrocity of the new Coldplay single . . . you’re on a rampage of truth my man!

    Did you see Source Code (from the same director as Moon)? I just got around to seeing it this past weekend and it was pretty cool.

    Oh yeah, and strings are (almost) better than a new guitar for tone. Way better than pickups.

  16. Brandon–cool! :) And ya, I’ll use it live every once in a while. Usually I’ll use the Timeline’s looper or the DD7 though.

    Zach–haha Thanks! And Source Code was good? It looked interesting, but I wasn’t sure I could handle Jake Gyllenhaal on the same train for 2 hours. hehe I’ll check it out though. Totally agree with you strings!

  17. Hey Karl!
    Just yesterday my wife was trying to get me to work on the house this coming Sunday.

    I said, “But I’m playing in the worship band on Sunday”.

    She said, “What does that have to do with anything?”

    I said, “Because I’ll need my nap afterwards!”

  18. Dan–ya I know you weren’t talking to me, but I love the part about rock shows supposed to be loud! Ya!!

    Brandon–the DD7 is essentially the same looper as the DD20, except that it’s 40 seconds long instead of 20 seconds long, and…the main reason I use it more for looping than the DD20…you don’t have to hold the pedal down to overdub. On the DD20, when you want to record a second track, you have to hold down the record button. Which is really impractical if you’re trying to use a volume pedal too.

    Honestly, the DD20 has been out for so long, that I keep thinking they’re going to release a DD30, with some updates and with the DD7’s looper built-in.

    Tom–no way!! That is admirable, brother. Not sure I could do that…haha But is it getting to you? Do you need to buy something? hehe

  19. I honestly can’t think of a single pedal that I would buy right now with the exception of possibly the Bonamassa Fuzz Face, and really just to own it. Those are too big for a board! I will probably get the new timeline after the initial craziness is over. I am, however, building a new fuzz pedal based on the skreddy lunar fuzz. I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple weeks. If I like it, it will end up on my board.

  20. Tom–ooh, right on! I’d love to hear your Lunar fuzz. :) And I’m with ya on the Timeline…I’d love to try one, but I’m not sure I can handle the current craziness.

    KennyG–when you get to, isn’t it just the best? :) Mmmm…nap.

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