Right, because I’m definitely being forced to display my personal thoughts on the internet. But hey, the title sounded cool. These are the things that I have yet to comment on, and feel that this site may implode upon itself if I do not. Such is inexorable link to the lifeblood of this site that is held by the words Timeline, U2, Prairiewood, and Dennis Hopper. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

1. The Timeline

How do I feel about this? Well, first off, let me say that I was right. I posted this in January, questioning whether that casing was for the Timeline 2, and it turned out it was. And I’m right so seldom, that I like to hold a little celebration for myself that one time a year. So I probably shut all the blinds for a little while and did some Bono moves in my living room with an Izze in one hand and a remote playing back Edge’s ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’ anti-solo from ZooTV in the other. I’m sure it was glorious. But as that faded, I began to think about whether I would be purchasing a Timeline 2, or a Strymon Timeline, as they are more commonly known. My thoughts:

  • Best feature-set in a pedal ever. Strymon is currently the only company listening to what players want. Huge props to them.
  • Will the lack of tubes in the buffering section make the wet signal less ‘weighty’? The weight of the delayed notes was one of my favorite things on the original Timeline. However, the original Timeline sounds very close to the T-Rex Replica, which is very weighty, and without tubes.
  • The amount of features almost makes me want 2 of them. It’s good that you can route the looper pre or post delay, and thereby use delay with the looper, and the dual delay setting looks very functional; but when I hear people say that it can replace their reverb or all their delays, I think they may not be thinking entirely through live applications. Features are great, but you can’t use all of them simultaneously. Makes me think about keeping my DD20/DD20/DD7 tandem, which is what is currently doing the work of one Timeline. Except that I can run any effects on any of those pedals, together at once.
  • Was I the only one not a huge fan of the demo’s? Sounded a little thin and un-amp-like to me. Turns out, they were recorded direct. I guess that makes sense to hear the cleanest delayed signal possible, but it didn’t help someone like me as I’m already looking for the most warmth possible. However…and this must be said…spectacular playing on the main demo.
  • The hype surrounding this is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The hype doesn’t bug me so much…but the sense of entitlement from certain fans? Whoa. It’s already kept me out of the conversations for the most part. I think some folks are literally looking for a mind-meld feature where they can just think the bank and patch number, and it will automatically come up.
  • The relatively low power requirement for a pedal with that many features worries me a bit. I hope they didn’t skimp on processing power in an effort to make it more easily powered by bricks.
  • But if it sounds even anywhere near the other 6 Strymon/DC pedals I’ve owned (Brig, Blue Sky, OB1, DC Timeline, Liquid Blues, Nexus), it’s going to be amazing.

So bottom line? I think that no matter what, Strymon has created a fantastic pedal that will sell a lot, and make a great number of people happy, creative, and musically satisfied. Will I be buying one? I have to honestly say that I’m still up in the air. I know, that’s weird; I did those original Timeline videos a couple years ago and it sounds funny to me to even think about not having the ‘BPM Timeline’ that I’ve been dreaming about for so long, not on my board. But, times have changed, I’ve started to have a very improbable romance with those DD20′s, and I’m getting more tone out of my hands and mind and the way they react to my amp than I used to. The ‘holy grail pedal search’ has lessened in recent years.

What it will probably come down to is if the features of the new Timeline become a necessity for me. Right now, my ‘Boss Ultimate Delay’ as I call it, has 10 presets, a 40 second looper, and can run 3 different sounds/settings at one time. I really like that feature set. However, the DD20′s are a little bit noisy. For a lot of my recent recording work, I’ve been turning off their channel and recording with the Brigadier, Timeline 1, and DD7 for all my delay needs. But live, I love my Boss Ultimate Delay. hehe Decisions, decisions, and trying desperately to turn off my brain’s default of just getting and keeping all of them. As in, all the delays on universe.

Or then again, maybe this questioning of getting the new Timeline is just pre-sour-grapes because I probably won’t be fast enough to get one on the first run. ;) Either way, Strymon is currently rocking and deserves unequivocally every praise they get.

2. Friday’s U2 Concert

So, U2 were on American Idol, this last album was somewhat disappointing, and it’s become extremely unhip to enjoy them. And as Friday approaches, I literally could not care less about any of that. Their music, for some reason or another, touches me in a way I’ve never felt before. And I can’t wait for Friday, when I will touch Edge in a way he’s never felt before. As in, a group hug with him, me, and his amps. Maybe even the Lovetone pedals and the Dallas Arbiter. I literally feel giddy and as if I need to take Wednesday and Thursday off just to sit and mentally prepare. Are these feelings healthy? Probably not. Are they awesome? Yes.

And thus far, on this leg of the tour, they’ve been playing Miss Sarajevo from their lesser-known Passengers album. This absolutely kills me:

I’m ready, guys. We were 1201 and 1202 in line last year. Hoping to bump that up by about a thousand this year. And don’t worry, Edge. If you run out of Herdim picks, I’ll be stocked up. All you have to do is ask. I will trade them for one Rickenbacker, or one group hug including said Rickenbacher.

For those of you interested in the U2 concert, or what is probably more likely, laughing at me making a fool of myself at the U2 concert, I will be tweeting updates this time. You can follow me at guitar4worship by clicking here, or by clicking the Twitter icon at the top right of the page. It will be splendid.

3. Prairiewood

It shipped today. And there was much rejoicing.

It is scheduled to arrive on June 17th. The day of the U2 show. Coincidence? I think not. June 17th may end up being pretty much the best day in history.

I’ll give a full update when it comes in, but here’s a picture Rob sent me. Check out the new, slightly smaller neck, the less gaudy maple dot inlays on one of his last pieces of Brazilian Rosewood, and the new more rustic green finish. June 17th, June 17th, June 17th. I think that even if Edge were to break a string, I wouldn’t let him play this guitar. Well, maybe. ;)

4. Dennis Hopper

This has nothing to do with anything, but I saw this at Guitar Center today:

Gotta love it. Except that you don’t. But hey, who doesn’t love Dennis Hopper? ‘Look at me…wrong!’ Name that stupendous movie.

Timeline. U2. Prairiewood. Ah, I feel so much better now. :)