So, all the U2 video uploading and editing is taking time, plus editing new songs to promote a Red Cross relief efforts compilation…so no new post for now. But I didn’t want it to start to push a week without new posts.

So Tone Tip #634? Get an old car made in Japan. (Yep, Guitar for Worship, doing it’s part to support the economy. ;) Maybe if America started, I don’t know, actually making good things, I would. And by good things, I mean make cars that aren’t something that rhymes with Podge Meon that literally have an 80,000 mile life expectancy.) This was after church, and I needed to stop somewhere that wasn’t exactly the best part of town. So this is my entire rig inside my half cab. See? You can fit your rig in the back of the truck, or in the front. So versatile. And yes, the 65 cab is driving.

And not many people know this, but the Blues Junior amp can also double as a stop-weight, keeping your pedalboard from sliding down your seat and crashing into the floor of the car. :)

Somewhere within there are two combo amps, a head, a cab, a rack, a guitar, and that tastefully-sized pedalboard.

My ’95 Toyota? 260,000 miles and counting. Original everything. Well, not oil. ;) But almost all of the core stuff is original.

So what does this have to do with tone? Well it’s very simple. Get yourself an older, reliable car (that means, from Japan), and then spend the money you would be paying on a car payment, on more gear. Pretty much, you’re not a real tone junkie if you drive anything post-2000. ;)

I once knew a guy who sold his car to buy a drumset, and then had to bum rides off his bandmates to practice, loading his drumset into their cars. haha That’s the kind of tone junkie stuff I’m talking about!