Tone Tip #634

So, all the U2 video uploading and editing is taking time, plus editing new songs to promote a Red Cross relief efforts compilation…so no new post for now. But I didn’t want it to start to push a week without new posts.

So Tone Tip #634? Get an old car made in Japan. (Yep, Guitar for Worship, doing it’s part to support the economy. 😉 Maybe if America started, I don’t know, actually making good things, I would. And by good things, I mean make cars that aren’t something that rhymes with Podge Meon that literally have an 80,000 mile life expectancy.) This was after church, and I needed to stop somewhere that wasn’t exactly the best part of town. So this is my entire rig inside my half cab. See? You can fit your rig in the back of the truck, or in the front. So versatile. And yes, the 65 cab is driving.

And not many people know this, but the Blues Junior amp can also double as a stop-weight, keeping your pedalboard from sliding down your seat and crashing into the floor of the car. 🙂

Somewhere within there are two combo amps, a head, a cab, a rack, a guitar, and that tastefully-sized pedalboard.

My ’95 Toyota? 260,000 miles and counting. Original everything. Well, not oil. 😉 But almost all of the core stuff is original.

So what does this have to do with tone? Well it’s very simple. Get yourself an older, reliable car (that means, from Japan), and then spend the money you would be paying on a car payment, on more gear. Pretty much, you’re not a real tone junkie if you drive anything post-2000. 😉

I once knew a guy who sold his car to buy a drumset, and then had to bum rides off his bandmates to practice, loading his drumset into their cars. haha That’s the kind of tone junkie stuff I’m talking about!


31 thoughts on “Tone Tip #634

    • Funny stuff. It totally looks like the gear is driving!

      Karl – I agree on the cheap/reliable transportation. One of the funniest things I ever saw was a guy trying to stuff the new boutique combo amp he had just bought into his Porsche. It wasn’t working. 🙂

  1. Why didnt Karl let the blues Jr. Drive?

    Because he didnt like its tone!

    *slaps knee and lets out hardy chuckle*

    Sorry about that lol

  2. I love this post so much. I’m a big fan of old Toyotas and Hondas, and American cars suck. Congratulations on getting so close to U2! I was up in the seats, behind the stage 🙁

    Anyway, God Bless You Karl. Have a great day man.

  3. Kevin–haha Yep! One of the bonuses of boutique gear. 😉

    Dan–lol That’s great. By the way, I finally made it to Wild West Guitars yesterday. Whoa. I would need to be able to afford a Porsche to afford almost any of their gear. haha

    Rhoy–hehe Good point! I wasn’t in too long, though. Shoulda used a blanket though, huh!

    Shawn–haha Awesomely random!

    Andrew–thanks, you too, bro! And stoked you got to see them. Next time, definitely sit in the line…fun experience, and it’s pretty cool to be so close. Next time they come around, I’m gonna try to go both days and get close for one, and get a seat for another. 🙂

    Josh–ok, no car payment…that still counts, then!! 😀

  4. I have two Japanese cars from the 2000s so I guess that counts. My wife drives the big new Toyota 4WD and I drive a 2004 mid sized Mazda 4WD – we don’t really need two 4WDs but I’ll confess the only reason I haven’t traded my car for a smaller one is that it’s the perfect size to fit my board and guitars in the back. Funny when you guitar gear dictates your choice of vehicle.

    Andrew/Karl – that’s what I did – went two nights in a row – one in the circle (and we didn’t have to line up either, just arrived at the time the gates opened!) and one up in the stands. Both very different experiences and both awesome but I must say the seated experience was a bit of an anti-climax after getting up close to Edge.

  5. haha Okay, that counts car-wise. 🙂

    And man…inner circle without waiting! Both times I’ve seen them we’ve had to wait 12 and 13 hours for that. But that’s Southern California for ya. I heard that in Oakland and a lot of the other places, you only had to wait a few hours. We love our superstars in LA! haha

  6. I saw them in Oakland and I only waited a few hours to get close (almost close enough to touch….). However, that was back in ’92. It was a simpler time 😉

    Karl, did you look for yourself in that super high-res, 360 degree photo thing-a-ma-bobber? I saw the one for the first Anaheim show and tried to spot you somewhere in front of Edge’s “area” but, no dice.

  7. No theif would break into that truck. They would be afraid of breaking their backs trying to get anything of it out! Maybe you should get flight cases with wheels for all your stuff and hire a roadie to move it while you’re at it!
    P.S. calling your wife a roadie while she’s helping you carry all your gear in is not a good idea. Just sayin’…Not that I know from experience or anything.

  8. KennyG–ya, I wish I was into them back then! Or, old enough to know who they were. 😉 I think I was born 1 or 2 decades too late.

    And ya, I’m in that 360 camera view thing! I’ll post a picture in my next post. It’s hard to find me because man, there’s a lot of people in that inner circle! You don’t even realize when you’re there. Also, we’re not quite directly in front of Edge…some things went wrong…but that’ll be fun in the next post, too!

    Gilks–I don’t think so, I think that was gone by this time…I think that’s the Barge Concepts parallel blender. Which, incidentally is now gone also. haha

    Mark–lol When we were dating, at a couple venues I had to say she was my roadie so they’d let her in at 20. haha One of those things where the venue would be sticklers about it, and I’d look around at the surrounding area and be like, ‘Yep. No way she’s sitting in the car out here at night.’ So I’d hand her a guitar real quick and say she was my tech. hehe

  9. Mmm toyota tone.

    You may like this, just to reassure you that your indestructable car is very indestructable:

    I think the Nissan Micra is the perfect car for housing a smaller rig 🙂 it’s like a little tank and is cute like another guitar pedal… A friend of mine drives a 1980’s Volvo estate which if I remember rightly has never had a problem with it. I guess that would be the European equivalent for keeping good tone safe whilst saving money to spend on more good tone.

    • Oh let me just clarify, not the new Nissan Micra’s because they are very ugly and not cute like a guitar pedal. They would probably put a dent in your tone or something bad.

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