Not That Interesting In the End

I’m always trying to get across the idea of minimalist guitar and instrument playing, anti-solos, fitting the music as a whole, and all the stuff that goes with it. But here’s a video of Edge from U2 (yes, again, I know) explaining way better than I ever could what it means to be a supportive guitarist. I know my love for this guy runs way too deep, but there just aren’t a whole lot of people who play the guitar as minimilistically as he does, get such great results, and can explain what he does so concisely. Ya, obviously I am not concise. hehe

This video has been going around Gearpage, so you might have seen it before. But it’s still really awesome. If you don’t want to hear about his Gibson Explorer, skip to about 4:15 on the clip…that’s where he starts talking about supportive guitar playing. And he does say a curse word at the beginning of the clip, in case that may offend you…sorry, we get people from all different parts and ages here, and I want to be fair to everyone. Just know that not every country considers the same words ‘bad’ that America does. Anyway, with the disclaimer out of the way, this is one of my favorite clips of all time.


Mmmm…..Edge guitar.


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  1. edge’s playing really fits the worship setting that’s why i know a lot of Christian guitarists who like his style. i like his style but it gets boring after a-while. no offense, karl. it’s just me, i like variety in the things that i listen to. please don’t ban me here 🙁

  2. Mike–I think so, too. A couple of my rules of thumb are “Make the music stand out, not your guitar” and “If you’re worried that you’re playing too much, you probably are.” hehe Ya, from what I’ve read on your blog, we’re thinking the same way.

    Rhoy–ha! No worries. If U2 grabbed everyone the way they grab me, then every band would sound like them, and we’d all get bored real fast. I love it when people have differing tastes and styles, because it gives me the opportunity to learn. Who are your favorite guitarists?

  3. Heh, the edge will always rock.
    The biggest compliments on my playing have been the times I had to miss church for the weekend and was told the songs seemed sooo empty without me there. “its not like you solo or anything, but it misses stuff without you”
    Supporting guitar playing!!!

  4. hey karl, one of my many favorite guitarists is Steve Lukather (Toto). his rhythm playing is very good. and when he comes to the solo part, you can be sure to hear it. i also like George Harrison, Joe Walsh/Don Felder, Brian May, maybe Slash (solid rhythm) and Dean DeLeo (STP)

    for Christian artists, i like Lincoln Brewster (the vintage 2002-older) and Nigel Hendroff.

  5. Right on, bro; that’s a great list. Brian May had killer tone, and George Harrison was like the unsung hero supporting act of the Beatles. Some of his arrangements just totally made their songs. And of course Nigel is great…although he does take a good deal of stuff from The Edge. 😉 hehe Couldn’t resist!!

    I’ll have to re-listen to Steve Lukather…I haven’t heard him for years. I used to have a cd of him doing a live concert with Larry Carlton, and I remember really enjoying it.

    Great discussion!

  6. haha!ok, Nigel have glimpses of i love his work on the “Blessed” record. If you haven’t heard their “Celebrating Christmas” album, give that a go as well.

    btw, recently there are 2 albums that i always listen to when i want to hear some great christian music. Noise Inside (Adam Watts) & Salvation In Lights (Mike Farris). try listening to them when you get the chance 🙂

  7. Ya, Adam Watts has some great stuff. I believe the guys who recorded the instruments on that album are the Rodriguez brothers, who are insanely talented, and actually live in my area. Every once in a while I get a chance to play with them at a random church service somewhere, and they always school me……but in a nice way. 🙂

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