A Little Break from the Timeline Madness

I’ve never seen hype like this surrounding a pedal. And yes, I’m keeping mine. I mean…I didn’t buy into the hype…? (I’m Ron Burgundy?) Anyway, it sounds gorgeous.

But it’s times like these that we need to remember that there are other things in life. Things like Mick Jagger. And David Bowie. And the fact that at one time on planet earth they apparently sang ‘Dancing in the Street’ together. And it was the best thing you’ve ever seen.

And no, they do not kiss. Horrifyingly close. But they do not. And there is a commercial before this video. (Ah, Vevo.) But I promise you, the video is worth it.

You can definitely thank my wife for somehow finding this amazing little piece of music history. :)

Things to take note of:

  • The ’80’s were a pretty rough time on clothing. Poor Mick looks like he’s 10. Bowie looks like…well, I don’t think that was the fault of the ’80’s.
  • At about 1:25, Jagger bends down in the street and grabs a soda. We can only hope this was put there by the crew, for him.
  • At 1:54, how does David Bowie get to where he does? He seriously must’ve crawled.
  • At 2:34, if Mick Jagger’s dance does not make you happy, you have no soul.

To be fair, I really like Mick Jagger, and the Stones. They’ve made some amazing and groundbreaking music. And David Bowie, well…um…well, if we didn’t have David Bowie, how would Bret and Jemaine ever have been able to make this video?

See? So many more things in life beside the Timeline.

Also, as mind-bottling as it is that that Dancing in the Streets video ever got made, I have to admit that there is a part of me that secretly wishes I were famous enough to put on a snakeskin jumpsuit with a trench coat and dance in the streets and have everyone still love me.


P.S. What is David Bowie doing now?

Well, remember The Prestige?

That’s right. Gollum, Wolverine, and David Bowie in the same movie. Fantastic.

Break over. Timeline time.

13 thoughts on “A Little Break from the Timeline Madness

  1. awesome sauce. to be honest, I’ve been clicking back to your blog a few times a day to try to catch your next timeline vids, but this was perfect.

  2. Dude. That movie was awesome. I thought at any moment Bowie was going to Rick Roll me.

    Also, I love 80’s dance moves. So much tiptoe, fast stepping action. Love it.

  3. Old is taking your kids to see Rio and hearing Jemaine as the voice of one of the birds. :)
    The last two weeks have been Timeline and Google+ hype. Google+ is the Eventide Space of social networking sites. Explain to me again why I need it?

  4. Dan–haha Cheers back atcha!

    Naal–I miss the ’80’s. 😉

    Rhoy–lol Me too! I remember Uncle Jessie wearing what Jagger was wearing, and it was cool!

    Dan–hahaha He was also all of the lemming things in Despicable Me…what is he doing? And I have no idea what Google+ is. I type things into my google search bar and google finds them. Unless Google+ can do dotted 8th’s, I think I’m good for now. 😉

    Phillip–lol AH, that show just gets me! Amazing.

    RyanJ–hahaha Good form!! Wasn’t sure anyone would get that reference. Seriously underrated movie. :)

    Cam–it’s a Will Ferrell quote from Blades of Glory. I liked it so much that I use it every once in a while. hehe 😉

    • ahh… i remember that quote now. I thought it was just a case of the timeline induced sleep deprivation playing havoc on your grasp of (American) English…

  5. The 80’s… Half shirts, mullets, ripped clothing, neon colors, acid washed jeans, parachute pants, big hair, Don Johnson as the pinnacle of coolness, and in 1987 a little album called The Joshua Tree.

  6. “You’re familiar with the phrase ‘Man’s reach exceeds his grasp’? It’s a lie. Man’s grasp exceeds his nerve.”

    I love that film.

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