Because it’s true. Free things are just better.

So I just finished an EP, and it’s free. It’s also the reason I’ve been gone from the blog a lot lately, and have posted very few gear demo’s. Because I’m actually playing the gear I have right now. Imagine that. To be honest, it almost frightens me. ;) But I had a couple songs on the Hope for Japan and Hope for Joplin benefit compilations (please feel free to still show these great guys your support), and a couple others that were kind of in my heart, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone for supporting the first album. Especially those of you on this blog. The folks that like my Facebook Music page, I assume kind of dig ambient music, or like my daily Twitter posts about how cool the Timeline is. haha But I know from some of your comments, that some of you don’t care very much for ambient music, and you still bought the album. Maybe you thought, ‘If I give him money, maybe he’ll buy a new pedal to demo and say something stupid in the video again.’ Which is cool, too. hehe But either way, thanks. It means a lot.

So the EP is free, and it’s here:

And here’s a live-looped song off of it. This was looped with the Strymon Timeline, but using the feature of looping post-delay. So the Timeline was also giving a nice washy tape delayed sound. And this is the first full ambient song video recorded since the return of the Prairiewood:

For the guitar geeks out there (unite!), the main sound is from the Damage Control Timeline on a full mix reverse delay. Blue Sky is on to wash it out, as is the Arion SAD-1. At certain points, you also hear the Brig for some single note swells, and the Arion SPH-1 & Hartman Germanium Fuzz for the swooshy stuff. And then, as mentioned above the new Timeline simultaneously for tape delay and looping. You can also see me making decisions as to what I think the song is calling for on the fly. It’s funny to watch. hehe

Once again, thanks guys and gals. I’ll try to get some gear demo’s and useful posts going soon here, too. Seriously sorry about that. I’m just having a lot of fun picking up the guitar and playing it right now, which is…odd? ;) haha