Killing the Blog

My last two posts committed two of the cardinal blogging sins: promote your own music, and alienate your target audience. 😉 So I figured…hey…why not go for the blog-killing-trifecta? So this post is going to be the third installment: a post having nothing to do with anything the blog is about. And while we’re at it, why not throw in a good dose of politics, advertising, and personal details?

  • Was watching a Radiohead video on youtube, and I see in the corner an ad for a ‘featured video’ titled ‘Did Justin Bieber and Selena somebody kiss?!’ It had 48 million views. Sometimes I don’t understand…life.
  • Remember Pauly Shore? Ya, me neither.
  • So this blog takes a ton of my time, gets a decent amount of hits, and makes no money. Who wants to advertise? I’ll throw in a free…ya, no I won’t.
  • Just had some cereal. Yep, gonna tweet that too.
  • The US government just made a deal with Monsanto, the napalm-turned-food company that genetically modifies everything and then forces those who don’t, out of business by lawsuits. (Uh…allegedly. Yay for the things Gear Page has taught us!)
  • Patrick Warburton is just plain the coolest.
  • Canada looks pretty appealing at times. Plus, they have slurpies made from venison. (And if you get that reference, it means you grew up as a teenager in the ’90’s in a Christian home. 😉 )
  • When did cartoon special effects become the accepted norm for big budget movies? Even James Franco looks fake. Oh but I forgot about the drama. He loves the monkey…but should he kill it? Does the monkey love him enough to look past the rest of the humans who only want him for experimentation? Those are the types of questions I just don’t care about.
  • A child woke me up this morning by riding by our window on a skateboard. I wish I had a lawn to yell at him to get off of. And…wait for it…I am now officially an old person.
  • I don’t eat cows or anything that is secreted out of them, but man, leather is cool.
  • Just managed to alienate vegans and the rest of the world in one fell swoop.
  • I don’t exactly know what ‘fell swoop’ means. It’s one of those phrases I’ve heard, but never really understood. Like, ‘I could care less.’ But, if you could care less, doesn’t that mean you do care? Shouldn’t it be ‘I couldn’t care less?’ Or is it, and I just say it wrong? hehe
  • ‘It’s like a cow’s opinion. It’s ‘moo’.’
  • I miss Bob Ross.
  • I never understood ‘Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?’ I was always excited to look for her, but then always found her right away in the logo. I was a very literal child.
  • If the musician thing doesn’t work out, I’ve decided to play for Netherlands in the next World Cup (sorry US), and then use the resulting fame to run for president of the US (or Netherlands…either one) when I turn 35. It’s a foolproof plan.
  • I think I could do some good for this country, except that the president doesn’t really have that much real power. Which I think is good. I guess I could always pardon a bunch of folks.
  • The Handbrake icon makes me happy.
  • I was in Walgreens the other day, and started to look through the $3.99 movies for what I thought was Blade Runner. ‘Heat’ and ‘Blade Runner’ are like my ‘Catcher in the Rye’ from ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ Every time I see one, I have to buy it in order to feel normal. Turns out it was ‘Blades of Glory.’ Still cool, just not as much. I said so out loud, and a middle-aged gentleman looked at me with disdain and said, and I quote: “Blade Runner?! You weren’t even born when that movie came out!” I told him that I sincerely apologized for not being alive when that incredible movie was released, and for the fact that my generation has taught him that we only like movies that have ‘Fast’ and/or ‘Furious’ in the titles. Then I thanked him for not letting my receding hairline make him think I was 40. All in all, it was a good conversation.
  • That’s how it happened in my head. I think in reality I just gave an obviously uncomfortable chuckle and retreated back to my wife.
  • Found an RCA audio rackmount distributor in my closet. Just sold it at a garage sale, but not before wondering if putting it into my rack and powering it up so the lights turned on would make my tone look cooler.

And there you have it. Now I just need to not post for three weeks, and the blog will be officially dead. 😉


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  1. Wow, FIF, making fun of rise of the planet of the apes (Why can’t we just shoot them? They have sticks… we have guns… guns win… Stupid James Franco), Handbrake (great app! no one seems to know about it…), and feeling old all in one post. This is either the post to end all posts or you just jumped the shark. 😉

  2. Naal–lol Such a great song! And I allegedly agree with you about Monsanto. 😉 hehe

    Josh–Yes! I can never understand why we don’t just shoot them. And:

  3. The Netherlands will always have a better soccer team than the US. It’s just a fact of life that we all need to come to grips with.

  4. Hmm, beginning to think twice about starting up that new blog on Tumblr. On the other hand, no comments after 3 days so maybe I’m safe from spending a lot of time responding to my “fans.” 🙂

    You have to jump through some hoops to allow comments on Tumblr, but it is quick and easy for relatively short posts. I think my next post will be something along the lines of “why I am, in general, religiously conservative and, in general, not politically conservative.” Oh, and yeah Canada is sounding better all the time.

  5. Since this blog post is not really about anything, my comment will be equally ‘off-topic’ (LOL!). 🙂

    One of worship leaders and I finally released our ‘Brand New Day’ project. All the sales proceeds are going to the work with which our congregation is ‘hands-on’ engaged in Haiti. For more information, visit our website at

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Karl, are you taking sci fi? Blade Runner is one of the best. The author of the original book, Philip K. Dick, is a fantastic writer. Minority Report, Total Recall are his stuff. Unfortunately, as for a lot of creative people, he had troubles and didn;t last long. I just turned my son onto Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. Maybe that stuff is old school, but then so am I.

    • Sometimes Daniel Carson is running a dotted eighth into a reverse delay. It may be the sound you are hearing.

      (Just a thought as I haven’t listened to the song yet.)

    • personally, no delay … i’ll rock it with an open (non-compressed) mid-gain pedal. hopefully i can still post here after saying no delay *hide*

      • Am I hearing the right version? Never heard the song, but every version I see is just acoustics, even live. ???

        Not hearing any delay on the acoustics, either…although there are a few of them. You could probably cover the same ground with one guitar with a straight quarter note delay low in the mix and spread with a decent amount of repeats and some modulation.

  7. Josh–haha I’m gonna go watch that now!

    Zach & Josh–soccer’s that game you get made fun of over in America, and that they kill each other over everywhere else in the world. 😉

    Tim–lol Touche!! Nice.

    Randy & Naal–no idea about tumblr…coolest name, though.

    Rob–ah! Good call! That was actually one of the reasons I wrote this post, and totally forgot. Edge is frowning upon me…I can feel it.

    Ben G–haha Such a great show!

    Mike Oliver–cool! Good cause…props to him.


    Bret–oh man, excited to know you’re into that stuff! I’ve always liked sci-fi, but moreso the dystopian stuff. Serious sci-fi, I guess. Blade Runner’s just fantastic, Minority Report was great, and I’ve yet to see Total Recall. Didn’t Dick write A Boy and His Dog, too? I know the film version is on Netflix right now but I haven’t checked it out yet.

    As for Asimov, The Last Question still haunts me…even moreso now with the internet and all that. I find it unbelievable that he wrote that in 1956. I’ve never read the Foundation Trilogy! Stoked to start!! 🙂

    Seth–oh man, I love that guy so much!!

    Naal–yep everyone, the blog is dead. Go to Naal’s. 😉

    Craig–lol Ya, I’m kind of getting the feeling that if I were to delete this wordpress account, it would mysteriously come back as something else. haha


    Matt–haha I know, right? These comments are the best!! I owe it all to your advice. 😉

    Caleb–hehe The first part actually happened. My response…I just wish happened. 😉

    Randy–I’ll listen and see if I can help. 🙂

    Matt–haha Wait, seriously…am I the only one that thinks he’s heard people say, ‘I could care less’?! haha

  8. Naal–as long as other folks have heard it! Means I’m not crazy. Or maybe…there’s a deeper meaning to the ‘wrong’ way, and it’s some type of entrance to a secret society or something. Jumping the shark here, again… 😉

    Rhoy–hahaha Does it have venison slurpies?! 😀

  9. The phrase is “I couldn’t care less”. Every English-speaking country in the world knows this, except America. Literally, 99% of Americans have just been getting it wrong for a long, long time. Which doesn’t reflect very well on this country, since saying “I could care less” doesn’t make any sense at all. Sorry – you stumbled upon one of my all-time frustrations with America!

    Karl – Cusack Pedal Board Tamer. Seriously.

    Also – in times of self-examination, I always like a little bit of “Caged Wisdom”.

    • One of my frustrations with the British ( although I suspect this tendency has crossed the Atlantic ) is dropping articles. For example it’s correct to say “I’m going to the University this Fall.” Saying “I’m going University this Fall” is not. It’s one thing for folks who are not native-English speakers to drop articles/prepositions etc, but it’s annoying for others to do that. Ok, end of rant. 🙂

  10. lol Yes!! ‘Hanukkah can be spelled so many ways!’

    haha Ok, thank you!! That makes a lot of sense, and glad I’m not crazy!

    And there was something in the Tamer that made me stop considering it…can’t remember what, or if it’s even relevant now. Do you have it? Is it awesome? 🙂

  11. I thought I had seen a more “electric” version of All my Fountains. In any case, what I’m trying to do is compensate for only having 1 1/2 guitars instead of Tomlin’s full band. The “1/2” guitar is our Youth Pastor’s wife, bless her heart, who plays rather softly and simply on acoustic guitar as she smiles at what she calls my “wall of sound.” 🙂 So since I can’t be Tomlin and Daniel Carson at the same time, I thought some delay ( dotted-eighth ? ) would help fill out the song if we decide to use it.
    By the way, the song is taken from Psalm 87:7 “As they make music they will sing,  All my fountains are in you.”

  12. As to Tumblr: our Senior Pastor started a blog there so I decided to try it. My WordPress blog has been neglected. So far I see that its really intended for shorter posts and for integration with social media. Perhaps WordPress already does all this but you can have you blog posts automatically post to your Facebook page. You can also get a special email address so anything sent to that will post to your blog ( also available for text-to-blog ). One other thing is a shortcut you drag to your browser bookmark bar — any page drug to that posts to your Tumblr blog.

  13. Dan–lol Best comment ever!

    That webpage just about killed me. Someone’s passionate about the ‘couldn’t care less’ thing! haha

    Randy–gotcha! The dotted 8th’s will definitely fill it up more, but they will also take away from that folk feel that that song has, at least in the versions I saw. Personally, I’d use spread quarters, reverb, re-arrange the song’s feel so that it fits with dotted 8th’s, or just use an acoustic and go with the path of least resistance and do it folky. 🙂 Just what I’d do if it were me. 😀

    On Tumblr, all that stuff is available with WordPress, but probably not as integrated. 🙂

  14. Huh… seems i always got the “one fell swoop” thing wrong all these years!! I always thought it was “one foul swoop”!!

    So your not alone on misheard sayings Karl!

    Also… Monsanto isn’t that bad, just another big company making money. People have been so used to stealing intellectual property in the seed business that when somebody enforced their patent claim they got all uppity! Farmers don’t have to buy their seeds!

    • The problem is when the seeds cross pollinate into farmers’ crops who didn’t buy their seeds and Monsanto comes checking up on the farms with their legal team and find the cross pollination with their patented gene, Monsanto then claims ownership of said crop. It’s a lot more than just enforcing patents. It’s theft, blackmail, bullying, and corporate espionage. Allegedly.

      • This is a good place to start if you’re interested in learning about it. Anyone. It’s what turned me veg for a year. Well. Partially. But it’s super educating, beyond just that.

        • Ah… dont believe everything you see on the internet Naal. I am a Plant Breeder by trade and have seen all the arguments. The big cases that get alot of publicity (eg:Schmeiser) are blown out of proportion – and in the Schmeiser case it was proven that he indeed broke the contract he signed with Monsanto… cross pollination does not have the capacity to contaminate to the level people make out.

          And for the record, I am a plant breeder in a small Australian company… not Monsanto. We need some big companies to spend the big dollars needed to make the big research. Im not fanaticaly pro-monsanto, just dont buy into the crazy Greenpeace anti-science anti-Gm stuff.

          • I think it’s fair to say that there may be a balance somewhere between the glowing portrait Monsanto paints of itself, and the diabolical portrait the greeners like me like to believe. haha I don’t like to believe everything I read on the internet, but that includes what Monsanto says about itself. There seem to be some documented instances where Monsanto appears to have thrown their weight around a bit in order to secure their best interests; but at the same time I’ve also seen documentaries that seem to care more about pulling our heart strings than about giving the facts about Monsanto.

            I give high value to your opinion, seeing as you have worked personally with their representatives, if I’m reading your comment correctly.

            I also do the best I can to stay away from GMO’s, but that’s a personal choice. We’ve talked a bit before about that; I know you disagree, and I definitely respect your opinion, seeing as its also your job. 🙂 I’ve actually been meaning to email you and ask you questions about it, if that’s cool.

          • That’s cool! I agree, Monsanto can be a bit feral sometimes but that’s mainly due to the fact it s a big company and a lot of big companies act a bit unloving sometimes. But there are those who want a romantic view of agriculture and the truth is it is like any other industry, full of big and small companies. Greenpeace is currently the most unlawful in the sector at the moment 🙂

            Its fine to be careful of GMO, but IMO there are better things to be worries about… including organic bean sprouts that just killed ~40 people in Germany! My favorite story is when i was having a big GMO debate with a hippy style person when they challenged me “would you feed these “unknown” risks and chemicals to your kids” – when i replied yes she informed me she had to go outside for a smoke!!!

            The blog really has gone diverse today hasn’t it!

          • That is awesome. I think there is a balance. I try to eat organic things when I can but I have read some great stories on how GMO is providing food for 3rd world countries and other stuff like that.

            I’m glad that you believe it and can back it up in your daily life. That is the most important thing when debating with someone. You have to be able to walk where you talk.

          • Totally agree there’s a middle ground. And I’m with Karl, I take everything with a grain of salt (another curious colloquialism for you guys to discuss). I don’t like the big food industry in the West. Really at all. Especially when you start talking about the meat industry. And while I respect the fact that you work in the seed industry, Cam, I feel like there’s too much talk for things to just be “OK.” Maybe I have a romanticized view of agriculture. But maybe there are better ways to do things, too. Not saying I have any answers. Just a lot of questions and concerns. 🙂

  15. Thanks Karl. My wife just got home and pointed me to this one by Jeremy Camp The Way

    Well first reaction was why didn’t it start with thundering overdriven guitars, but that’s just husband/wife stuff. Then towards the end he starts singing “na na na na na na” — hmmm. Maybe a special song if I can cut the na nas.

    • i actually like that song even with the “na na na na, Jesus” … but my favorites from that album are “We Cry Out” and “Overcome” (originally by Desperation Band)

    • I’m the same way. I find his voice and style (or lack there of… what the heck genre is he?!) a little annoying. He has a few good songs though.

      I officially started not liking him when I was painting my new house with my father-in-law and we listened to 3 of his CDs all in a row. To much of a good thing can be bad. To much of something you wouldn’t quite call good is even worse… 🙂

      • LOL … “different strokes for different folks”, my friend. Like I tell my son, it’s not polite to say “yuck” in front of people eating the same food that you didn’t like 😉

  16. rhoy:

    lol @ pretty much everything you’ve written!
    yay for Canada … come visit us here. there’s a 7-11 a few minutes away from me

    the venison slurpees are overrated.

  17. I still like cheese. Doesn’t anyone want to talk about cheese?

    Does anyone remember when a large slurpee was 20oz? And it was called a Surprise Slurpee because it had a false bottom with a little prize in it?

    And, sorry to be off topic, But hey Karl! I just ordered a set of pickups from Wolfetone for my Heritage Les Paul.

    (Sorry for talking about guitar on the guitar blog’s blog about not being about guitar…)

  18. Hey Karl (and any other people who might b interested. I went into my sister’s local vocal studio, and they have a guitar donated to them by U2. It has bono, the drummer, the bass player, and the edge signatures on it.

    If you r interested, they r looking to sell it to make some money for the studio. If anyone is interested, just contact me. I can get you the info before it goes on eBay.

    Contact me here…or my website:

  19. What in the world! There’s like, 5 or 6 different conversations going on here, some of them controversial, and everyone is treating each other’s opinions with respect and humility?! Don’t you guys know this is the internet?! 😉

    In all seriousness, thanks for making the community here a complete rarity on the web. 😀

  20. I was talking to this pro guy about forums and he said that he liked P&WF. He agreed that it was weird that some of the meanest people on TGP were Christian. I told him to check out GFW and I think I sold it as ‘it skews younger, more delay, more U2, more Arrested Development tv show references. ‘ 🙂

  21. It’s better here because we are Christians which means that we are automatically better than other forums. Anything that is christian is better, like those little fish stickers we all put on our cars and guitar cases. makes us better. Holier, really. I put a sticker of a cross on my guitar and my tone got better. Actually – my tone got holier. I should start my own blog. My tone is holier than thou’s.

    (watching for lightning bolts…)

  22. Just to summarize… in 76 comments so far this thread has covered:

    Planet of the apes
    shark jumping
    venison slur-pees
    Edges Birthday
    Chris Tomlin
    the English language
    Jeremy camp

    the eclecticism is mind bottling 🙂

    • Dude. Don’t kid yourself. That’s a great song. I mean, the music might sound different… But the message is the same.


      My bros in the Insiderz have been covering that on tour since they got back together. It’s great.

  23. I found a pedal you’ve gotta try! Throne Room Pedals Coming Messiah overdrive. It’s a great transparent drive and I think you would like it, plus it’s cheaper than other nice transparent pedals. I think it’s 179 new.

  24. Oh, so many things I want to comment on but can’t. Suffice to say, I think we’re definitely covering cheese.

    I’m gonna go ahead and give some of these the benefit of the doubt that they’re really…really…really straight-faced satires. 😉

    Also, Dan…if that ‘pro guy’ is Edge, then I love you forever.

  25. I have it on the strictest authority that the Edge’s favourite cheese is Red leicester. The internet says so, so it must be true…
    Does anyone else know how he feels about shark jumping or venison slurpees?

  26. Naal:

    The problem is when the seeds cross pollinate into farmers’ crops who didn’t buy their seeds and Monsanto comes checking up on the farms with their legal team and find the cross pollination with their patented gene, Monsanto then claims ownership of said crop. It’s a lot more than just enforcing patents. It’s theft, blackmail, bullying, and corporate espionage. Allegedly.

    sounds like you’ve watched “Food Inc”

    • I watched it when I was in college, and it started me down a long trail of docs, books, articles, etc… Really fascinating stuff- where our food comes from. 🙂

  27. I think my neighbor’s weed seeds blow over into my garden. Can I sue? Oh, back to Jeremy Camp ( since we’re covering all topics ) — I generally listen to Christian music only to see if I can use it with our worship team. If not I change the channel. So for that song The Way, doesn’t matter if Tiny Tim sung it, I’m just weighing its message and feel for possible use at church.

    But Jeremy’s voice isn’t bad — I think there’s a bit of what I call the “Creed macho” thing going on there.

  28. Metallica’s singer does the “ahhh” stuff at the end of phrases also. ” The Sandman he comes-uhhh” I always want to play that one for my team, billing it just as a drum warmup ( with a surprise ) . heh heh

    One thing I like about Jeremy is his vocal range is close to mine. Of course I transpose nearly every song to a key I like so I suppose that doesn’t matter. I’ve actually heard worship leaders suggest that “you have to do it in the key of the original or it won’t sound good.” Huh?
    You do have to take the average church-goers vocal abilities into consideration — translation: you usually won’t want to use Chris Tomlin’s original keys.
    One other vocal affectation that bugs me is doing this slide up into a high register at the end of each line, usually accompanied with some kind of breathy noise — can’t think of the Chrisitian female artist that does that right now

    • I try not to transpose songs if I can. I think changing a song’s key, especially lowering it, really changes the sound of the song. I also find that at my local church unless the song is really crazy high the key doesn’t matter to anyone but the worship team. I do Chris Tomlin songs in C and B all the time and everyone still sings them, well almost everyone some people will never sing no matter what key or what song it is. The female backup singers hate me for this…

      Sometimes, it seems like the opposite for us. Sometimes the higher it is the more intense the song gets and the more people get into it.

  29. I think a lot of it has to do with whether you’re a tenor or not. Most contemporary male Christian singers seem to be tenors. I’ve heard more than one experienced worship leader say ” don’t raise the keys too high or the men won’t sing.”

    Bottom line for me is that when leading I don’t want to screech or do falsetto, so I set the key where its comfortable for a baritone. I think the ladies like that since they generally opt for harmony parts if possible. I have noticed over the last couple of years that the songs are more complicated than a lot of the older praise chorus’ — they have verse, chorus and bridge more often, with each of those having varying dynamics/volume and vocal range. So if you start too high you won’t be able to sing the bridge.

    • Wow, yes, if you are a baritone you definitely need to lower almost every song. I am most definitely a tenor as well as the other men on the team.

      Me and one of the other male leaders have a running joke/competition with our wives, who are altos, to see who has a higher range.

      • I’m a tenor as well. I can actually sing the girl alto parts (some) strong, and I can sing some soprano stuff in my falsetto.

        I do agree with the above statements though…if it is too high or too low, people most likely will not sing. That is why you need to put it in something comfortable for other people.

        But there are times when you want to do what is best for you/the team.

        I have to sing Phil Wickham stuff in the original keys this week…that is pretty hard! haha. Especially You’re Beautiful!

      • Since we’re all going on reccord… I’m an alto.
        Straight up.
        But I’m working on my range. I can sing 4 octives when I include my falsetto. Not well. But I can do it. 😉 Maybe I’ll make a YouTube video and become famous.

          • Yes and no. I can. But our voices are different timbre’s. So I don’t like singing his songs in his keys, because it doesn’t sound right. I have a real sharp edge to my vocals, and his are nice and smooth like a real singer. Haha. It’s hard to explain.

  30. Since we’re not really talking about anything, would you guys take a sec and watch this video for my bro Marty? He’s trying to win a contest based on video views. You don’t even need to listen to it. Just get a play count. 😉 (p.s. you should listen to it, though…)

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