Some very lovely people deserve some credit…

  • First off, Strings and Beyond. Online company selling strings and guitar accessories, at good prices. And I just got some strings from them, and the shipping was very quick. I may try to buy bulk here…been thinking about doing this for a few years, as it would save me money; and then I always forget to buy strings in bulk online and end up running to a local shop every week and paying too much. All in all, it was one of the more pleasant string-buying experiences……uh, as far as string-buying experiences go, I suppose. ;) But ya, good customer service, quick shipping, nice prices…worth a second look.
  • Strymon. Ya, ya, I know…everybody loves them already. But…there are precious few companies who will take the time to listen to the concerns of the folks buying their pedals, and actually go so far as to fix them. That bpm issue with the Timeline reverting back to quarters? No longer. Fixed with the free Strymon update available here: Strymon Timeline Firmware Update. I played with it live for the first time this weekend with the update, and wow it makes my life easier. This pedal just got more perfecter.

That may have bored you very much. So I give you this:

Oh ya, and this:

He is just my favorite to watch.