Strings and Beyond, Stuff, & Strymon

Some very lovely people deserve some credit…

  • First off, Strings and Beyond. Online company selling strings and guitar accessories, at good prices. And I just got some strings from them, and the shipping was very quick. I may try to buy bulk here…been thinking about doing this for a few years, as it would save me money; and then I always forget to buy strings in bulk online and end up running to a local shop every week and paying too much. All in all, it was one of the more pleasant string-buying experiences……uh, as far as string-buying experiences go, I suppose. 😉 But ya, good customer service, quick shipping, nice prices…worth a second look.
  • Strymon. Ya, ya, I know…everybody loves them already. But…there are precious few companies who will take the time to listen to the concerns of the folks buying their pedals, and actually go so far as to fix them. That bpm issue with the Timeline reverting back to quarters? No longer. Fixed with the free Strymon update available here: Strymon Timeline Firmware Update. I played with it live for the first time this weekend with the update, and wow it makes my life easier. This pedal just got more perfecter.

That may have bored you very much. So I give you this:

Oh ya, and this:

He is just my favorite to watch.


63 thoughts on “Strings and Beyond, Stuff, & Strymon

  1. The first thing I noticed when I went to Strings and Beyond was not their prices, which seem quite reasonable. It was the Rock Lock ( I think it would send an interesting message to the worship team, and congregation, to tether-lock your guitar to the stage after playing. Possibly the only more effective way to send that message would be if the Rock Lock included some type of alarm system that made a loud chirping noise when you set it with the key fob. Maybe this could also be used as a lock-out device for worship players who miss the aforeblogged practice sessions. Also noteworthy (or not) is the fact that they named it the Rock-Lock and not the Country-Lock. Rock guitarist are by nature meek and frail creatures, but nobody who valued their life would go after a country guitarists. At least, not in my neck of the woods. In fact “Telecaster” is a registered Cause Of Death in these parts and, depending on their musical background, most medical examiners would file that under “Natural Causes”.

  2. +1 on Strings and Beyond. I’ve been using them for about three years and I’ve never wanted for strings. Buy in bulk, keep them around. You’re always going to need strings.

  3. LOL Jefcon1 so “stealing a Telecaster” = “needed to be killed” ? Probably right up there with trying to steal a Hell’s Angel’s motorcycle. Boost pedals: yes I never realized how valuable they were until recently when I set my Small Fry BU to hit the input on my tube amp and turned the Small Fry’s gain down ( so basically being used as boost not overdrive ). I know my RC Booster is being neglected because though its always on in one of my channels, I never tweak it.
    One thing I’d like to do is replace the old Korg multieffect in my other channel with a combination of my Tech21 Liverpool and something that can do modulated delay ( and chorus if possible ). The Korg is pretty much left on Acoustic Sim amp model plus modulated delay ( what can I say, it works ) but takes up too much board real estate. I like the mod delay from the Korg but haven’t been impressed with that setting on my DD7.

  4. I hear you Randy. The Mod setting on the DD-7 is a little out of control. I love modulated delay but I’m not really into the real crazy warble it gives you. I find it way to much for anything that I play. I’ve even tried burying it after another delay with the mix down and it still just make things sound weird.

    I love this Radiohead video. I caught it on some obscure channel on my DirecTV like 8 months ago and DVR’ed it. I was bummed when my DVR crashed a month ago because I lost it. Should have known it would be on YouTube…

    Glad to hear that the Timeline has been updated to fix that issue. Anything else new in the update?

  5. Ben–oh right on! I may start doing just that.

    Nater2d–really? Awesome! I’ve been getting them at Prussia Valley Dulcimers, but I may then just start buying them here along with strings.

    Randy–if you can find one, the Glass Nexus might be awesome for ya! And I totally get it on the DD7…same for me! Everyone raved about the mod setting, and then I heard it firsthand and was like, ‘Really?’ haha

    Josh–isn’t it great? I caught the newer one for King of Limbs last month, but they’re not allowing it online just yet. But best version of Give up the Ghost I’ve ever heard!

    They did some other minor ‘under the hood’ fixes as they call them, and also did a cool thing with the led’s where the tap led blinks green on the bpm (quarter notes) of the tempo when set to quarters, and then amber to the bpm when on a subdivision. So you always get the tempo of the song itself, but you’re also alerted when you’re in a different subdivision mode. Plus, the led’s change colors, which is always a plus. haha

  6. Glass Nexus $399

    Looks like it does everything but cook dinner.
    “With an innovative approach to signal processing, the Glass Nexus brings yet unheard levels of depth and richness to classic effects. Natural Number Processing (NNP), dual 12AX7’s, and analog dry path ensure the highest degree of fidelity and musicality. The Glass Nexus combines custom modulation effects with delay and reverb. Store eight of your favorite sounds in the preset banks or use the MIDI functionality to further expand the possibilities.
    – 96KHz processing
    – Analog dry path
    – Extend control with MIDI functionality
    – True stereo operation
    – Simultanious modulation, delay and reverb effects
    – Eight presets (virtually unlimited through MIDI)
    – Analog bypass
    – Comprehensive LED indicators
    – Dual 12AX7 tubes biased at 250V internally
    – Aluminum die-cast chassis
    – Power supply included”

  7. So what new pedal or strange harmonic did you find that made the earth shake all the way on the “right” coast. Since you obviously had something to do with it. Ground starts shaking and my first thought is Karl must have dropped his pedal board.

    • and no I don’t really think it was you, nor do I believe you have such powers. However you being a left coaster can sympathize a little with your east coast shaken brethren.

  8. Steven–sorry bro, been at work literally all day. I just caught up with all the pad request emails from today, but I didn’t see a ‘Steven’ on any of them. Hopefully I sent them and forgot, or hopefully you emailed from a different account. If not, please send me another email and I’ll get them to you.

    Randy–it’s a pretty amazing pedal!! Big, but amazing. 🙂 Some of us are holding out that Strymon’s next pedal will be the Glass Nexus 2. 😀

    Tom–haha My constitution can only take so much controversy. 😉 Gotta keep it light every once in a while! haha

    And that may be one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen. Congratulations!! Although, all I could think about when looking at the pictures was, ‘I’d completely wreck that finish in one set!’ haha Please, please, for the sake of life, dress up your belt buckle like the kid from Christmas Story when you play that thing. 😉

    Matt–haha Nice. But in all seriousness, are you guys okay out there?

    • Thanks Karl – And yes – I’ve actually started getting in the habit of wearing the belt buckle off to the side. Looks funny, but who cares?

      Sounds & plays better than any guitar I’ve ever played. I feel extremely fortunate to have it.

      • I have done this ever since getting a nice guitar back in high school. I got so used to doing it that I just wore my belt buckle on my hip all the time. The best part is that all the guys from my band started doing it as well and then even people who weren’t in the band started doing it. I continued the habit until I got my job out of college.

  9. Karl, what did you use to transfer the MIDI update to the Timeline? I have a recording interface with MIDI in/out…. Do you think that would do the trick?

  10. Someone on a forum mentioned something like that working. I picked up an M-Audio Uno midi interface specifically for this update. The bpm’s are worth it! haha 😉 It was the only one they had at Guitar Center. But ya, I would assume yours would work based on what others have said.

  11. no major damage just some serious swaying, and I’m about 200 miles away from the epicenter. Thought I was having vertigo or something of that nature until someone said “are you feeling that the building is shaking”.

    • I am also about 200 miles (South) from the epicenter. I was actually playing guitar at the time and was briefly accused by my wife of being the source of the shaking. (I had a self-oscillation issue with a delay pedal the other night so I was a natural suspect.) Once I was cleared of any wrong doing she invited me to evacuate the building with her. I had an embarrassing moment of wanting to shut down my rig, unplug everything and put my guitar in its case. I was rescued from the moment by my wife’s voice screaming “GET OUT HERE NOW!!!”. I managed to save my favorite pick from the eminent building collapse, which fortunately never occurred. I still have a surreal image in my mind of me looking back at my rig about to become part of a pile of rubble and wanting to unplug something.

  12. The 1989 earthquake in San Francisco was a 6.9 and I just barely noticed it near Sacramento about 100 miles away. Apparently that one was 31 times more “energetic” than yesterday’s in Virginia.

    “Because of the logarithmic basis of the scale, each whole number increase in magnitude represents a tenfold increase in measured amplitude; in terms of energy, each whole number increase corresponds to an increase of about 31.6 times the amount of energy released, and each increase of 0.2 corresponds to a doubling of the energy released.”

    • That was a scary quake. I was in Redwood CIty, which is fairly close to the epicenter. My (previous) wife was 9 months pregnant with my first kid. I worked for a glass company and she happened to be with me at the time. Nearly rocked me off my feet.

    • Quakes on the east coast are felt over a significantly larger region than quakes on the west coast because – the east is on more solid ground 😉

  13. Steven–got it! 🙂

    Tom–man, that’s awesome!!

    Josh–haha Right on! Wish I’d caught on earlier…

    David–ya, magnets!!

    Matt Linardo–glad everyone is okay, for sure!

    Jeffcon–haha Best story ever!

    Randy–huh…never knew there was ‘liveliness’ to an earthquake…at least on a measurable scale.

    Tom–wow! Never experienced one like that!

    Jeffcon–true. haha

  14. Moving today, y’all. See you on the flip side with maybe some video and a song or something. Maybe just a boring blog with pictures. 😉


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