Timeline Vs. Timeline (Some Brigadier in There Too)

Alright folks, I took the results of that little quiz I put up seriously. So with no further ado, here is a proper mic’d up demo of the Strymon Timeline, including a blind test of it next to the Damage Control Timeline, a swell comparison between it and the Brigadier, and words that mean nothing from me.

Chapter Listing:

0:00 Blind Test of both Timeline’s
2:28 Blind Test reveal
3:01 Strymon Timeline Vs. Brigadier
4:13 Digital Delay dotted 8th
4:54 Modulation
5:17 DC Vs. Strymon on modulation
6:18 Spillover
6:30 Smear
6:55 Tap division
7:38 Dual Mode
7:48 Dual Mode quarter/dotted
9:27 Dual Mode dotted/quarter
9:36 Dual Mode 5/4
10:02 dBucket Mode
10:22 dBucket Mode slapback
11:11 dTape Mode
12:14 LoFi Mode
13:23 Filter Mode
13:58 Trem Mode
14:45 Saving Patches
15:22 Ice Mode
16:30 Reverse Mode
16:57 Pattern Mode
17:15 Dotted Digital Playout

Base Tone:

Prairiewood Hardtop (bridge, middle, neck, and middle with bridge split)
Matchless HC30 into 65 Amps Cab with the Celestion Blue mic’d up


Well, it sounds pretty lovely. So does the Damage Control. And the Brigadier. Sounds suspiciously (and wonderfully) like all 3 delays have close to the same brain. Which makes sense, as it’s all the same company. In the blind test, I did once again choose the Strymon as the best-sounding, although I did like that little bit of sizzle the Damage Control put on the top end. Probably something to do with the tube buffered wet signal.

Please note that the Timeline has almost an infinite number of other functions and features; but the video was already 35 minutes long, 18 after I edited out some of my words. lol And I figured that was long enough. I didn’t show the Swell or Ducking modes as they are more functional modes. Swell auto-swells in for you, which I never use, but can create some interesting tones while riffing, and Ducking can be set to duck out of the way during intense passages, and then show back up at the ends of phrases. And I just don’t understand why you’d ever want delay to be out of the way. 😉 Eventually, I most post an addendum with those two modes.

I do need to mention that it’s still a bit of a bummer that the Timeline cannot go full wet in looper mode. Perhaps a future update will fix that.

But the sound from it is just fantastic. For more Timeline and Brigadier demo’s:

Strymon Timeline Demo 1
Strymon Brigadier Demo 1
Damage Control Timeline Demo 1
Using the Damage Control Timeline with the Midi Mate Demo

Bottom line…get all three. 😀


P.S. Here’s the results of the poll. It was up for a couple weeks, and we got about 200 votes. However, Sitemeter shows about 8500 visits and 15,000 views for those two weeks, so I’m gonna go ahead and add about 4,000 votes to the ‘I really couldn’t care less at all/I come here on my lunch breaks and look at pictures’ category. haha

But I will try to be true to my word and get some more demo’s and worship posts in here. 🙂

38 thoughts on “Timeline Vs. Timeline (Some Brigadier in There Too)

      • haha Ya, I was totally weirded out by that. Stupid Dr. Z selling out and doing well for themselves. Wait… 😉 hehe

        Oh and sorry about comments not going through here lately…I think I need to optimize my database again. Ergh.

  1. i tried to count the number of times you said “alright” but I lost track after a while 🙂

    i only use the dTape, dBucket and Digital (sometimes ICE and Reverse) on my Strymon TL . And my favorite by far is the Digital mode, thanks to the “Repeat Dynamics” setting. I wish they’ve stuck this on all the modes!

    btw, you sounded like you have a cold … and NO, I was not bored at all! hehe

  2. Hey karl! My tubes just went bad in my blues jr…

    I found some JJ’s on amazon for $9.40 each. Is that good?

    Also, what’s the difference between those and Tung Sol?

  3. Josh–haha You know what, I did! I even mentioned to my wife that it was odd seeing a boutique amp as a prop, and I wondered how that came about.

    Rhoy–lol I know, I seem on something in this video, right? Very odd. You don’t know how many ‘alright’s’ I cut out, too. lol

    And ya, there are a few parameters that I wish every setting had, too. Like Smear. But, oh well. Can’t have it all, and what it’s got is more than I ever hoped out of one piece of gear.

    Brandon–that’s normal. If you’re gonna pay that, I’d just pay for ones you know are going to be good from Bob at eurotubes.com .

    I just retubed with Tung Sol, and there really isn’t much difference. Maybe more warmth/low end with JJ’s, and brightness/top end with Tung Sol’s.

    And for your power amp, you have to get EL84’s. Unless you buy yellow jackets, which I don’t believe fit in the Blues Junior. For the preamp, you can get, in order of the most gain:



  4. Can’t wait, got a message from strymon yesterday that my timeline’s shipped. BTW have you tried the el capistan? Love my mine and I think you should try it haha. Never thought I was a tape echo guy.

  5. Thanks for the info! I’m looking for a nice chimey tone…would I like JJ’s or Tungsol better?

    And the tube kits for the Fender Blues on that site only seemed to have 2 preamp tubes and 2 power tubes???

  6. Karl:

    I just retubed with Tung Sol, and there really isn’t much difference. Maybe more warmth/low end with JJ’s, and brightness/top end with Tung Sol’s.

    this is interesting as my experience is quite the opposite on the top-end and the warmth. I found the Tung-Sols a tad warmer and the JJs a bit brighter (slightly high-fidelity). it could be the amp or my ears are just shot! 🙂

  7. John–awesome!! Congrats, my friend. And ya, the El Cap is awesome, too. 🙂

    Brandon–maybe try them both and experiment. 🙂 People (myself included) sometimes make way too much out of the different tube brands. Just don’t buy from China on tubes.

    And yes, your amp only has two power tubes, and technically two preamp tubes. The third preamp tube on the Blues Junior (I believe the middle one) is the reverb driver. Not as important tonally as the others.

    Rhoy–eh, could just depend on the application. You could be totally correct. I honestly don’t hear much difference to speak about. I know at times for me in the past, some of the differences between tubes have probably been mostly in my mind. 😉 hehe

  8. Did you see that Tony at EA mentioned a new solderless plug that works with the Monorail? I hope they can put it into production.

    Did you get a chance to see From the Sky Down? I liked seeing them take the bridge from another song and create the verse for One. I wish it didn’t take half the movie before it showed them recording in the studio. The rough baby mixes are more interesting than I thought they would be – there’s a hidden connection between Wild Horses and City of Blinding Light! I wonder if there is footage of the first time the Edge added the Whammy on Even Better than the Real Thing.

  9. Oh right on! I haven’t seen it yet…save for the acoustic version of Love is Blindness on youtube…playing constantly on my comp about 800 times. hehe I really need to see this whole movie!

    Been listening to the 2nd cd on the new Achtung Baby, and it’s just crazy to hear Ultraviolet and Until the End of the World within Lady With the Spinning Head, and then hear it end with The Fly solo. lol

    • Have you heard the baby version of Mysterious Ways? The Edge goes Henry Kaiser in the solo 🙂
      What guitar are you buying with your DC Timeline money?

      • haha Really? lol

        And I was going to buy an Anderson, but am probably now going to end up spending the money on food or something. lol Rough times.

        Or maybe buy an Anderson. 😉

        • What model Anderson?
          I sold enough stuff earlier this year to get a used Anderson but then the paypal balance got spent on stuff for the kids. 😉
          I bought a Klon today from a local shop.

  10. Gotcha! I filmed my amp as I did a microphonic test on it…

    From watching the video, is this the preamp tube or the preamp tube that controls reverb? Can I just take this tube out and not worry about anything until I get another? (I mean take it out and still can play?)

  11. Haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video yet, but usually the middle 12AX7 tube is the reverb tube, and yes, you should be able to take it out and still play…just the reverb knob won’t do much. 🙂

  12. Do you mind sharing the settings of your favorite preset(s)? Would love to try some of them. I can easily dial in basic delay sounds but it’s a struggle to do some ambient wash settings like you do … Please, pretty, please 🙂

  13. Oh Strymon Timeline…one day, we will be united.

    Karl, when I started reading this blog, I played a digitech rp 80 (modeling processor, and no, it does not deserve to be capitalized) into a crate fifteen watt solid state amp (again, notice the lack of proper grammer). Now I have a pedalboard, with a DD5, DL4, Sparkle Drive, a volume pedal, and some other pedals borrowed from friends to make up for what I don’t have, all running into a AC15C1 (w/ the greenback). I’ve come a long way in a year, yet the church band guys never do let the crate/digitech thing go 😉

    Thank you so much for putting in the vast amount of time it takes to make a personable, invaluable resource for people like me. You’re awesome. And you’re tone is stupid good!

  14. Rhoy–for swells around 1:30, try the Digital Mode, smear almost all the way up, lots of repeats, 60 bpm. Filter at about 11 o’clock, mod depth at 2 o’clock, mod speed at 8 o’clock, grit at about 9 o’clock.

    For the reverse setting at 16:30, try smear all the way up, filter at about 2 o’clock, time in quarters at 170 bpm, grit at 9 o’clock, lots of repeats, mod speed at 9 o’clock, mod depth at 1 o’clock, mix full. 🙂

    John Marc–sounds like an awesome rig! And don’t worry…I still get flac, mostly from myself, for my Boss GT6/Crate days. 😉

    And thanks very much for the kind words on the site and the tone. That makes all the time worthwhile, brother.

  15. Dan–how’s the Klon? Or are you just going to sell it for $1000 profit? hehe

    And it’s a strat model, with Tele switching capabilities. It’s still on Gear Page right now. Just don’t think I can sell enough. 🙂

    Brandon–so true!

    Jonathan M–I think it aired first in Europe, and is now airing here in the west. We don’t have cable, just internet, and Hulu and Netflix haven’t picked it up yet.

    • I like the Klon. The tone control is nice if you’re using it as a clean boost. It can do OD up to distortion (turns Marshally at 3 o’clock) so it can be a lead pedal too. I’m going to keep it for now and sell some other stuff.

      That Anderson was sold on TGP a couple months ago and the original owner kept lowering the price. I think it sold for $1100 or $1200 in the end.

      • Nice! If I ever see a Klon for around $2-300, I may have to try it out. “If” hehe You didn’t pay $1400 for a horsey one, did you? 😉

        And thanks for the heads up on the Anderson! I do want to help the guy out, but at the same time I can’t afford to pay a premium on previously marked down gear.

  16. A straight dotted 8th setting for me would be:

    Mode: Digital
    Smear: a bit over half
    Time: tapped
    Repeats: 3-4 repeats
    Mix: 50/50
    Filter: 10 o’clock
    Grit: 8 o’clock
    Mod Speed: 8 o’clock
    Mod Depth: 1 o’clock

    A straight quarter setting for me:

    Mode: dBucket
    Parameter: Dual
    Time: tapped
    Repeats: 8-9 repeats
    Mix: 1 o’clock
    Filter: 12 o’clock
    Grit: 8 o’clock
    Mod Speed: 9 o’clock
    Mod Depth: 2 o’clock

    Then I’ll use tape mode for either of those with relatively the same settings. 🙂

  17. cool can you explain in lamen terms what the filter knob does as well as smear? I notice a slight difference but I’d like to know what Im actually messing with haha. BTW do you also notice that the mix isnt really 50/50 at 3’oclock? or is it just me.

  18. The filter just darkens and grains up the repeats. Kind of like an analog/digital control. And the smear control literally starts to smear the repeats into each other, rather than them being as staccato and pronounced. 🙂

    And ya, the 50/50 mix is different for each setting it seems, and definitely dependent upon the amount of modulation as well. Sometimes I hear 50/50 at 1 o’clock, sometimes 2, even 3.

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