Alright folks, I took the results of that little quiz I put up seriously. So with no further ado, here is a proper mic’d up demo of the Strymon Timeline, including a blind test of it next to the Damage Control Timeline, a swell comparison between it and the Brigadier, and words that mean nothing from me.

Chapter Listing:

0:00 Blind Test of both Timeline’s
2:28 Blind Test reveal
3:01 Strymon Timeline Vs. Brigadier
4:13 Digital Delay dotted 8th
4:54 Modulation
5:17 DC Vs. Strymon on modulation
6:18 Spillover
6:30 Smear
6:55 Tap division
7:38 Dual Mode
7:48 Dual Mode quarter/dotted
9:27 Dual Mode dotted/quarter
9:36 Dual Mode 5/4
10:02 dBucket Mode
10:22 dBucket Mode slapback
11:11 dTape Mode
12:14 LoFi Mode
13:23 Filter Mode
13:58 Trem Mode
14:45 Saving Patches
15:22 Ice Mode
16:30 Reverse Mode
16:57 Pattern Mode
17:15 Dotted Digital Playout

Base Tone:

Prairiewood Hardtop (bridge, middle, neck, and middle with bridge split)
Matchless HC30 into 65 Amps Cab with the Celestion Blue mic’d up


Well, it sounds pretty lovely. So does the Damage Control. And the Brigadier. Sounds suspiciously (and wonderfully) like all 3 delays have close to the same brain. Which makes sense, as it’s all the same company. In the blind test, I did once again choose the Strymon as the best-sounding, although I did like that little bit of sizzle the Damage Control put on the top end. Probably something to do with the tube buffered wet signal.

Please note that the Timeline has almost an infinite number of other functions and features; but the video was already 35 minutes long, 18 after I edited out some of my words. lol And I figured that was long enough. I didn’t show the Swell or Ducking modes as they are more functional modes. Swell auto-swells in for you, which I never use, but can create some interesting tones while riffing, and Ducking can be set to duck out of the way during intense passages, and then show back up at the ends of phrases. And I just don’t understand why you’d ever want delay to be out of the way. ;) Eventually, I most post an addendum with those two modes.

I do need to mention that it’s still a bit of a bummer that the Timeline cannot go full wet in looper mode. Perhaps a future update will fix that.

But the sound from it is just fantastic. For more Timeline and Brigadier demo’s:

Strymon Timeline Demo 1
Strymon Brigadier Demo 1
Damage Control Timeline Demo 1
Using the Damage Control Timeline with the Midi Mate Demo

Bottom line…get all three. :D


P.S. Here’s the results of the poll. It was up for a couple weeks, and we got about 200 votes. However, Sitemeter shows about 8500 visits and 15,000 views for those two weeks, so I’m gonna go ahead and add about 4,000 votes to the ‘I really couldn’t care less at all/I come here on my lunch breaks and look at pictures’ category. haha

But I will try to be true to my word and get some more demo’s and worship posts in here. :)