Tone Tip #41

Boss TU2. Fulltone Fulldrive. Boss DD20. Godin anything. Fender Blues Junior. Celestion V30. (Add Danelectro Tuna Melt, Seymour Duncan pickups, any and all Arion pedals, and Monsterpiece fuzz pedals as needed.)

Very few people will find anything wrong with your tone. At least before they look at your board.


P.S. You are not allowed to read this post in conjunction with any posts that may happen to show any incarnation of my pedal board. As the hypocrisy will flow. 😉 Well, the hypocrisy is already flowing; I’d just prefer if you didn’t know about it.

37 thoughts on “Tone Tip #41

  1. hahaha I’ve played a couple gigs like that. Emphasis on ‘a couple.’ hehe

    But Sal…I’ve seen your rig. And when you run that pedalboard and X3 next to each other, it rivals my rig for sheer square footage taken up. 😉 😉 😉

    Of course, you also have the chops to back up a big pedalboard rig, or a guitar/amp rig. haha

    • Ok…. got me….

      But now I took the X3l off and replaced it with a GR-20 Synth.
      I have another board with some stomps and the X3l.
      And…. one blank board to mix and match for the quick grab and go jams or gigs.

  2. Kenrick–have you tried Matt Solomon? He wires up EA’s for great deals, and they’ve never failed me after years. He’s at .

    What cables are you using? Solderless?

    Stuart–whoa, whoa, whoa…wait. I never said anything about Amplitube. 😉 That may be taking it a little too far.

    hehe Just kidding. If it’s working for ya, than awesome!!

  3. I think my cables need some kind of crazy housing, as after taking the latest cable apart it appears that it was just smashed by something.

    surprisingly my cheap patch cables for my pedals are just these old boss ones that worked for years, its always the longer cables that are dying.

    thanks for hot tip I’ll email that guy to see what he offers.

  4. Karl, I knew you’d take the bait.

    It was true. And I had the gear available to me (Friend bought me credits on amplitube) and thought I would give it a try. It seems out worship guitarists are all on HD500’s which I think for the money is too limited for my liking. I’d been running my old GT8 with a harmonic converger attached.

    I was surprised at how well it turned out. And how much scope I have for some tweaking of tone…

    Now would I like a Grosh throughcranked /13 and a nice big board filled with timelines, Klons, honeybee’s and the like? YES I’d love that. But I have neither the space or funding for that.. so for now I’m gonna make the most of what I’ve got… and for now it’s providing a pretty cool distraction 🙂

  5. Kenrick–huh, that’s odd. Ya, give Matt a line, he might be able to help you out. 🙂 I just recently switched my long cables from Lava’s to EA’s from him, and they’re awesome.

    Stuart–that’s actually really cool, man. I’ve been very intrigued lately with guitarists using non-traditional and creative ways to make good music. 🙂

  6. Boss BD2
    Boss OD1
    Boss DD7
    EHX LPB-1
    Dano Fab Echo (with the time knob mod)
    Epiphone Valve Jr (I just shipped mine off yesterday. I’m still kind of upset about that)
    Fender Classic Vive Series.


  7. Hey Karl, did you ever end up selling your Tim? I sent you an email a while back saying i would be selling mine shortly because it didnt cut through and you said you were using a fulltone fatboost in lieu. Sold my Tim and don’t miss it.

  8. Sal–that sounds awesome! Man…making me gear jealous. 🙂

    Rhoy–and you’ve got tone to back it up! 🙂

    Naal–ah, the OD1. Been loving mine more than I should probably say.

    Craig–oh that’s right, you really dig those, huh!

    Dan–haha Well, I think going up from that base brings you slightly better and better tone. As much as I have no problem with that rig, I’m not trading amps any time soon. 😉 And yes, a good deal of tone is in the fingers. But with my hack hands, a good deal of my tone is in the Matchless. lol

    Adam–ya, I’ve sold about 5 Tim’s over the years, two in the last few months. Yikes. lol I’m using the Holy Fire, OD1, Fatboost, LPB-1, TS7, and Hartman Germanium right now for all my drive needs. What are you currently using?

    • Right now, I’ve got a Boost N Buff, Polytune, King of Tone, a King of Tone clone i built that has upgrades (may the best pedal win!), Crunch Box, Catalinbread Semaphore, Hall of Fame, Flashback, Timefactor.

      I use my Crunch Box a lot and it has survived many other pedals. I also use the yellow channel on my KOT almost always.

      I haven’t really been using delay very much lately and am thinking about trading the Timefactor for a El Capistan and selling the Flashback and funding a few different pedals – just to “try” of course 🙂

      I want to try a Fulltone Supa Trem and a Nuenabar Stereo WET. Have you tried either of those?

  9. I’m late to the party, but here is my current setup: Korg Pitchblack, NOC3 Rock Candy, Timmy, Dunlop VP, Hermida Mosferatu, Strymon Brigadier, Strymon Blue Sky.

    I’ve used this setup for about 6 months now. Love it.

  10. Just wanted to say I heard about Matt Solomon from here and ordered a bunch of Lava Soar patch cables from him. They work great, look great, and lifetime replacements if they break, which they shouldn’t with their solid construction. Much happier than my old custom cables that fell apart constantly, so highly recommended!

  11. Naal–oh gotcha! I thought you were listing your rig. Either way, I agree!!

    Craig–I still need to get one and demo it. 🙂

    Sam–great list right there, bro!

    Bernard–thanks so much for that! It’s nice to see Matt getting some props around here from someone other than myself. He runs a good business with reliable product, and I haven’t gone anywhere else for cables for about 2 or 3 years now.

    • I demoe’d a bunch of Strats one day at GC and the Classic Vibe was #2 out of the ones I played, but the Road Worn (which I also like) just didn’t sound or feel worth the additional money.

      IMO, they are a great example of how to sound good on a budget.

      Have you checked out the H&K Tubemeister18?

  12. Adam–sounds like a great rig! The Fulltone trem I’ve owned, and it is fantastic. Often overlooked, but super solid sounding. And the WET I’ve also owned, and it is a fantastic ambient verb. Doesn’t do the regular spring verb sounds, but for ambience it’s incredible.

    Rhoy–lol Same here! 😉 hehe

    Craig–right on! I gotta try ’em on something other than GC amps. But they sounded pretty decent there, too.

    Naal–that’s not pretentiousness, that’s tone! 😉

    Dan–oh I hope so…so much.

  13. I think sometimes with tone we hear with our eyes and our wallets rather than out ears sometimes. Because we paid 300 dollars for a pedal we will make ourselves like it more just because, even if the 100 dollar pedal sounds better. Ive been guilty of it before, and try to make my self listen with my ears. There are some really good pedals and out there made by companies that people regard as junk a lot of the time.

  14. Awesome point, bro. Ya, I think that’s the hardest time to be objective…when we don’t want to admit that that huge amount of money we were insecure about anyway, didn’t really make a noticeable difference! haha I’m right there with ya!

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