The Seagull Artist Mosaic Christmas Miracle

It’s been a rough last month or so……as I try to get back into being ‘bi-vocational.’ (I guess that’s the cool word right now.) Technically, I’ve worked for my church for a long time…but I’ve always had to have a second job, too, so that I can make more than I spend. (And no, it doesn’t all go to gear! That’s really hard to believe, I know. But there’s also other important things to buy, like Al Pacino movies, and…no, that’s it. Al Pacino movies and gear.) So I just started working a new second job that is paying well, but I’ve just been absolutely beat. But on the plus side, my wife and I now have a little something called money, which unfortunately, I have found is difficult to live without.

So Wednesday night, I get home from work, use my half hour at home to grab something to eat (no, I’m lying again…I definitely went on Gearpage and bought a wah in lieu of eating), and ran back out to our monthly worship night at our sound tech’s and his wife’s house. (He’s an amazing sound tech and she’s a great worship leader…seriously, they’re like the couple every church wishes for.) And afterwards, I’m just beat. So I toss my acoustic in the back of my truck, crank some Editors, and head home.

Well, this morning, I go out to my truck to head to the post office to ship a pedal (see? I actually sell stuff, too…not just buying…but they all sound so good, it’s just so hard to sell them! It’s like selling off members of your family…but if your family had really cool paint jobs and sounded awesome!), and something catches my eye in the bed of my truck:

Seagullinmycar.jpg picture by rypdal95

It’s a guitar! And I’m like, ‘Wait, who gave me a guitar? This is awesome!’ And then I think…’Wait, when was the last time I saw my acoustic?’ And I realize, my acoustic guitar, my Seagull Artist Mosaic (I mention the name of it so that I can review it later…see, there’s actually points to these posts sometimes…it’s a nice guitar…handcrafted in Canada…well, they say handcrafted, you never know…but I do really like the sound of it both plugged and unplugged), has been in the open bed of my truck all night Wednesday night in open parking in my apartment complex, all day Thursday in street parking at my work, and all night Thursday night back in my apartment complex. And it was still there.

My knees kind of buckled a bit, and I seriously said a quick prayer of thanks to God. That was truly a Christmas miracle. (And a ‘Christmas’ miracle, because my wife and I always start Christmas on October 31st. We’re kind of freaks about Christmas. I know, I know; I think I probably just reached some level of honesty at which others then wish you hadn’t. But I love Christmas. There’s just something awesome about people giving you things.)

So I grabbed my guitar, brought it back into the warm house, put it on its place of prominence where it belongs, and gently caressed it. Yep. I did. Seriously a miracle that no one just grabbed it and never thought twice.

SeagullArtistMosaic.jpg picture by rypdal95
(It’s place of prominence…not really…it’s in my wife’s and my office slash music room. Ya, you can tell a lot about us by this room. Insane props to whomever can name the film from which Brendan Fraser’s eye is showing on the top right.)

Okay, so now that God graciously decided to let me keep this guitar, in spite of my being a dumbhead, I figured I should give it a quick review before I pull something like this again and really lose it. (I seriously can’t believe I did that!) So it’s a great guitar. The two-piece cedar top gives nice, smooth definition to the warmth of the solid mahogany body. I have always been partial to the nice balance cedar seems to give between warmth and brightness. The guitar itself sounds like a cross between a bright, smiley Taylor and a dark, brooding Martin. Very nice to play, the mahogany neck was set up great right out of the box, and it keeps its tune extremely well. Just a quality, great sounding guitar from a  company most people know little about. But if they really are hand-making the upper model ones, as it appears, they’re a great value from about $800-$1500 (or get ’em used…you can get some killer deals). And the LR Baggs electronics does a good job of taking the acoustic sound and amplifying it; nice and transparent, rather than changed tone. My only complaint with this guitar is that I really don’t like the spring-loaded battery. Annoying. There’s got to be a better way to do that. And also, the nut likes to come loose on the input jack, so you’re always re-tightening it when you change strings. But besides those two things…I’m digging this guitar right now.

And somebody else was almost digging this guitar, too……for free. And it would have been all due to my infinite stupidity. I would like to say it was moreso due to my tired-ness and worn-out-ness (what kind of words am I writing?), but I’ll just call it what it is: stupidity. God’s grace is rad. 


12 thoughts on “The Seagull Artist Mosaic Christmas Miracle

  1. I’ve so done that, with my guitars (I actually lost one Takamine that way, sad day in my life), video cameras, cameras, amps, speakers, computers, lights, tools, surfboards, etc. I’d say about once a year. Only lost one guitar, still haven’t learned my lesson – but I know how tired you get… Remember the days of setup and tear down?

  2. Mental note, never ask Alex to carry my stuff :)

    Mental note #2: Follow Alex and karl at night for free stuff :)

    I did something like that once. Can’t remember what it was. Just remember doing it.

  3. Whoa, close call. I think you’re lucky your case doesn’t look like the standard guitar case. I’ve been meeting to take photos of my serial numbers for a while… think I’ll actually do that now, just in case!

    P.S. we have the same Office calendar :)

  4. Jake–okay, insane props to you for just naming ‘Crash’ from seeing half of Brendan Fraser’s face. You, sir, have my utmost respect.

    Alex–you actually lost a guitar that way? Yikes! I had no idea! And ya…I am surprised this didn’t happen while we were setting up and tearing down. haha

    Chris–comment of the day. That was hilarious!

    Mike–good idea on the serial number thing! And Office is amazing. :)

  5. Hey Karl, if you like handmade Canadian guitars, check out my friend Jay Duncan. He is a total dude. He worked for Larrivee for several years and then started making his own. Phil Keagy bought one. then, as if he wasn’t cool enough already, he decides that he needs to do something about global poverty and decides to move to Uganda to set up a a luthiery there to apprentice local africans to make world-class guitars. They take on 8 students a year. Each makes two guitars, one to sell and one to keep for themselves. Check it out at
    I’ve played a few, but can’t afford to buy one for myself, yet….

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