Took me a while, but it’s finally done. And in that spirit, I won’t bore you with some long intro making fun of Kurt Russell in Soldier. And Mowgli. And if you get that reference, you grew up in the ’90′s and had The Family Channel.

First Example of Tone from the Rig

Guitar Rig – April 2012


–Prairiewood Hardtop (Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups, coil tap on bridge pickup)
–1996 G&L Fat Strat (Duncan in the back, soon to be Anderson, coil tap on the bridge humbucker)
–Godin FFX acoustic & electric (soon to be Wolfetone Marshallhead and Wolfetone Dr. V pickups, coil taps on both pickups)

Meaning, I have the pickups sitting on my desk and am lazy.


Hartman Vintage Germanium fuzz–>
Fryette Valvulator buffer–>
Skreddy Lunar Module silicon fuzz->
Loop-Master bypass strip–>
(Tuner Out–>Peterson Strobostomp
(Loop 1–>Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 boost
(Loop 2–>Ibanez TS7 overdrive (modded, and in hot mode, used as a fuzz)
(Loop 3–>Boss OD1 distortion (original, possibly 1979/80…the insides don’t seem to fit any listed specs)
(Loop 4–>Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire overdrive/compressed distortion
(Loop 5–>Fulltone Fatboost v1 (12 volts)
(Loop 6–>Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 boost
Loop Master bypass strip–>
(Loop 1–>Arion SPH-1 phaser (original, ’80′s)
(Loop 2–>Danelectro Tuna Melt
(Loop 3–>George Dennis optical volume pedal
(Loop 4–>side one of Digitech Jamman
(Loop 5–>Strymon Brigadier
–>Strymon Timeline
(Loop 6–>Arion SAD-1 delay (black box version)
(Loop 7–>Strymon El Capistan delay and reverb
(Loop 8–>side two of Digitech Jamman
(Loop 9–>Boss NF1 noise gate (possibly something else soon…I’ve never turned this on)
Strymon Blue Sky reverb


Matchless HC30 (modded first channel to Spitfire specs, JJ tubes)–>
65 Amps birch 2×12 cab (Scumnico 30 mic’d & Celestion Blue sometimes mic’d)

Ambient Pad Rig

My guitar pre-recorded in all 12 keys loaded onto an iPod–>
Ernie Ball VP Jr.–>
Epiphone Valve Jr. or direct box

Secondary Acoustic Rig

Boss TU2–>
Ernie Ball VP Jr.

Miscellaneous Gear

Evidence Audio cables (Matt Solomon-made)
JJ tubes (Eurotubes-selected)
Curt Mangan pure nickel strings
Herdim blue picks (ya, ya, I know)

And last but not least, Brady Cases pedalboard case, made out of polypropelene, at Brady’s suggestion. Keeps that giant pedalboard surprisingly light. I can actually lift it into my car, but I still feel that everything’s very protected in there.


Rig Demo Video

Chapter Listing

0:00 Ambient Stuff
0:14 Rig Overview
0:33 ’96 G&L Strat
1:10 Prairiewood Hardtop
1:44 Godin FFX acoustic/electric dual run-through
2:15 Ambient Pad Rig
3:02 Matchless HC30 (modded)
4:11 65 Amps Cab (Scumnico & Blue)
4:28 Hartman Vintage Germanium fuzz
5:10 Fryette Valvulator
5:23 Skreddy Lunar Module silicon fuzz
5:55 Loop-Master bypass strip
6:02 Peterson Strobostomp tuner
6:07 Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 boost
6:11 Money-Saving Tone Tips (knob covers, strap locks, used gear)
6:46 Ibanez TS7 fuzz (modded, on hot mode)
7:11 Boss OD1 overdrive
8:00 Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire overdrive
8:39 Fulltone Fatboost v1
8:50 Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 boost

8:56 Overdrive Stacking Demo

9:53 (Effects run-through…no demo’s until the end of the section)
9:54 Loop-Master bypass strip
10:02 Arion SPH-1 phaser (’80′s)
10:10 Danelectro Tuna Melt tremolo
10:42 George Dennis optical volume pedal
10:53 Digitech Jamman Looper
11:18 Strymon Brigadier
11:26 Strymon Timeline (with demo)
12:35 Arion SAD-1 delay
13:02 Strymon El Capistan delay

13:28 Effects Demo of Entire Effects Section

15:02 Boss NF1 noise gate
15:22 Strymon Blue Sky reverb
16:25 Quick Tone Tips (capo’s slides, powering your board)

16:50 Ambient Looping and Effects Walk-Through

21:02 Completely Clean Tone

21:16 Same Clean Tone adding delay and reverb

21:32 Ending with some Wanna-Be Rock with the Lunar Module and Matchless

Second Example of Tone from This Rig


I hope that gives a very quick idea of what some of the rig can do, and how I do some of my basic effects. Obviously, there’s a ton more that this stuff is capable of, but I figured 22 minutes was high time to stop. Keep in mind as you watch and feel the need to advise me to sell my gear and feed a country, that this gear feeds me and my family. ;) This one pedalboard has to be able to create movie soundtracks, worship guitar, worship guitar while singing, r&b sessions, rock sessions, etc. I could split it up into a few different boards, but you’d be surprised how many times I’m asked to cross the ambient effects over style and genre lines. Secondly, 95% of this gear is bought used, and I’ll give a little secret…Guitar Center used section, in store and online. They often don’t know what they have or don’t care, as opposed to eBay and Gear Page, which know waaay too much. :) And lastly, a good portion of this gear has been given by companies to demo, or by some of you kind blog readers, or as gifts on holidays when I just have as many watches and toiletry kits as I could ever use. Another secret…ask for eBay gift cards and save them up. This stuff has been collected over 10 years.

And having said all that, yes…it’s still probably more than I need. Tone is fun. Gear is funner.