Well, Hello Jonny Buckland!

…is what I hope to say tomorrow whilst shredding wonderfully toneful riffs through a Divided by 13 RSA23 at True Tone Music tomorrow when Coldplay’s guitarist walks in and says, ‘Wow, you’re a great guitarist. You’re the best guitarist I’ve ever heard!’ due to his face being melted off with tastefulness.

Unfortunately, you can’t get close to the stage with Coldplay by camping out like you can with U2, so since the tickets went on sale while I was on stage playing on a Sunday morning, we’re up in the ‘view section’ (worst marketing ever). So the music will still be amazing, but in order to have a chance of pontificating on tone to Chris and Jonny and then subsequently being put in my place, I’ll need to ambush (uh…run into) them before the show somewhere amongst the many guitar shops in LA which is of course where they will be.

I will be tweeting the journey from my two Twitter accounts:



One of those goes to my Facebook Music page, and one does not, so it just depends on how badly I want to clutter facebook. Subscribe for…well…probably a whole lot of nothing. But the show will be spectacular, and I am stoked. Jonny, if you’re reading this (he’s not), if you can throw out pedals and not picks afterwards, that would be lovely. 😉 I would also settle for a quick dialogue about tone, gear, and really just life in general beforehand.


P.S. The Vangelis-inspired song they won’t play but I hope they do!

16 thoughts on “Well, Hello Jonny Buckland!

  1. lol Nice! I have to admit, I am a little jealous. I haven’t been to a good concert in a while. I had to go to a Nickelback concert for work a week ago… A client gave us tickets, they apparently hate us more than anything if they gave us Nickelback tickets.

    No one would give us Coldplay tickets… They would give them to people they like!

  2. The concert here in the Bay Area was amazing. I bought my wife tickets in the 21st row. Pretty amazing to be down amid the confetti and excitement. The best part about the “View” seats is that everyone in the house will still get the same amazing view of the “Xylobands.” If you don’t know what those are, just surprise yourself and don not google it. It’s seriously breathtaking.

  3. Josh–oh my. Talk about taking one for the team! lol

    Naal–comment of the day. 🙂

    Shawn–looking forward to it! I’ll livecast the conversation if one arises. 😉


    Jon–thanks, man! And I’ve specifically not youtubed any of the concert footage, so we can enjoy it all tomorrow. Hoping those are super cool!


  4. have fun bro! i’m not really keen on watching concerts on big stages. i like the small clubs, maybe a theater-seating type venues. a little bit more intimate, i supposed. but of course, if I get a free ticket, I’ll definitely go! haha

  5. Hey Karl…never posted on your website yet…but thought this would be a good time. I just was at that concert on Tues night and still feeling giddy…even after dealing with Hollywood Bowl traffic on the way out. Can’t we just wear glowing wristbands and all get along outside of the venue too? Nope.

  6. Rhoy–that’s a good point. I think I like both, but it for sure would’ve been cool to see Coldplay in the early days before they were huge.

    Zach–great to hear from ya, brother! How’s life? So…fighting outside the Bowl? lol We’ll be ready. We’re planning on going early and parking under the Kodak Theatre and just walking. The one time we parked at the Bowl a few years ago was the worst nightmare ever. They stack (jumble) parked us, and it took literal hours to get out. haha

    • things are going well. Getting ready to fill in and play with Andy Morehouse this Sunday…it’s been awhile.

      Yep…got stacked too in the lot. Have a great time tonight. If they do throw pedals…come with a helmet and a glove.

  7. So, I just had to laugh as I caught up on my American Idol tonight and saw that Coldplay was the guest performers… They were awesome.

    The thing that made me almost cry was to see the contestants just kind of stand there and clap and look at each other like, “who is this again?…,” after their performance… I remember them going crazy for worthless acts like Daughtry and washed-up 80s artists who shouldn’t be singing anymore.

    The thing that gave me hope was that the crowed was going crazy… So, while these 16 year olds seem lost at a Coldplay show, the rest of the people there seemed to understand what they were seeing, which is probably the only 2 really good performances ever on that stage.

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