…is what I hope to say tomorrow whilst shredding wonderfully toneful riffs through a Divided by 13 RSA23 at True Tone Music tomorrow when Coldplay’s guitarist walks in and says, ‘Wow, you’re a great guitarist. You’re the best guitarist I’ve ever heard!’ due to his face being melted off with tastefulness.

Unfortunately, you can’t get close to the stage with Coldplay by camping out like you can with U2, so since the tickets went on sale while I was on stage playing on a Sunday morning, we’re up in the ‘view section’ (worst marketing ever). So the music will still be amazing, but in order to have a chance of pontificating on tone to Chris and Jonny and then subsequently being put in my place, I’ll need to ambush (uh…run into) them before the show somewhere amongst the many guitar shops in LA which is of course where they will be.

I will be tweeting the journey from my two Twitter accounts:



One of those goes to my Facebook Music page, and one does not, so it just depends on how badly I want to clutter facebook. Subscribe for…well…probably a whole lot of nothing. But the show will be spectacular, and I am stoked. Jonny, if you’re reading this (he’s not), if you can throw out pedals and not picks afterwards, that would be lovely. ;) I would also settle for a quick dialogue about tone, gear, and really just life in general beforehand.


P.S. The Vangelis-inspired song they won’t play but I hope they do!