All That You Need & All That You Don’t

A Barnes & Noble sound system. A sort of fake sounding piano patch. An electric guitar probably running direct. A New York police siren in the background.

And still I’m brought to tears.

Music is something more than gear, more than you can buy, more than you can produce…more than the sum of its parts. If you could define it fully, the magic might be lost. But it certainly has something to do with heart and soul…which are things of which we in this day and age could certainly do with more.

So turn off The Gear Page. Turn off the hundreds of Facebook Gear Pages. Turn off this blog. I’m sure that Strymon would agree with me that you don’t need an El Capistan to play what’s in your heart.


13 thoughts on “All That You Need & All That You Don’t

  1. NOOOO!!!! why do you have to be the voice of reason?! thanks for ruining the boutique business, bro

    … you know I’m kidding, right? this is awesome! 🙂

  2. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    then, spend that forum time on straight up hard work practice. to paraphrase billy collins, find guitarists that make you jealous and dive into understanding them. best musical choice i ever made

    karl, you are a wise man

  3. I think the police siren adds to the hauntingness (is that a word?) of the song. In fact, I’m going to the Gear Page right now to find the best police siren pedal! I know its the only thing I’m lacking to make music like this! 😉

  4. Rhoy–haha Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my old boutique-buying self next week. It’s just a phase. 😉

    Joe–great point! Very tasteful.

    Paul–cool advice, man! That’s a great idea.

    Steve–I hate and love Glen Hansard so much. He’s everything I want to be musically. haha

    Danny–yep. lol 😉 How’ve you been, bro?

    Dan–hahahaha That is definitely the only correct conclusion from this post!! Good form.

  5. Well said. I totally agree that we lose track of what we “need”.
    I’m not cancelling my El Cap order though :-).
    I mean, I’ve already sold my Nova Repeater and my Trinity Reverb. Too late to go back!

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