Just got to page 4 in a Klon thread on Gear Page before I even realized what was happening. I would love to say it was just to make fun of everyone posting, but in reality, I think that every time I see the word ‘Klon’, I hold on to some gasping hope that I will find this:

…and then sell it. I mean, use it constantly for the magic tonal dust and not make $1400 profit and buy a Matchless Spitfire. 😉


P.S. The real magic in the Klon is Bill Finnegan’s insight into the nature of guitarists and subsequent vision of turning $25 of circuitry into $1500 of demand.

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  1. This picture makes me hate life a little bit. Sometimes I wish the internet died so that things like this would actually happen. Unfortunately, Google makes everyone an expert on everything…

  2. Gah! I keep getting sucked into these P&W threads. I need to stop. Next thing you know I’ll be posting and getting infractions instead of just lurking…

  3. i knew that this would be a Klon-related post but somehow wishing that it has to do with Krong from Emperor’s New Groove 🙂

    Naal – the deal with P&W thread is to never talk about P&W at all!

  4. According to TGP, Klon’s can’t be worth more than they originally sold for but 70’s Fenders are worth 3K? I wish there was something that changed into a facepalm picture for wordpress. 🙂
    Forget the Spitfire, I’m thinking about a used Clubman Reverb with my Klon money.
    Lot’s of funny stuff on TGP these days:
    People offering advice on how to make the perfect youtube gear demo who have never made a youtube video in their life.
    Playing in church is not a gig…even if it’s in front of a couple thousand people

  5. Oh the worship threads!! lol I try so hard to stay out of those. I know there are instigators, and ‘trolls’, or what have you, but the end result is always the same: It always ends up being the worship players who are the meanest in those threads.

    Not a lot of righteous indignation when someone steals a circuit and passes it off as theirs, but say that praise and worship isn’t a genre? Whoa. Watch out!

      • I don’t want to throw this off track but why does everyone care if people call praise and worship a genre. I think it is most definitely a genre with sub genres. Whether you sound like hillsong, JMm or Gungor if you are praising and worshipping, you are in the praise in worship genre.

        Why does anyone care really? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Who cares?!

          • lol Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I see points on both sides. All I acre about is Christians being nicer in those threads. 🙂

    • Baha. Speaking of, Devi just put out a limited $65 fuzz… Perfect for the “I don’t want to pay a lot of money, but I would like to make a statement” kind of player. 😉

      My name should be called any day for my custom build. Yay! Fuzz!

  6. Ah, Guitar Center sales tags. Those were a pain in the butt to get printed properly, paper jams and whatnot, but we had a lot of fun with them. You could basically make a tag for anything, so periodically there would be a salesman unknowingly walking around for sale. The price was usually pretty cheap too 🙂

    • Yeah, worked in one for 3 years down in the Atlanta, GA store. I worked in every department except drums (started in Pro Audio – Recording, then to PA – Live Sound, then Guitars, then Accessories, then Acoustic Guitars, then back to Guitars, then I was the Internet Exchange rep, then Accessories when Internet Exchange stopped). I was sort of their swiss army knife guy….put me wherever they needed help.

      I had a love/hate relationship with the job. Couldn’t stand the sales/money/job/corporation aspect of it, but looooved the gear, and that store had A LOT, new, used and vintage.

      A highlight for me was being able to play a ’54 Strat while we were buying it from someone who left it in the closet for 60 years, looked almost new. Another highlight was being able to get used gear cheap when you buy it in, which is how I got my AD999 and ’69 Fuzz.

      Miss the gear…..don’t miss the job.

    • Oh, forgot to mention something you would appreciate. Periodically, famous people would come in when they were in town, so one day, while U2 was playing in Atlanta, their roadie came in and bought 3 dunlop mic stand pick-holders from me.

      Yeah, you heard me. The Edge uses pick-holders that I sold him…

  7. The funny thing is, that in my opinion, that pedal is the ugliest looking thing ever lol! I know they are supposed to be holy grail tone but I almost feel like I would want to put it in a different housing…

  8. Ah, Finnegan; genius or moron? Probably both. He turned $25 of circuitry and a ton of work into money he doesn’t get when people flip it. Or he sells them on eBay to “help out a friend”. How entitled people feel to Klon updates keeps me reading TGP threads on this pedal. Still, he must not be very smart; his self created vacuum is making many people a lot of money that could be his.

    Any updates? I deserve updates!

  9. I seriously just bought a line 6 hd500 and im not looking back after months and months of carrying my setup up stairs every week. no one even notices the difference. which is either good or bad, but I think anything that doesn’t make me crazier is a good thing.

    I do miss the blue LED lights from my amp head.

  10. Steve–haha Ya!!! I’ve seen the pick holder in person that you sold to Edge. haha

    Dustin–really? I think it looks cool! Actually, now that you mention it, it is interestingly shaped. I think maybe I just like it because it looks different and 90’s…like the original boutique stuff.

    Jonathan–is he on record saying he sells them himself on ebay?!

    Kenrick–I don’t understand the question. 😉

    But honestly, if you’re happy, then it’s good tone.

    JK–hehe Nice, man!!

  11. I remember a few years ago when I was a student (and hence had no money), Klons would go for $250-300 on eBay, which I thought was outrageous at the time. There was always a Buy It Now around $300-400 from someone claiming to be Bill Finnegan doing just what Jonathan said, selling off old stock or building one-offs to help out a friend. Of course there was no way of proving if that was even him, and I haven’t seen one of those in a long time. Not to mention that even at $1500 ea., it’s a lot of work to just build them one at a time and sell them. Unless of course when he first built them, he knew that it would be a cult hit someday, and he’s got a warehouse full of them that he’s slowly releasing into the market… 😉 I kid of course.

  12. haha Wish I had picked one up when they were $400. You know, I almost did in 2010, as an investment, and then decided against it when the new one was announced. Two and a half years later…I’m an idiot.

  13. Yep. Definitely kicking myself over that too. I’m curious what made them so popular over the last 18 months or so to drive the price up like that. Does anyone know? Was it the announcement of the new one that brought it to everyone’s attention, or did some really high profile guitarist start using one? The guitarists I knew of that use them are really more on the fringes, and would hardly be enough to drive the demand up that high. Maybe it’s just part of our cultural obsession with uniqueness. It’s a proven fact tone sounds better when you’re using gear that no one else has seen or heard of before. 😉

  14. For sure. I think too, that once it was confirmed that the new ones would look different, and no longer be made the same way, everyone is hoping to buy an original now and sell it in 10 years for 3 or 4 grand.

  15. Hey Karl,

    Yeah, it’s on TGP that he is using up his remaining stock of the old cases to help out a female friend who is having medical issues. Although I just did a check on eBay and I don’t see any of his. I believe he says that in the eBay listing as well.

  16. Bit of an odd question… I know you’re against purchasing clones and I totally understand and respect you for it, but a bunch of us were talking about another alternative the other day at my music school. What about finding a schematic, building it yourself, then sending the money to the original circuit designer for what he would have sold it for when they were made? The $1400 for a Klon isn’t going towards the creator anyways, it’s going towards the owner at the time. This way you can get a Klon for cheaper, even mod it if you want, and still give the money to the person who REALLY deserves it, the designer.

    Not so much a practical “Should we” question as just trying to stir the pot with ideas. 😛 Thought I would share a really good conversation we had at school about this.

  17. Interesting thoughts on Klon clones. If the original is out of production, then there’s no other way to ethically purchase one. Such as, original AC30 or Bassman clones. The problem with the Klon, is that it’s supposedly ‘in a state of halted production.’ haha Personally, there’s so many other great drives that I’m just going with those for now, because I cannot afford $1400 either. However, for those who feel justified in cloning one, I absolutely see and respect your stance. 🙂

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