…then make it sound like you want it to.

That’s the advice I’ve been giving myself over the last year or so. Don’t buy anything new; rather, use touch, feel, knowledge and research and actually learning what each knob does, and musicianship, to get good tone. Now obviously, there are base essentials for good tone. But I think we all eventually get to a place where we look at the gear we have, the cost of the gear we have, the clips we have of other people playing the same or ‘worse’ gear and sounding good, and we realize that if we can’t get good tone out of this, the fault does not lie in the gear.

You want it to sound good? Make it sound good.


P.S. Also tubes. ;) ;)

P.P.S. And maybe a little more delay. Little more. Little more…okay great. Sorry, I’m done now.