Hans Zimmer once told me…

…No he didn’t.

But I am about to watch a 3 hour concert of his. Well, more like a dramatic interpretation of his music. And one guy wears a cape. Shaped like a bat.

I seriously feel like father time here. Thats alright; I’ll show these kids what cool looks like. ‘Hey kids, do you know what guitar amp was making that sound as Bane punched Batman?’ ‘Is it called shut up old man?’ ‘Nope. It’s called a Two Rock. Hans knows tone.’ Yep. That’ll show the kids my super hipness.


10 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer once told me…

  1. LOL … me and my wife we’re just talking about those times we used to line-up for the first screening at midnight. crazy, I thought we were cool … fail 🙂

  2. How did you like it? Some friends and I did the marathon option at out theater. We watched Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and at midnight Dark Night Rises. It was pretty amazing lol. However am going into work with 3 hours of sleep….worth it lol

  3. Rhoy–ya the midnight thing was crazy. Haha but fun!

    Shawn–we almost did that! That’s awesome, bro! And I enjoyed the film, but thought it may not have had that subtle depth the other two had. And oddly enough, the score didn’t stick out to me either. ?? But maybe I was just tired. Haha I did really enjoy how the shock of Tom Hardy’s voice slowly turned to creepiness and added to the character. Art house performance. IMHO. 😉

    Randy–lol so I’m told! 😉

  4. So was it actually a Two Rock or are you just blowing smoke for fun? Haha. How’d you find that out?

    I’m getting to see it this upcoming week, can’t wait!!

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