The Band That Started it All

We’ve all got that band…you know, the one that the dream of being them actually got you to practice your instrument. So, here’s the band that started it all for me. So, if you hate this blog, blame them. 😉

It’s weird…this song used to embody everything I felt I was…everything I wasn’t but wanted to be…every line every girl ever turned me down with was summed up in the emotionality of the vicious 32nd note power chords…………ah, adolescence. Who came up with the sick idea of putting you in junior high at the same time you’re going through puberty?

And now…on some levels, I can barely listen to the horror of this song. But on some other really strange levels, there’s still something about it that just grabs me. Maybe it’s the memories, who knows. Or maybe, deep down, I still think I’m punk rawk. (Oh, ya…even spelled it ‘rawk’…that’s the punk way, in case you’re too ‘bogus’ to know…ooooh, more punk rawk!) And just for the record, no matter how hard I will ever try, I am not punk rawk. Nope. Not even a little.

So, without further ado……MxPx. Punk Rawk Show.

You gotta admit, amongst all the terrible tone, sound, feel, and dynamics, they definitely know how to write a hooky melody. Again, something about that song still gets me going…sorta. And there’s also something weird about 40-year-olds still appealing to the ‘teen angst’ thing. Maybe they’re thirty. I don’t know.

And if your ears are dying, and you’re feeling like that video flies in the face of melody, tone, harmony, feel, dynamics, sound, songs, music in general, and in short everything this blog is supposed to be about, then I bring you this as a peace offering. Listen to these and be happy again.

Both for beauty, both a little non-traditional. One ambient, one driving. I have no idea what mood you’re in, so I’m putting two videos to wash the punk rock away.

Michael Brook for ambience.

And Editors for drive.

Ah. The world is as it should be. At least according to me.


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  1. For me it was Guns ‘n’ Roses. Me and a buddy decided to get guitars and start a band. We never actually started that band, but I’m still playing guitar because of it.

  2. Must have been METALLICA for me. And then I took a 2 year hiatus in high school but Mr. Dave Matthews caused me to get an acoustic and start playing again.

  3. although the very first song i have ever played was “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” by GNR, i think it was the Beatles that really made me want to play guitar. then we got together with some friends and started playing underground alternative/punk music using a drum that is made of plastic gasoline containers. ah, the memories of youth!

    oh yeah, that song was great! kinda something i would play 15 years ago 😉

  4. Heh, i like this discussion post— my main influences started as Jars of Clay as I was in a VERY conservative church at the time, and even CCM had the chance of being evil. So acoustic rock was my pull. They were the start, but when I heard the song “Run” by Collective Soul- acoustic yet a “Metal-ish solo” at the same time- It was over. I found my style.
    Of course, all their good songs are in G, so that helped too 🙂

    What influenced me to play lead was actually “Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Luther College.” I had never heard such “soundscapes” created live, with 2 guitars. I was very impressed. I think I skipped the whole “punk/metal” phase. So no embarrassing stories on that.

  5. Philip–right on! That’s how I started, too. In 8th grade, my friend and I were listening to MxPx and we decided to start a band…even though we didn’t play anything. But, I’m right with ya, that’s what got me and kept me playing guitar.

    Mike–nothing like a little Metallica and Dave Matthews to get you into guitar!! When I was first starting, I think I played every Metallica riff ever written…and very wrongly, too. 🙂

    Rhoy–haha! Yes! My first band was in a mobile home add-on room and at our first practice I didn’t have a guitar. 🙂 Good times!

    Larry–thank your lucky stars you were able to skip the punk/metal stage. haha!

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