At the Music Store

This guy is my new favorite person.

Personally, I think they’re all fine musicians…it’s just of course the tone from those instruments that takes Mozart and turns it into…well, guitar center Tony Iommi’s. Now if they had Morgan’s and D’Pergo’s there… 😉

Also I’m worried of running into one of his videos, and it’s me hacking away in the background. “Is that guy trying to play Zooropa?”


13 thoughts on “At the Music Store

  1. All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Unfortunately, my skills are so lame that I refuse to play anything beyond a closed G5 and open E5 chord in a music store. :-) “Well, intonation is ok in both keys? I’ll take it!”

  2. Nate–lol!! Yep, I love the big G chord myself when trying out instruments.

    Steven–haha Oh man! You could get so many youtube hits with a church green room hidden camera series. haha

    Justin–best ever.

  3. I worked at a mall guitar store. I never knew there were so many ways to play Stairway to Heaven wrong.

    My favorite story is when a guy came in the store and ordered a sandwich. I sent him on his way.

  4. i wonder why he works there and makes fun of the clientele that pays a part of his salary … now all the more I won’t go to a guitar center to do my worthless/endless wanking knowing that some of their employees might be recording my ineptitude

  5. Clay–haha Really? What did he think you guys were? lol

    Rhoy–now that’s a good point…wonder if he works there anymore. Although I do think it’d be hilarious to see me on one of those, playing some horrible Coldplay rendition. :) Hopefully the point is more the noise of multiple guitars and multiple people playing one keyboard, than pointing any one person out.

    Justin–haven’t seen it yet. Is it me? 😉

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