You Know You Love Talking Tone More than Tone When…

  • …when you open the box of your new Skreddy Supa Tone, plug it in, love the sound, and then go check gear message boards to make sure you actually love the sound.
  • …when you photograph your new pedal for ‘NPD’ or ‘NGD’ tweets, before plugging it in and playing it.
  • …when three days after photographing your new pedal for twittering and facebooking, you start to think, ‘I wonder what that pedal sounds like?’
  • …when you wonder that, you have to go onto Gear Page or the Facebook classifieds to buy another one, because you’ve already sold yours.
  • …when you know what ‘NPD’ and ‘NGD’ mean. (Side note…that took me a long time! I just smiled and nodded for a while.)
  • …when you create a thread pondering how people can really like the Klon, with its harsh mids, and unusable gain section. You’ve never owned one, played one, or heard one played live, but you are a connieuser of the youtube demos. Those iPhone speakers really know tone.
  • …when you spend more time editing your youtube pedal demo than you do actually practicing the riffs so you wouldn’t have to edit so much. (Hey, that’s me! 😉 )
  • …when the only time you actually play guitar is to let off steam because you’re bitter that no one has commented on your new witty post, thread, or blog yet.
  • …when you ask what the tonal differences are between a Diamond Memory Lane and a JHS Panther. You own both.
  • …when you hate shimmer because the internet said so.
  • …when you’re pretty sure you still like the RV5’s modulated reverb, but you have to scroll through previous threads to make sure that’s still okay.
  • …when you wake up in cold sweats after dreaming that you forgot to use the search function before posting a new thread.
  • …when you know all the tonal nuances of a Timeline, its quirks, how it compares to the original model… Now plugging it in and getting it to make sound? That’s a different story.
  • …when you’ve recommended people against the Fulldrive, and still wonder what it sounds like.
  • …when you’ve owned and sold two Tim’s, and still wonder if that might be just the thing your rig needs!
  • …when you want to get started out with delay, so you buy a TC Electronics 2290.
  • …when you buy two amps to run stereo, but aren’t actually sure how to make that happen.
  • …when you know you need a buffer. Something about your signal being like a garden hose…??? Now, did it go behind your effects, in front of your effects, in your Timeline’s effects loop…OOH!! That one looks cool!!!
  • …when you list youtube pedal demo stores amongst your favorite artists.
  • …when you can tell me the going market rate for a used Duesenberg right now.
  • …when you post about the tonal differences between the four versions of the OCD, but also pontificate about how there really is no difference between an AC4 and a Divided by 13.
  • …when you’re one of the few men in the world who get excited by the word ’boutique.’
  • …when you buy a bypass looper. You’re a little hazy on what a bypass looper actually does, though.
  • …when you’re at a gig, and in the middle of a song, one of your drive pedals starts fizzing out. Your band stares at you to turn it off, but you’re on your iPhone asking facebook if that’ll hurt your tubes or not.


29 thoughts on “You Know You Love Talking Tone More than Tone When…

  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    I’m on my 3rd Timmy, 2nd RV5, 2nd DD7… I like to tell myself I’ve made my own decisions on these this time, using my own ears…. man I sure hope so.

  2. Tim–haha Couldn’t figure out wish one was funnier…or less stupid, maybe. hehe

    Matt K–haha Yes!! 4 or 5 Tim’s from me.

    And Zach–uh…ya…wow, been awhile since I’ve actually looked at gear, I guess. Out of the loop! Edited!

  3. – When you search the web high and low for a DIY circuit that’s a “better” or “improved upon” version of a $25 Boss Kiosk demo at Guitar Center.

    – When you post on Karl’s blog more than you work at actually constructing said circuit.

    – When you depend on pedals to make amp noises, and amps to create effects.

    – When you think of Tim as a “what” and not a “who”


  4. I still don’t know what NPD and NGD mean…

    I recently overcame my inner snob and finally sat down and learned the intro for ‘Hot for Teacher’ just because I like it, even though two hand tapping is the epitome of uncool and non-boutique. A little phaser in front of a hard driven amp and I’m back in the 80’s.

    I’m also on my 6th reverb pedal (haven’t bought a bluesky yet, too mainstream) 🙂

  5. It took me all long time to figure out “NGD” and “NPD” as well. “IMO” is another short hand that I didn’t figure out for awhile. I still don’t get why people spell out their e-mail addresses. For example: name at hotmail dot com. Since we are admitting things we don’t understand, maybe someone can explain. Thanks! 🙂

    • There are internet bots that scan for patters ( so if you remove the @ sign and the .com it is harder for them to find it. Those words show up so much it’s not worth them scanning through every time they show up.

  6. Justin–nice! Tim totally is a what.

    Josh–maybe I’ll change it back. hehe

    Mark–the Blue Sky is too mainstream. That’s why I held off for so long. And then it just sounded too amazing.

    Shawn–haha That got me for so long! And I thought it was ‘New Gear Day’. See? I’m still learning things!

    Michael–well, that’s awesome! Except that you just added another acronym for us to figure out. No!!! 😉

    Jonathan M & Josh–that’s..well..yep. 🙂

  7. nice list 🙂

    … when you know each and every gear of your favorite guitarist more than the licks/riffs of your favorite song from your favorite guitarist’s band’s greatest record

    oh, and that’s a true story!

  8. Had never heard either of those acronyms, so I had to look them up. According to Wikipedia, NPD = Narcissistic Personality Disorder… In light of that, here’s another item to add to your list:

    …when you spend all of your free time just staring at your pedal board thinking about how good it looks (sounds) instead of actually playing it.

    Everyone knows that good looking pedal boards sound better. 😉

    And I’m definitely guilty of rhoy’s comment above. Obviously the reason they’re so good is because of their gear, and not because they practice like crazy.

  9. As a first time commenter and a pretty new reader I have to say I do almost none of these things….but I do care about my tone so I guess I have a lot to learn!

  10. Rhoy–hahaha Now that’s good!

    JK–hehe Totally done that. Just admiring the sound that would come out, should I ever decide to plug it in. 😉

    Justin–lol Never seen that! Couldn’t come up with much else to say, could he? haha

    Rich–don’t worry, you’ll get there. 😉 😉 These are a bit tongue-in-cheek though.

  11. I¡¯m still learning from you, while I¡¯m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

  12. Speaking of tone, we had a worship leader come yesterday and speak. At the evening service he caught me and we started talking about tone as he was admiring my pedalboard while he was speaker haha. I got my first complement on my tone…and I got really giddy and then talked tone for a good while with him. He was shocked to find out that I was not using an amp and plugged into our PA system. Im still giddy about it haha Just figured I would share.

  13. – When you research the definition of HFE and the effects of transistor leakage so you can spend 3 hours with a soldering iron changing nothing.

  14. on a somewhat related topic, has anyone been to GC’s “boutique pedal” website? (i know…it’s GC…couldn’t help but look though…)

    they have ibanez, mxr, and dunlop listed among others. i have at least one pedal from all three of those makers on my board but i’m under no false impressions that any of them would EVER qualify as boutique…again, i know it’s GC but COME ON!! 😀

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