Saddle Up Your Horses

So my team convinced me to do Hillsong’s ‘Endless Light’ this week for the first time (yes, I’m the old guy now who has to be coerced by all my younger worship leaders into doing anything new), and every single time I hear the end of the chorus, I want to sing, ‘…to sing your praise…this is the great adventure!’ Which of course is from this CCM gem:

Absolutely, just completely fantastic. And I’m definitely talking about the keyboardist using the sawhorses as a stand. (We’re so doing that this week, guys…and you say I never try anything new.) But I have to admit, there is something endearing about some of the older Christian music. I don’t know if it’s reflections of childhood for me, the impeccable orchestration in anything that comes out of Nashville, or the fact that’s it’s old and retro. Lyrically, maybe a little cheesey, but maybe this is the now almost 30-year-old me speaking, but the message hits home a bit. Wow, I am uncool in this post! 😉 But you know what? I wear Toms and I like Steven Curtis Chapman. Actually, I think the liking Steven Curtis Chapman one may actually be hipper.

It’s amazing how songs stick with you…and almost become a part of you. And Hillsong definitely didn’t rip it off…maybe the last two notes are the same, but it jumps in my head because it’s a part of me. So while we’re at it, I’m not a fan of everything Hillsong does, but props to them for this song with a melody people can sing, good lyrics, and that ‘communal’ vibe which I think is so crucial to worship music, and overlooked so often.


P.S. I think someone posted this in a comment last month, but I cannot find it. So if it was you, please stand up and receive your infamy.

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  1. YES!!! I will gladly stand up and recieve all the infamy that I am due. lol. Honestly, like you said, the instrumentation is just great. and I am 22 years old. So I am either the biggest closet hipster of all or it is undeniably good music.

  2. My first thought while watching the video was “Whoa…did Nigel get a new Duesenberg?” 😉

    I do like Endless Light, though I wasn’t too crazy about Cornerstone in general. Ironically because I thought it sounded too much like 90’s worship music. Or maybe because I really liked God Is Able, and felt a little let down by this latest one.

  3. So, I get an email notification when you add a new post. (go ahead, feel awesome) When I read the subject, I didn’t read it as Saddle up your horses. I read it as SADDLE UP YOUR HORSES! As in the intro of the song…

    Being a Christian 90s kid is great!

  4. This just made my morning. Before hitting play on the video and before even reading past the title I was singing “This is the great adventure!” and humming that palm-muted opening riff. Many, many, years ago during the summer before eighth grade my friend Zeth invited me to go to L-Bar-C camp with him. It was a christian camp in Kansas with all the outdoorsy goodness of horseback riding, archery, night time capture the flag, and or course the Blob. So this camp had a theme song for the week (or more likely, the summer) that they would play at every morning and evening session and about a bijillion other times during the day. The Great Adventure was that theme song. It was at that camp that I committed my life to Jesus, although it was still many more years before I started living like it. But regardless, that song and Chapman’s horribly-wonderful early 90’s hairstyle are forever burned into my heart with great fondness. Good times.

  5. HAHA good stuff! I just saw your post hit my rss about 10 minutes ago and, I kid you not, my worship pastor sent me an email about Stand In Awe off of the same Cornerstone album. He said you can take the lyrics from the chorus of Redman’s Where Would We Be? and sing them instead of the Stand In Awe chorus and it fits right in. Try it lol!!

  6. Off topic (which is really on-topic on this blog, no?):

    Gibson-wise folks, is the red/yellow sunburst just simply a les paul studio?

    Thank you,

    • Yuu can get the sunburst in many of the LP models. I think that due to the way the Studios are made that it just “looks” more like red and yellow. Make sense?

      Speaking of Fenders, I have a Jackson that’s an H-S-H configuration. I would like to change the pups to give it more of a Strat sound. Are there particular pups anyone would recommend?

  7. I love that the hipster lead singer looks like Weird Al Yankovic. Don’t be surprised to see a polka or an accordian on the next hillsong album.
    And Andrew, I live here. Australians are terrible dancers. They really like to do the hop and dance in one spot thing. It’s really the christian version of the running man. 🙂

  8. Is it just me, or did Hillsong buy U2’s stage, video screens, and lighting from the Vertigo tour?

    I got taken right back to SCC cassettes and Walkmans with The Great Adventure video, love it!

  9. I once played The Great Adventure at a Revival. It changed me in a deep and profound way. Or it might have just been the burrito I had before taking the stage. Either way, I swore off ever playing that song again and eating burritos….

  10. Really suprised no one here has added a play on words to make both tone and Steven Curtis Chapman applical in one comment….like Saddle up Your (Klon) Centaurs….

    • …and the HS electric players are really, really trying to look like the Beatles :p

      Cool song, dotted eights and all that; thanks for posting it! 😀

  11. Justin:

    …and the HS electric players are really, really trying to look like the Beatles :p

    dreadlock, clean-cut, almost shaved and straight long hair … i have not seen the Beatles like that except for when Lennon had his long hair 🙂

  12. I love this song! It kind of has a caribbean feel to it or something, but the chorus and bridge bring it back to familiar territory. We are also starting to do this song in church. It’s got a sweet community vibe to it.

  13. haha Yay ’90’s and bringing back the high guitars. That’s gotta be hipster. And speaking of hipster worship guy (and the ’90’s), I thought that was Weird Al?

  14. So this is completely off topic, but Karl I think previously you’ve mentioned using Herdim picks. I think the blue ones are the ones the Edge uses. Just for kicks I want to try them out but normally use medium thickness picks. Does it have to be the thickest to get the same effect? I realize the pick has to be held upside down.

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