So my team convinced me to do Hillsong’s ‘Endless Light’ this week for the first time (yes, I’m the old guy now who has to be coerced by all my younger worship leaders into doing anything new), and every single time I hear the end of the chorus, I want to sing, ‘…to sing your praise…this is the great adventure!’ Which of course is from this CCM gem:

Absolutely, just completely fantastic. And I’m definitely talking about the keyboardist using the sawhorses as a stand. (We’re so doing that this week, guys…and you say I never try anything new.) But I have to admit, there is something endearing about some of the older Christian music. I don’t know if it’s reflections of childhood for me, the impeccable orchestration in anything that comes out of Nashville, or the fact that’s it’s old and retro. Lyrically, maybe a little cheesey, but maybe this is the now almost 30-year-old me speaking, but the message hits home a bit. Wow, I am uncool in this post! ;) But you know what? I wear Toms and I like Steven Curtis Chapman. Actually, I think the liking Steven Curtis Chapman one may actually be hipper.

It’s amazing how songs stick with you…and almost become a part of you. And Hillsong definitely didn’t rip it off…maybe the last two notes are the same, but it jumps in my head because it’s a part of me. So while we’re at it, I’m not a fan of everything Hillsong does, but props to them for this song with a melody people can sing, good lyrics, and that ‘communal’ vibe which I think is so crucial to worship music, and overlooked so often.


P.S. I think someone posted this in a comment last month, but I cannot find it. So if it was you, please stand up and receive your infamy.