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I’m extremely proud to introduce some new music I’ve been working on. Most of you guys know that I really enjoy ambient music, and somehow that’s translated in the last year and a half into scoring some independent films. So last January I started scoring a film called ‘Semblance’, little self-produced indie flick, but with one of the best screenplays I’ve ever read. And unexpectedly, that turned into a real soul-searching, self-expressive six months of writing for me. Or maybe just something nice to do with all that gear we buy, right? 😉 Either way, I’m excited to share this blog post with you as a listening station for that music.

And the thanks. Just reading this blog means a lot to me, especially when I say dumb things. I really don’t have an idea of how many of you here are into ambient stuff, but there is one track within this collection, one of my favorites, that is free. Just a small way to say thanks. It’s the first video below. Thanks, everyone, and like it or hate it, I’m very proud to share this piece of myself. And for the gearheads, there’s a bit about the gear and recording process at the bottom.

(This is the free track. Completely free download right here: ‘Cityscape’ off of ‘Our Dreams are Made of Rain’ on Bandcamp.

And if you’re enjoying that, here’s a youtube playlist with ten songs from the album. They’ll all play right in a row: YouTube Channel ‘Karl Verkade Ambient Music Playlist’

All sounds are real, and came from amps and vocal chords. Nothing wrong with computer-generated stuff, but this is how I chose to do it this time. Your amp is the regular Matchless HC30, with Blue and Scumnico 30. Guitars were the Prairiewood Hardtop, ’96 G&L strat, and Godin FFX.

Delays: Strymon Timeline, Strymon Brigadier, Strymon El Capistan, Arion SAD-1

Tremolos: Diamond, Danelectro (seriously)

Drives: CA Holy Fire, EH LPB-1, Fulltone Fatboost, ’79 Boss OD1 (amazing textural pedal)

Fuzzes: Hartman Vintage Germanium, Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe

Reverbs: Strymon Blue Sky

Phasers: Arion SPH-1

Loopers: Digitech Jamman Stereo, Boss RC20XL

Thanks again for reading, listening, and for the community that’s been created here really with or without me. (Yep! 😉 ) Hope you enjoy the free song, and for those of you who are interested, a link to the full album and included ep (22 songs) is below. Thanks for letting me take a break from tone talk and share this with you! Always nice to actually play and write a little music, instead of just talking about it.

‘Our Dreams are Made of Rain’ on Bandcamp


18 thoughts on “Listening Station & Thanks

  1. Congrats on finishing this project! I went to your church yesterday, you all sounded great! I went up to ‘allow myself to introduce myself’ but you were talking to your other electric guitar player. I did get to talk to your keyboard player who was a really nice guy as well. You’ve got a great church family there!

  2. Great stuff Karl! I think I’ve been reading your blog for 5-6 years now (its been around that long, right?). What was your first post? It would be fun to revisit the start of the blog some time.

  3. Cool, thanks Karl 🙂

    …wait, I thought “music” was just a thing we used to justify gear. You mean you can actually participate in the stuff? No computer-generated sounds? No POD?

    I must meditate on this new thing…

  4. Karl,

    Congrats on a finished project. What a great way to make music, grow and learn in writing.

    Personally, I find it hard to start (much less finish) projects without a set goal of “I have recording time already setup tonight” or “this other person needs me to finish this music by x date,” if you know what I mean.

    So, that is why I say ‘congrats.’ 🙂

  5. Josh–cool man. Hope you dig it!

    Rich–ah no way!! So sorry about that! Ya, something was super off in that second set and I was trying to nail it down before I forgot. Bums me out that I wasn’t out talking with people and didn’t get to meet you. Hope to meet you soon, and I promise to get off the stage faster! 🙂

    Jonathan M–first post is in the archives, if you go back to March 2008. lol I think it says something about starting a blog and being tired. haha

    Justin–ya, it’s a new concept I’m trying out. 😉

    David–it’s really all enjoying being alive and expressing it through music. All other reasons for writing just end up in depression. At least that’s been my experience.

    Caleb–haha Yes, that’s my wife, and not me. Would be kinda cool if it was me. 😉

  6. i must admit that it’s a little bit too much ambient for me to listen to :hide: but I would like to say that you have done very well to back up the amount of gear you have with these music that you make and all the involvement you have with other musicians/producers. kudos to you!

  7. Gtr1ab–thanks for listening, bro!

    Rhoy–no worries, brother. It’s definitely film music, which a lot of folks can’t listen to without the film. 🙂 And yep…pretty much everything I do is basically just to give me an excuse for having a huge rig.

  8. I’m going to be honest and say that I usually don’t listen to your ambient stuff, maybe because like you said it’s film music…more drone sound? But Cityscapes…that has to be one of your best. By the time everything is built up, it seriously sounds like you have an orchestra playing behind you! I’m assuming the Jamman is your main looper, so what is the RC20-XL for then? And how do you like the Jamman over other options out there like the Boomerang?

  9. Thanks man! The Jamman is my main looper. The Boss RC was only used for one of the pieces, as I was trying the pedal out. Not bad, but I ended up preferring the Jamman. Occasionally I will use dual loopers for one piece, but currently I’m using the Timeline for the second looper.

    As for the Boomerang, I really dig the sound quality and on-the-fly options. But I do like the ability to save loops, and the Jamman offers that.

  10. haha Thanks, man. That means a lot! ‘Cause ya, I guess I’ve graduated from ‘Who?’ to ‘Have you heard of this guy he’s pretty good/Good effort buddy, but’. haha

    Next stop is ‘I love him/I hate him’!

  11. So last weekend at Karl’s (and mine) church, someone on the tech team was looking for something in the booth which also happens to double as Karl’s office (Karl was out of town that week). The answer of where to look: “check right under the U2 poster.” I smirked at the person that said that, thinking it was a joke, and when he notices the look on my face he says “no really.” True story.

    Don’t know why I felt that story needed to be shared with the little guitarforworship community … lol

  12. Sal–thanks man. And the way I see it, there are two kinds of people in this world: U2 fans and future U2 fans. 😉 😉 😉

    Rapha–definitely sounds true. haha

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