Good Old Grass Roots Talent

There’s just no substitute. No, not even delay. Well, maybe delay.

Thanks to Joel Harrell for posting this on my Facebook wall.

Five folks (two behind the camera), some talent, and some Handel. All you need, really. And maybe a suspect amount of reverb on the recording. 😉 I’m gonna just say that’s a good choir room they’re singing in. Either way, super refreshing to hear amazing, yet under-produced music. The world could use more of that.


5 thoughts on “Good Old Grass Roots Talent

  1. Is it racist that straight away this made me think of Sister Act with Whoopi Goldburg? IDK, but it sure is nice to see actual talent on a facebook video.
    have you ever wondered what worship in heaven will be like? Will we even sing? Maybe we start at creation and work though every music style ever done and enjoy each of them for glory we are giving to God. It sure will be nice to not be distracted by anything (mix, bad notes, what’s that guy doing, song selection, etc) Whatever it will be, I’m sure it will be far more amazing that what our finite minds would be able to handle.

  2. Mark–I’d love to think we just live worship, and then singing happens naturally. 🙂 Great to think about, for sure!

    JK–nice!! A little Emmylou!

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