• I have said that I will never, ever, under any circumstance, sell my Holland, my Melancon, my Tim, my four Blues Junior’s, my Gibson, my Hartman, my Timeline, my Matchless, my Goatkeeper, my six Memory Lane’s, and my seven DD20′s. But this time…I’m never selling my G&L.
  • I have spent ludicrous amounts of money on last minute gear for that one gig that’s totally going to finally be the one. And then it wasn’t. Neither was the next one. But this time…this next gig is totally going to be the one. And I could really use a stereo plus wet/dry rig for it.
  • I have put off practicing so many times because I like to think that I’m good enough to pull it off just in the moment. Turns out that just thinking something doesn’t necessarily make it so. But this time…oh I can totally pull off those songs without practicing.
  • I have owned over fifty delay pedals, and none of them have made me famous. But this time…the lack of an Echoczar is pretty much the only thing that’s holding me back.
  • I have watched time and again as pedals of which I love the tone, have sounded worse and worse to me as the general tide of opinion shifted in direct accordance with their daily lack of newness. But this time…no one likes the Timeline anymore? Oh ya, totally. I heard that all along. I was just using it until something better came out.
  • I have been fooled in blind tests over and over again. But this time…that $500 one definitely sounds better. No need for a blind test.
  • I think that a pedalboard full of Boss pedals makes you look like you really don’t know tone, but just bought whatever Guitar Center told you to. But this time…maybe I’ll let me tone speak for itself. (That’s pirate talk.)


P.S. Don’t be surprised if you ever see a shootout here between Boss pedals and a new brand of boutique pedals that later turn out to be rehoused Boss pedals. ;) It’s just the way those chips echo in the symmetrical metal enclosures, though. Really makes a difference. And yes, I’ve actually heard that before.