I’ve been feeling the need lately to make just a slight diversion from the usual ‘guitar for worship’ stuff and highlight those on my blogroll. I’ve just been stoked by how many honestly ‘good people’ frequent this site; so I think it’s time to give them linkage. However, I also get that if you’re new to this blog, a post on my blogroll isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. So I’m posting a fuzz shootout right above this. And if you want to be linked from here, but you’re not listed, just comment here with your blog or site and I’ll put you up!

Thanks, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the shout Bro.!
    What an awesome list! I think I follow most of these bloggers as well, honored to be listed among them. Kuddos for taking the time to compile this list!

    Although I was following you via Google Reader I hadn’t updated my blogroll to reflect your blog. That was just taken care of. 🙂

  2. clever marketing scheme to get alot of hits. I know I hit your blog to see what you said about me.
    I bet this gets more comments than your Fuzz Shootout!

    BTW, i think you misplaced the link and description of my site. That CAN’T be me! 🙂

  3. Karl,

    I wear an extra large, is that too big? Thanks man, it’s been so great to know your and Jamianne over the years. I hope we keep growing closer!

    Thanks again for the link love. I feel so honored to be included in the list with some of the greatest bloggers/worship leaders/tech twidgets I’ve ever seen. You rock dude!



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