Music to Make You Cry

Here’s the promised ‘non-boring’ post for those of you bored with the new Amp Tone Part 4 post below. (And if you’re new here, I try to always follow up a technical tone post with a more fluffy and esoteric tone post, as I never know if I’m going to get tone junkies, music lovers, both, or both in the same person, here on any given day.) So this a collection of music that does for me what I think all music should do……grab your heart.

Powerful Worship…maybe watch this one last if you plan on watching them all:

Ray LaMontagne:


Tori Amos:

For classic’s sake, still an amazing song after all these years:

And of course, U2. But with Edge on piano, and no guitar:



7 thoughts on “Music to Make You Cry

  1. Splendid in deed!

    I cut my musical teeth on Simon and Garfunkel. In fact, they’re very instrumental in my walk to salvation. Their harmonies provoked me to join the choir at a Church in San Diego before I was even a Christian.

    I see a common theme in your musical choices…

    Tomlin & Daniel
    Simon & Garfunkel
    Bono & The Edge

    Could it be… Beeman & Verkade??? LOL!!!

    I miss your musical prowess on my team bro…

  2. Ya, Simon And Garfunkle’s songs still relate, even years later. They were just great songwriters.

    And I miss those days, too! We gotta get together and jam or go do some musical deal somewhere. Actually, I was just thinking the other day……remember when I just showed up, set up, and played, and let Eric worry about everything else? 😉 hehe If I ever had a week off, it would be so cool to go over and play a little lead at Chorus.

  3. Glorious – one of my favorite all time passion moments… I love it because someone thought far enough in advance to create a ‘moment’. Think of the creativity and planning that went into that. It’s so ‘God-like’ – imagine the planning and creativity that he put into life itself, the story of redemption – all to show how loving and gracious and glorious he is… wow. It doesn’t hurt that Christy Nockels can tear up any song, and I just love the high harmony that Matt Redman sings at the end… wow.

  4. Actually, I think it just happened. They were just worshiping and were like, ‘Hey, whatever happened to that sheet we were writing random stuff on? You think it might work right now?’ 😉 hehe

    And ya, I didn’t know he could sing that high with his deep ‘Blessed be your name today, Lord God’ voice.

    And you really must love that moment if it made you not comment on ‘Miss Sarajevo.’ 😉

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