How Not to Play Guitar…or Be a Musician…or…Do Anything Ever

We talk a lot on this blog about what to do, and how to play, and most of it is all my opinions that I just consider fact because they came from my head. And, of course, I tend to be partial to what’s in my own head. But this is not my opinion, and it’s not me being partial. I just heard this song for the first time, and I have officially dubbed it the Worst Song of Ever. (And by ‘officially’, I mean, ‘in my head’.)

Now, there’s a whole list of things you should never do as a guitarist, or as musician…or, simply, as an inhabitant of this planet. And I could list them, but this song does a way better job giving an audible and visual example of said list. Much better than I could do. So, pretty much, if it’s in this song……you shouldn’t do it.

Splendid……? (As in, ‘I’m Ron Burgundy……?’)

0 thoughts on “How Not to Play Guitar…or Be a Musician…or…Do Anything Ever

  1. First problem is the topic of Cowboys. That’s limited to country music, Don Henley, Bon Jovi, and maybe Steven Curtis Chapman….

    If there is no discernible acoustic guitar (and Van Halen-ish squeals) then you have no business in the topic of Cowboys.

  2. Larry–haha Yep! I noticed those Van Halen-esque stuff, too. The bursts of solo. Classic.

    Jeff–you are, unfotunately, completely correct. haha 🙂

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