25 thoughts on “Peterson Strobostomp Tuner Review

  1. Heh… i think this post has us in alot of suspense.

    I love my TU2- about once a month I use a different tuning and the ability to see clearly “which” note I’m on is perfect. I also cheat every now and then when learning a new lead to make sure I’m on the right notes (leave it on when its plugged into the volume pedal). hmm… see… a tuner tunes…. but if I spend on something else….. I get a different effect. TU2 is staying :)

  2. I get a kick out of electric tuners. How much is someone willing to pay to tune their guitar? $10, $50, $100, etc.

    “It has lights, it has an LED display, it tells the temperature outside, it allows me to bid on ebay stuff, it checks my email, it displays my twitter feed reader”…at least with those options, I could understand the price differences.

  3. hehe Sorry for the super short post, and then going incognito for a few days. Just one of those weekends. It was kind of like, being in tune is perhaps the most key factor to good tone (as in, what good is perfect tone if you can’t play in tune?), but how in the world do you demo a tuner? I thought about doing a youtube video of me tuning my guitar, just to be funny, but youtube takes so blasted long to upload, and I just didn’t have the time.

    And I’m not sure if the Strobostomp is really better than the TU2. But, in my limited experience, the Strobostomp is the most accurate tuner I’ve used, especially for intonating your guitar, which is hugely important. And it has a balanced XLR out, and works as a fantasticly quiet direct box. And, as Marc pointed out, it looks cooler than every other tuner except the old analog strobe David Gilmour has on top of his rig. And, as Vince pointed out, the ability it has to do alternate tunings.

    But the main thing is, for the love of all that’s good in this world……tune! ;)

  4. we want tuner shootout for accuracy testing! c’mon, there was the delay, then overdrive. give the precious little tuner some love ;)

    this is the one pedal that all guitarist should have!

  5. I have a strobo-stomp 2 and like it very much. However, I recently purchased the ST-200 Turbo Tuner from Sonic Research and love it even more!
    It’s a strobe-based tuner and is amazingly accurate. It looks totally cool and has a very small footprint. True-bypass, alternate tunings, etc. No direct out though…

  6. I think you should post a youTube of you tuning it. It really would be funny! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen those 3 columns ever stop moving all at the same time :)
    The Strobostomp is a BEAST of a tuner. I like that you input/output from the top. It takes up enough pedal board real estate on it’s own but the top access helps out tremendously. I also agree, 2 words: Buzz Feiten and it is accurate but it is also a pain in the JIGGITY to get used to.
    I love the Strobostomp. But I hate it in a live situation. To tune on the fly it just drives me mad :)

  7. hey Karl,

    I’ve been checking out your blog for a couple months now. I play electric guitar on a worship team in a church here in SoCal. I use the Korg DT10BR tuner and I really like it. They have a new one now called the Pitch Black and that one is a bit smaller. Mine is buffered supposedly, but the new one is supposed to be true bypass. The DT10BR is accurate to +/- 1 cent.

    My setup is basically a PRS Mira through a Mesa Lonestar Special, with a couple pedals. Zendrive, FullDrive 2, cmatmods signadrive, cmatmods deeelay, boss cs-3 compressor (modded with Monte Allums opto kit), a seymour duncan tremolo and a line 6 echo park.

    The echo park is where I first got my dotted eighth fix, but I have a DC Timeline on order, which should fit the bill and replace the echo park quite nicely.

    I use a combination of different “premium” cables including monster and livewire elite (if those are considered premium).

    I enjoy the blog quite a bit.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  8. Just FYI on the Buzz Feiten, any standard tuner will work. Just tune 7th fret harmonic on E,A,D,G and then open B and E. Did a side by side with my DT-7 (Feiten mode), TU-2, and the tuner in my M13…no difference, all work great. Using only the M13 now.

  9. Rhoy and Conner–haha! Maybe when I’ve got some extra time on my hands, I’ll sit down and do a ‘tuner shootout’. lol

    And absolutely agreed that the tuner is the most necessary pedal on the board!

    And ya, it can at times be maybe a little ‘too accurate’. haha

    GuitarToma–that thing looks cool! I’m gonna check it out. Thanks!

    Ryan–Welcome, bro! Your rig sounds killer. What church are you at down here?

    Jason–thanks for the heads up. That’s good info. And for the record, everybody, Jason’s one of the best guitarists I know. If he says it, do it. ;)

  10. Karl,

    Sanctuary Church in Beaumont (half way between Palm Springs and LA). Probably about 100 miles north of SD.


    It doesn’t look like the music page off the website has been updated in a really long time…

    As far as the rig goes, I think I’m gonna be pretty stoked when the TimeLine comes in. I’m hoping that it blows away the echo park!

  11. Bro, I’m loving your guys’ website. Awesome stuff!

    And I’m syked you got a Timeline. Personally, I like its sounds better than the Echo Park, but the Echo Park is one of those sleeper pedals that always surprises me by how good it sounds.

    Keep ‘em both and run one into the other. Good times increase exponentially by the number of delay pedals on at once! hehe ;)

  12. This is a lot of comments for just a picture of a strobostomp! I guess I need to throw in my 2 cents! I love peterson tuners, especially for setting up intonation. For live stuff I think you can get away with a far less accurate tuner. Why not have the best though? You need it for intonation and studio work anyway.

  13. Mike, that’s the exact reason I got one. And I think anytime you mention a $150 tuner, it’s gonna get a lot of comments. haha Actually, for a long time, I just couldn’t get over paying that much for a tuner. But every time I’d hear recordings of myself, it was like, ‘You know, I might actually like my tone if I were in tune.’ hehe So I sold some effects to get a tuner, and it may have been one of the best things I’ve ever done. And not just musically. In life.

  14. I purchased a strobo stomp tuner and really liked it, but after having it a year, it broke down, you plug in to it it comes on but it is frozen up. I have heard of others having this same problem. It was expensive and now it sits on the shelf and mocks me. But like a moth to the flame I recently purchased a peterson body beat metronome I do really like it, however it is really a flimsy plastic thing and would not surprise me if it stops working at any moment, plastic often fails for me.

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