The Anti-Solo

This is the origin of the term, ‘the anti-solo’. Actually, he never uses that exact term; the true origin of that saying is probably only in my mind, as I tend to make up random phrases that make me happy, and then attribute them to famous people. But this is the video that explains it the best. The anti-solo, rhythmic solo, minimalism, actually playing what the music seems to be asking for rather than ‘that riff you know’ (I’m guilty of that, too); this condenses it all up quite nicely.

And once again, try to look past the outfit.

That’s one of my all-time favorite clips, and I think it really speaks for itself. I’m not very good at letting things speak for themselves; but this time, I’m going to try.


20 thoughts on “The Anti-Solo

  1. and there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that outfit – in fact I may wear something like that to our country christmas candlelight christmas eve worship service!? (I know Dennis Agajanian will!)

  2. Listen to that Herdim pick scrape the strings. Great stuff.

    A guy came up to me after the first service last Sun and asked what effect are you using to get that sound like U2? I said delay and delay pitch shifted into reverb (shimmer). He had a confused look and I wanted to say CHORUS, I used a big fat CHORUS sound, but I repeated that it was just delay. He then asked if I was playing an Ibanez (not even close). It was like it was 1988 again…

  3. Alex–that’s not bad at all. In fact, it might just be the best thing ever. 😉 And as far as the country Christmas/Edge outfit goes, I’m literally laughing out loud right now.

    Kenrick–I hear ya. Those drums just seem to move in a way few others tracks I’ve heard do.

    SMC–good to have you over here! And I absolutely agree! hehe Dotted eighths in D Maj have saved me many a day from overplaying. haha 🙂

    Larry–lol Point taken, brother. I know, I use U2 way too much……but with tone and anti-solos like that, how can you blame me? 😉

    Dan–seriously. I put off buying those Herdim picks for years because I didn’t want to copy Edge. But in the end nothing gets that rhythmic high end like they do.

    And so you’re doing the shimmer thing, huh? Awesome! What pitch shift and reverb are you using?

  4. I own that DVD! Edge has another great anti-solo in “Vertigo” as well. It’s a great reminder to worship leaders everywhere that something chord-ish and percussive is WAY better than the one John Mayer riff we’ve figured out!

  5. Sweet! Ya, I watch that thing probably waaay too much. hehe And great advice, bro. The simpler is often times better.

    And good call on the ‘worship leader riff’ thing. I don’t know how many worship leaders I’ve seen (myself included) who do Let God Arise and Everlasting God all too often……and you can see the excitement in their faces that the acoustic guitar actually gets to riff in those songs. hehe

  6. Karl – I’m using the poor man’s shimmer (Octo) on my M13 but I’ve been careful about when to use it so I don’t interfere with what the keyboardist is doing. It turns out that the Octo is also useful for non-shimmer sounds in songs like Today is the Day (after the solo for the Lexicon sounding stuff) or the chorus of Cannons to add some sustain without squashing the sound like a compressor. My friend uses an Axe-Fx Ultra so I’ve been considering that unit after selling a couple amps this year. We’re going to do some a-b’ing pretty soon.

  7. Nice. Ya, a lot of people really dig the octo stuff on both the M13 and the Verbzilla. And yes, Cannons can definitely use it! And I’m interested to hear your review of the Axe-FX. I’m not a huge fan……yet. 😉

  8. Hmm…that depends on who you talk to. 😉 hehe In its most basic form, it’s pretty much a bit of washy delay and reverb an octave above what you’re playing that sits way in the background of what you’re playing. It was kinda pioneered by Edge of U2, and sounds ‘shimmery’, I guess. He splits his signal and then sends one of his signals into some Eventide stuff, I believe, for the shimmer effect. Eventide Ecplise maybe. And then that signal is sent to a completely separate amp, that is mixed way lower than his main signal.

    Lately, there’s been a lot of people getting some good results copying that shimmer sound by using a Digitech Whammy pedal, or the Octave settings on a Line 6 Verbzilla, or just anything with an octave and a reverb setting (or a combination), that also has a ‘mix’ option, so you can mix it into your main signal without having to run it into a separate amp.

    Think some of U2’s Unforgettable Fire stuff, mainly the title track. Here’s a link to a more upfront ‘shimmer’ sound than what Edge usually uses. Picture this sound, but much more in the background:

    Hope that helps. And again, everyone kind of has a different definition of Edge’s legendary ‘shimmer.’ 🙂

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  12. “the origin”? uh, no. the term and concept “anti-solo” have been around a long time before The Edge, lol. listen to “Boredom” by the Buzzcocks for a good example.

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