Christmas Time Music and MacBook Update

I haven’t been around here for the last few days (isn’t it funny that we refer to internet sites as if they were actual, physical places?), as it’s been Christmas, and I’ve been spending time with folks I love to celebrate God’s love shown to us. I trust you all have been doing the same.

But it is impossible for me to not update with this fabulous, unprecedented news today. Those of you who know me, find something to hold on to. hehe No, I didn’t sell my amps for an Axe-FX. I didn’t say ‘punishable by flogging’ news 😉 (kidding, of course…but only a little); I said ‘unprecedented’ news. Here ya go:

Thanks to my beautiful, amazing wife, welcome to the first ever Guitar for Worship post on a MacBook. Yep, she is really, really awesome. Her big gifts to me this year were my first ever MacBook and Ipod. (Ya, the ipod thing is pretty sad…if it’s not music gear technology, I’m useless, folks. I’m always about 5 years behind the curve…and, ya, I think the ipod has been out for about 5 years. So, keeping my streak alive!) And right now, it seems like the stars have rained down on the earth in the form of Macintosh, because up until now I have thought that the extent of the world’s computer technology was my desktop E-Machine from 2005 and my church laptop Compaq from 1999. (This is not made up.) And for the record, my wife is much more hip than I am……she’s had a MacBook and an Ipod since before we were dating. I admit it; my wife is cooler than I am. So, needless to say, strange and wondrous new worlds are opening up as we speak.

And on top of all that, there were new musical gifts as well, exchanged between my wife and I, and loved ones. So as I bask in the glow that is Apple, here’s some new Christmas gift music. And there was much rejoicing.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova:

A little Death Cab for Cutie:

Some Scottish Amy McDonald:

The Dubliners:

And of course, a little Mayer, from ‘Where the Light is’:

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I join you in the iPod ranks today. My amazing wife saved up and got me a 30gigger – my first iPod EVER, as well (I know… lame that I’ve never had one). And Travis got me ‘where the light is’… if you don’t have it, you and Jamianne need to come over and watch one night.

  2. Nice gifts! I got my first Macbook this year as well an early Christmas/Birthday gift to myself that we kinda needed though, but my wife likes to remind it that I got it. I’ve been a Mac guy for quite a few years though. Laptops are nice especially a Macbook that fits in your backpack and doesn’t feel like it weighs anything at all.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Alex–no way! I thought, with you being so hip and Mac and all, that you’d be on like, your 10th ipod by now. Whew, that kinda makes me feel better. hehe But a 30 gig one? Whoa! That’s an awesome gift!!

    And you don’t like the ‘I will possess your Heart’ song? I love that one! haha To each his own.

    Portorikan–Nice gift, too, bro! I’m in the same boat, except rather than having been a Mac guy for a few years, I’ve been just pretending to be a Mac guy for a few years. hehe And nice blog. I’m adding you to my blogroll if that’s cool. Merry Christmas to you, as well!

  4. Karl- The first iPod’s came out 2000-2001 time frame…DUDE! YOU GOT A MAC! Welcome to the club bro! Tried Garage band out yet? I’m expecting a full review.

    Alex- Hence the rebuild of your iTunes library! Ha ha…

    portorikan- This is my 2nd Mac Laptop. Remember the old toilet bowl lid looking ones? Yup…that was my first. Then I went PC for some stupid reason. Back on a mac now!

    If you count my iPhone, I’m on my third iPod. I bought Stephanie her first last year. Had a couple of other lame mp3 players though in the past…but I’m a twidget so I’ll shut up now.

  5. haha Chris, love you, bro! Hey, I’m actually commenting to you at church right now because this computer can actually……brace yourself……connect to a wireless network (!) and can also actually run other programs while audacity is recording! I know, it’s a crazy world out there. 😉

    We miss you, man.

  6. Miss you too bro…Wish you could all be here chillen with me. Running Audacity on your MacBook? How cool is that? Wireless? I thought these things were just magical and the entire internet was built-in. :-)

  7. The Once soundtrack you listed, “Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova” video, is one of my top 20 albums. I thing the sound of the album is great. Whoever mixed those songs….bravo!

  8. Right on, brother. Always nice to hear of others who dig that movie. I was blown away when I first saw it and heard that music. Ya, the mix somehow keeps the ‘recorded in my garage’ vibe, while still sounding full and professional. I love it.

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