And for the 8th Time…

Alright, guys, I’ve promised some effects usage demos, and the fuzz ones are done; but they’re in three parts, and the first one has just passed hour number 3 of uploading onto youtube. So maybe tomorrow. Yikes, youtube is slow. It’s not like anyone else on universe is trying to upload videos or anything, right? I choose to believe I am the only one who matters. So then, what’s the holdup, youtube? 😉 But, those posts are on their way. In the meantime, here’s a filler post that doesn’t have much to do with anything. Except for sweet tone. (Oh! Yes…that just happened.)

(And as this is a filler post, here’s just a little preview of where this conversation-with-myself post will most surely end up. That’s right. The movie you had just finally convinced yourself was just a really, really bad dream. That’s Kurt Russell of ‘Executive Decision’ fame, and Jason Scott Lee of…not really sure, except for the incredible live action version of ‘Jungle Book.’ Yep. The angry one is Mowgli.)

Last week marked the 8th time I have almost sold a guitar……then realized the strings haven’t been changed in (I’m embarrassed to say how long)……have proceeded to change the strings……and have not sold the guitar. I had thought I was over this, as I have been very Catholic headmistress about changing my strings every week or two for the last year. But I forgot about my acoustic, as I don’t play it out as often. But for Christmas, we did a lot more acoustic flavored stuff, and I was getting bummed with the sound of my guitar. It’s a higher end Seagull with LR Baggs electronics, so it should sound fairly decent; but I was just quite particularly un-stoked with the sound. 

Then I remembered, ‘Oh, ya. I’ve been through this 5 times before on electric, and twice before on acoustic. Will I ever fully learn? I’m guessing no. But that just means more fun buying new gear when I don’t need to. No, that’s wrong. You always need to. Always.

So, if you’re finding yourself unhappy with your tone, change your strings first. If it still sucks, then go get a new guitar or two. But try new strings first. They and your pick are the first levels of your tone, and the most acoustic parts of your sound. 

Sorry for the kind of public service announcementy post, but obviously I need these fairly often, so I’m guessing maybe some folks out there need them as well. And as a side note, that has no bearing on anything musically (except for some really awesome drenched in 1984-synth soundtracks), I saw the first two ‘Terminator’ movies for the first time last night, and they were quite decidedly less cheesey than I thought they would be. Arnold is Arnold, of course, but if you gotta use him, may as well make him a machine. It works. Like emotion-incapable Keanu as an alien in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, or Kurt Russell as a brainwashed soldier in, um, ‘Soldier.’ hehe That was a sucky movie. Mowglie is so in that movie. hehe It still sucks. But Terminator 1 & 2? Not so bad! But 3 is tentatively slated for the watching tonight, so we’ll see how that goes. 

(These are the punk kids from the beginning of the first Terminator. And that is definitely Bill Paxton on your left. You know, highly respected Bill Paxton from Apollo 13, Tombstone, Twister, Predator 2…[well, the ‘respected’ part probably doesn’t extend to Predator 2. Not even a little.] I’m gonna bet he wishes this role could just be forgotten. We do too, Bill. We do too.)

Ah, the holidays. When I have nothing better to post about than Arnold, Mr. Reeves, a punk rawk Bill Paxton, and the live action Jungle Book. (Bet you didn’t even know there was one. Now that movie rocks!) Come on youtube, upload!!


11 thoughts on “And for the 8th Time…

  1. Dude, how can you have waited so long to see the Terminator movies? Terminator 2 is one of those rare sequels (like The Godfather II) that is better than the original. I have probably seen T2 like 50 times.

    Oh, and didn’t Jason Scott Lee place Bruce Lee several years ago?

    Oh yeah, I need to change the strings on my Les Paul. I just got some new D’Addarios.

  2. Larry–merry Christmas to you, too, brother! :)

    Phillip–ya, I know. I think it’s because I saw Arnold in Predator first years ago, and just chalked the Terminator movies up as the same. But I didn’t realize they had such a cool plotline.

    And how’re you liking the D’Addarios? I’m using Ernie Balls currently, but always looking for the next greatest thing. 😉

    Chris–no worries, brother. And ya, we totally should…that’d be fun. Hope everything is awesome!

  3. Haha, I did the same thing with my les paul a few months ago. I used to know it was time to change my acoustic strings when playing wasn’t fun. When the string were good I couldn’t put it down but when they were dead I would play for a few minutes and put it down. Not wanting to play meant my strings needed to be changed!

  4. I love D’Addarios – I’ve been using them forever. The sound great and last forever.

    Are you telling me that you didn’t like Predator? If so, I’m not sure that we can be friends. =) That’s another one of those movies that I watched with my younger brother over and over again. We used to be able to quote large chunks of dialogue from both movies.

  5. +1 on D’Addarios. I have been using them and EB Slinkies forever. However, the D’Addarios seem to have more “weight” in their presence and they do last longer than the Slinks.
    On the other hand, Slinks seem more easy to me.

    But I lean on the D’adds :)

  6. I like the D’Addarios as well, but have mostly been using purple slinkys(slinkies?).

    I like using the 3rd string wound D’Addarios but they seem to be hard to find (also, they’re a wee bit more expensive).

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