13 thoughts on “Going Back to Solid State

  1. heh…. my first thought was “the blog bug really has bit Karl”

    you funny, funny boy.

    2nd thought was that this was one of those Fender Jazz amps or something of that nature– Solid State, but with a purposeful tone to it.

    So—– which is better, Crate or Line 6 Spyder?

  2. Ha! I was in Music Go Round and the guy was really pushing this Fender Princeton Chorus w/ a Peavey Spider speaker. It was horrid. I felt bad for the windowshopping and I actually played through it.

    It sounded better than I thought, but it was no tube Princeton!

    I was fully expecting a video of Andy Summers playing a JC-120 when I saw the title though!


  3. I think that’s the Crate that I had to use (borrowed from another band on the bill) after sketchy power at this Christian venue blew the fuse on my Egnater. It wasn’t that bad! From Egnater to Crate – God has a sense of humor!

  4. I was speechless for a few seconds.

    I just found this site a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it. Until that moment …

    I’m okay now … maybe

    Nice one, Karl!

  5. Mike–wordpress is backwards? Must have missed that. Sorry, bro!! Is it better now?

    Rhoy–hehe After a couple post more on the heavy side, thought I’d throw this one out there.

    Larry–Neither. hehe Jjst kidding. But for instruments like keyboard that require solid state applications most of the time, the Crate’s are workhorses, and sound decent.

    Alex–haha Yep, that’s the one I was playing when I first played with you at…wait for it…Solomon’s Porch!

    Nate–Actually, that’s a great point. Those JC120’s aren’t half bad for certain specialized sounds.

    Dan–haha Yes, He does. Or like, when you have to open a song with this delay-laden riff, and you can’t get your board to work. So you plug straight in. Plunk, plunk, plunk. 😉

    Tim–glad to have you here, bro! hehe Sorry for the false alarm! 🙂

    Matt–haha Ya, I figured it was time for a little levity. Or attempted levity…depending on if you laughed at the post or not. hehe I’m sure some did not. 😉

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