My Nightmare

I have this recurring dream. Seriously, I do; it happens about every couple weeks. I’m on stage somewhere, and at the downbeat of the first song, I realize that I forgot to set up my rig. I’m either on stage with nothing, just standing up there like…what do they call those jerks who don’t have to set anything up…oh, ya!…vocalists. (Just kidding, but again…only a little 😉 ), or I’ve got half my rig, or I’ve got a guitar but no amp, or some combination of those. And it’s really, really scary. Like the time when I was five and I the skeleton in the haunted tree laughed at me on the commercial for the halloween fruit snacks, and then I had a dream that I was playing count to 200 while riding circles on my bike and the skeleton was on my porch. This dream is just as scary; I’m just a little older now…so instead of being afraid of things that actually are kinda scary (skeletons are scary, right?), I’m now more afraid of public embarrassment. Hmm…maybe the kids are actually on to something.

It can be at any place, too. Sometimes I’m playing with one of my old bands, sometimes a nameless worship team, sometimes friends who don’t even play instruments, and, at times, it has been Moby, Plankeye, and U2. Yep. I said Plankeye. I don’t know why I have dreams about famous people. One time I dreamt that Bono and I were at the zoo, and then Sting started yelling ‘Bono! Bono!’ and running up to us. Then Bono said, ‘Great. Now he’s gonna want to hang out with us all day.’ It’d be way better if I were making this stuff up. I’m not.

So if you have actual nightmares about not setting up your gear in time for the set, you might have too much gear. haha Wait, ‘too much gear’?! hehe Sorry, I say crazy things sometimes.


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  1. Hey Karl, I was wondering if you could send me a PM. Wanted to send an mp3 your way and get a critique of my tone, etc.


  2. I have a dream of playing, and then it sucks cuz I changed effects. Its like- in my dream- only the TS9 sounds good. TS9 green IS my favorite color, but what do dreams know?

  3. Karl, you have got to be careful what you eat late at night!

    I’ve actually had that not being ready dream before. It’s a weird feeling.

    Can’t remember what I ate that night though.


  4. It’s good your dreams are only about musicians with one name. Pretty soon expect to see Seal and Prince at the aquarium.

    Funny thing about dreams… I still have the dream that I am walking into a college final and I haven’t been to the class since the first day… Oh wait I think that actually happened. I think I got a B…


  5. Chris–haha What?! Do tell! :)

    Mike–no way! You’ve had the same dream?! hehe 😉

    Ryan–no problem, bro. Just sent you an e-mail.

    Larry–it’s a scientific fact. Green is the best sounding paint color. 😉

    James– :)

    Tim–really?! Right on! Scary, huh!

    Nate–haha I didn’t even realize that.

    And ya, those were the best college classes…the ones where the professors didn’t care if you showed or not. hehe

    Matt–haha Oh, ya. Plankeye. Ha! With Third Day opening for them? See…there’s hope for all opening bands.

    Rhoy–hehe Ya…I have such issues! Wish I could say it weren’t true. haha :)

  6. Years ago, when I was actually running the worship service, I used to have a dream that Sunday morning came and I hadn’t picked any songs nor had the band practiced and none of the slides were done. It’s an awful feeling. And despite the realization that it isn’t true (ok, I actually did forget the slides once…) it still leaves you feeling shaken and unsure of the music for that service.

    Last week for some reason I thought that we started the Sunday morning practice at 8:30, despite the fact that for the last 5 years that I’ve been playing at this church it’s always been at 8. What happened there? What was I thinking? Argh. It totally messed up my vibe for the day.

    Karl, I think these dreams are right up there with going to school naked. Except that apparently you go to school naked with Bono and Sting. You overachiever you.

  7. haha Tom, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    And wow. Just when I thought my dreams couldn’t get any more psychologically revealing…now you add nudity! Now what if I actually dream that?! lol

  8. didn’t realize that plankeye was considered famous! Although they’re almost as cool as All Star United! I once saw them playing with Third Day and Switchfoot @ a place called Canes in Mission Beach. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. 😉

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