The Grateful Dead & Love of Music

Those of you who read this blog have probably gathered that I don’t do too well with the whole ‘not talking very much’ thing. But this quote pretty much embodies most of what I constantly try to use thousands of words to get across:

“All musicians go through a phase where they’re fascinated by technique or flash. Love of music eventually smoothes all that out.” –Jerry Garcia

I believe my Dad first sent me that quote a few years back. And I have nothing more to say. Okay, just a little bit:


This is The Grateful Dead’s live setup. So I guess this is what ‘love of music’ means. I have no problem with that.


21 thoughts on “The Grateful Dead & Love of Music

  1. Alex–haha Wow, fantastic comments this time around! hehe

    Rhoy–lol Wait, what do you mean ‘flash’? Take away just one of those speakers, and the sound would just fall apart! ;) hehe

  2. Ren, welcome! Great to have you here, and yes, I agree…I think that quote is completely splendid. :) Unless you were referring to the ‘wall of sound.’ In which case, I also agree with you. ;)

  3. Haha Thanks, Karl!

    The closing word of the post was incredibly well-put. I thought no more could be said after so much love for speakers. That was… hm… splendid. :)

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