Those Slide Moves Are Just Bushly

I don’t know how many of you are into The Office (although it seems that most of the country is), but this is a deleted scene from the second season that makes fun of pretty much every guitar stereotype out there. Classic. Oh, and there’s also a cool little reminder in there to stay off drugs if you’re at all interested in remembering things past the age of 40. :)


13 thoughts on “Those Slide Moves Are Just Bushly

  1. Mike–is it really? I didn’t know that! That’s awesome!

    Kenrick–most definitely! He might be my favorite character. Him, Daryl, and that other warehouse worker…the big guy.

  2. Creed is the single greatest character on “The Office”!

    Why are both guys playing the guitar upside down?

    Almost as good as the time he dyes his hair with copier toner to look younger…

  3. Anon–I think he says ‘bushly’, but I’ll be honest here…I’ve never heard the phrase ‘bush league’. I had to look it up. haha Seriously, where have I been? So, I guess it’s a joke…but more of a joke than I originally thought? Ya, sometimes I’m a little dense.

    By the way, I was at a church once where the pastor quoted the famous philosopher ‘Anon.’ He said he kept finding all these amazing quotes attributed to him. 😉

    Phillip–ya, see above comment. I thought Michael just made up a word. So…I guess then, I’m as bad as him!! Blast. I hate it when I find similarities between myself and Michael! That’s like seriously the worst. hehe

    Jeff–haha Totally! I heart Creed. And I was thinking the same thing about the guitar…but I think it’s just strung backwards, because it looks like they’re playing all the notes in the right spots. Maybe it’s just the ‘reverse-Hendrix’ style thing going on. hehe

    Keith–ya, I think you may be right. Looks kind of cool actually! Blast! Now I want one.

    Mike–lol Props to you, sir.

  4. yep. seen it before in Hendrix cover bands. some people like it for the same reason Hendrix kept using righty guitars, it puts the controls and vib bar on top.

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