Guys and gals, in light of the recent tragedy of having no GearPage for at least 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 14 seconds, I have decided that I have no other choice than to make this page a refuge for the few of you who actually come and read here. Okay, I’m lying. I’m making it a refuge for me…because I have trouble breathing properly without GearPage. So here’s some topics open for discussion that will hopefully tame our withdrawals through these dark hours. (And just for the record, I absolutely love the Gearpage and have learned a ton there…but I gotta have a little fun with a couple threads that pop up on there every now and then…and of course I have never posted anything on GearPage even remotely resembling these……riiiiight… ;) )

  • Which tubes will give me tons of clean headroom, but still breakup early?
  • True bypass is a myth! (Ed Roman and Pete Cornish content inside)
  • Which $50 pedal will nail John Frusciante’s tone?
  • The color of your shirt and how it effects tone
  • Robben Ford versus Eric Johnson
  • Eric Johnson sucks!
  • How can I tell if my cables are directional?
  • Why the Government Should Direct Bailout Funds to Foreign Policy (and come on guys, don’t turn this political) ‘Thread locked by Moderators’
  • Line 6 DL4 sucks!
  • Line 6 DL4…tone for days!
  • Selling all my pedals…tone is in the hands
  • The Edge’s Rig…so much wasted gear for a guy who just plays clean with echo
  • Edge’s tone changed my life!
  • What pedal will give me haunting mids, a mid-scooped drive, touch dynamics, low gain, high gain, and a mix between germanium and silicon fuzz, for under $100?
  • My Bad Monkey kills the Zendrive!
  • Bad Monkey…overhyped!
  • Celestion sucks
  • Webber sucks
  • Eminence sucks
  • Jensen sucks
  • Who makes the best multi-setting delay with tap tempo, true bypass, presets, a digital bpm readout, and dotted eighths in an MXR-sized box?
  • Delay versus Fuzz
  • What’s the best reverse analog delay pedal?
  • Why is it that bedroom players always have boutique amps?
  • FS: Klon Centaur with gold horsey man–steal it at $1650!
  • What overdrive pedals gave Jimmy Page that cranked Marshall sound?
  • Check out this clip of me NAILING Edge’s tone!

And hopefully this helps tide you over until that glorious moment when I hit refresh on my specific ‘GearPage browser’ that I never close, and it finally opens. I do love the GearPage, but here’s a couple little hints I learned after a year or so there that have helped me to not get lost fighting pointless and childless ‘internet forum battles to the death…or at least until someone goes to another website’: if someone self-proclaims that they have ‘nailed’ a famous guitarists’ tone……they haven’t. And secondly, the more people think they know, the less you can learn from them.