The GearPage is Down!!!

Guys and gals, in light of the recent tragedy of having no GearPage for at least 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 14 seconds, I have decided that I have no other choice than to make this page a refuge for the few of you who actually come and read here. Okay, I’m lying. I’m making it a refuge for me…because I have trouble breathing properly without GearPage. So here’s some topics open for discussion that will hopefully tame our withdrawals through these dark hours. (And just for the record, I absolutely love the Gearpage and have learned a ton there…but I gotta have a little fun with a couple threads that pop up on there every now and then…and of course I have never posted anything on GearPage even remotely resembling these……riiiiight… 😉 )

  • Which tubes will give me tons of clean headroom, but still breakup early?
  • True bypass is a myth! (Ed Roman and Pete Cornish content inside)
  • Which $50 pedal will nail John Frusciante’s tone?
  • The color of your shirt and how it effects tone
  • Robben Ford versus Eric Johnson
  • Eric Johnson sucks!
  • How can I tell if my cables are directional?
  • Why the Government Should Direct Bailout Funds to Foreign Policy (and come on guys, don’t turn this political) ‘Thread locked by Moderators’
  • Line 6 DL4 sucks!
  • Line 6 DL4…tone for days!
  • Selling all my pedals…tone is in the hands
  • The Edge’s Rig…so much wasted gear for a guy who just plays clean with echo
  • Edge’s tone changed my life!
  • What pedal will give me haunting mids, a mid-scooped drive, touch dynamics, low gain, high gain, and a mix between germanium and silicon fuzz, for under $100?
  • My Bad Monkey kills the Zendrive!
  • Bad Monkey…overhyped!
  • Celestion sucks
  • Webber sucks
  • Eminence sucks
  • Jensen sucks
  • Who makes the best multi-setting delay with tap tempo, true bypass, presets, a digital bpm readout, and dotted eighths in an MXR-sized box?
  • Delay versus Fuzz
  • What’s the best reverse analog delay pedal?
  • Why is it that bedroom players always have boutique amps?
  • FS: Klon Centaur with gold horsey man–steal it at $1650!
  • What overdrive pedals gave Jimmy Page that cranked Marshall sound?
  • Check out this clip of me NAILING Edge’s tone!

And hopefully this helps tide you over until that glorious moment when I hit refresh on my specific ‘GearPage browser’ that I never close, and it finally opens. I do love the GearPage, but here’s a couple little hints I learned after a year or so there that have helped me to not get lost fighting pointless and childless ‘internet forum battles to the death…or at least until someone goes to another website’: if someone self-proclaims that they have ‘nailed’ a famous guitarists’ tone……they haven’t. And secondly, the more people think they know, the less you can learn from them.


37 thoughts on “The GearPage is Down!!!

  1. I got the shakes man! I’m at work and I can’t read inane comments about guitar gear. What next…..Harmony Central reviews? UTube gear reviews? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  2. I’m really upset.
    I’m getting work done.
    My boss is going to suspect something. It usually takes me twice as long to get things done.
    I hope it’s back soon.

    By the way, in response to your Eric Clapton Pedal and the “artists never use their endorsed pedal” (or something like that) – One of the last things I saw on Gear Page was a picture of Satriani’s board that he’s put together for his latest band and sure enough – there are his new signature Vox pedals. Whether or not you like his music, I believe Joe to be a very class act.

    Does anyone know what happened to TGP? Server down?

  3. “Who makes the best ANALOG multi-setting delay with tap tempo, true bypass, presets, a digital bpm readout, and dotted eighths in an MXR-sized box”

    fixed that one for you…

    Boy am I glad I’m not the only one stressing that it’s down! Ha! It’s not like I’m buying anything soon after dropping $450 on my VW Jetta. Dang!


  4. Lol This is fantastic! These types of discussions, with ‘ordained’ opinions, withdrawals, no work getting done on account of gear, Honey Dew amps, and no money for pedals because of cars breaking down……aaaawwhh. Feels like I’m back on the gearpage. Definitely easing the pain a little bit. 🙂

    Oh, and that corksniffers mag graphic is stupendous.

  5. Oh man do I see myself in there. On a slightly more serious note, I think I’m detecting something significant: the same gear, same settings, same hands, same room doesn’t sound the same two days in a row. If I’m not alone in this then it really makes the “tone chase” a wild good chase.

    Also, since most of us have agreed that the audience/congregation rarely cares or understands about such tone differences, why not get a pedal that sends a lush acoustic sound to the mains and some overdriven Marshall/Vox/Dumble whatever into our monitor or in-ears. If I need some kind of “stimulation” to play well, why subject the rest of the band or audience to it? Only kidding a little bit here.

  6. Randy–I totally hear ya on things sounding different two days in a row. Honestly, I could never figure this out…obviously, air pressure and temperature effects tone, but I couldn’t believe I’d be hearing a difference in a 71 degree day with 62% humidity on Monday, and a 72 degree with 54% humidity on Tuesday. I finally fixed this with a power conditioner. Turns out, if your rig is getting full power on Monday, then half power because the washer and dryer, vacuum, and microwave or going on Tuesday, now that will make a difference! Or at church, if you’ve got more lights running one week, or different musicians with different gear. I know it sounds crazy, but getting a ‘real’ power conditioner, not the cheap power strips that look like rackmount gear, has all but taken this problem away; at least for me, personally. 🙂

    As far as audiences caring and understanding tonal differences, I’d agree that most don’t care or understand…if we talked to them about it. But we have to remember that the point of music is to do something to people which we can’t explain…to grab their emotions, to inspire their hearts, to give them physical goosebumps. How does music do this? Through ‘sound.’ So ‘sounding good’ is very important. And tone has a lot to do with this. So, can people tell you what the difference they heard was in your two different amps? Most likely not. But they will say, ‘Wow, that sounded great today! The music just moved me!’ without knowing or even being able to explain why (and I’m talking just music here…at a concert or at a church…the Holy Spirit works in his own ways, which I’m leaving out for clarity’s sake in this specific conversation). That’s the point of music. To move people. Very few people will ever be able to say which sound on the Chris Tomlin album was a Taylor and which was a cheap acoustic they quickly overdubbed. But they will be able to tell you which sound they liked…which sound moved them.

    The phrase I live by for this is, ‘People won’t notice if it’s wrong; but they will notice if it’s right!’

    And I think Mozart said it the best when he said, ‘I want my music to be so perfect that the musician listens and loves it because he recognizes what I’m doing; but the common person will listen and love it and have no idea why.’

    Sorry for the long response, but (obviously, lol) tone and music are very dear to me, and I’m passionate about it. In the end, can we worship God with a $5 acoustic we bought at a garage sale? Absolutely. Yikes, we don’t even need a guitar to worship God! But as long as He commanded us to use music in the worship of Him in Psalm 33:1-3, and we’ve decided that it is the artistic medium of choice to worship Him corporately in our church services, let’s use it right, and glorify Him through it!! 🙂

  7. Karl, I agree 100%, even though some at my church have never seen a pedalboard before and think mine is a bomb or something LOL. I am trying to get the best sound possible — short of my wife getting upset at expenditures or causing my sound guy to quit a second time due to my perfectionist ways.

    I think one of the hardest things for me is reading posts by guitarists who are either in large churches or churches where at least one of the services has what could be described as a ‘rockin’ worship service.

    Since I normally lead worship with just a keyboard and Cajon in support, it’s hard not to envy those with not only a full band but a congregation that actually gets a contemporary sound. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that if I attended one of those large churches, I couldn’t get within a mile of the worship team ( that thing called talent ). It reminds me of the country high school football star who goes to college in the big city and can’t make the team. So we need to shine for Him where we are.

  8. Shirt color affecting tone??? I always thought it was the color of your microphone’s windscreen that affected the tone……red equals power baby!!

  9. Randy–wow, brother, I totally hear ya. I’ve definitely led at churches like that before. You’re trying to drive the worship, not because it’s cool, but because you want to make it passionate…and people are like, huh? I gotcha. And I checked out your church’s site, and I thought I saw at least one picture of a drummer! hehe Was that a special service, or something?

    And about the talent thing…I’ll bet you’re actually pretty good. I mean, only you know, but some of the best musicians I’ve met are from small places, because they know how to actually listen to the band members, and to the Holy Spirit, and not just how to rock. 🙂

    I don’t know how far you are away from Temecula, CA, but if you’re ever in the area, love to have you guest at our church!

    Everybody Else–if you go to Birds and Moons, which is something like the parent forum of GearPage, but not really…I really have no idea how that all works, there’s a thread on TGP being down. Brian, one of the guys who runs GearPage, says that one of the EL84 tubes running the server blew. lol Classic. There’s definitely some good people over there, especially the guys who run it. Really hope it’s back up soon!

    And Larry–what’re ya sellin’? 😉 I’ve got a Cusack Tap-A-Whirl and a Verbzilla lookin’ for a new home! hehe And a Timmy on e-bay…

  10. Matt–haha Just saw that! We must’ve been posting comments at the same time. And wait…are you being sarcastic? I thought that’s why my red pedals sounded so good! 😉

  11. Queue William Shatner voice-over ….

    Can’t go on. Hard to breathe. Thoughts fuzzy.

    Need pictures of pedalboards.

    Why TGP? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Oh the humanity!

  12. @ Karl: “People won’t notice if it’s wrong; but they will notice if it’s right!”
    I tend to disagree there 😉 respectfully of course. They notice when I used a stock DS1, but did not ‘notice’ the Zendrive. All they knew was it sounded good, but not me “the band sounded great today.” Like it really gel’ ed with everyone 🙂

    @matt: red= power, blue= ambience 🙂

    @Karl: What did you think of the Verb?
    I’m currently selling: Boss BD2 H20 Monte Allums mod (installed by CMATMODS), BBE Orange Squeezer, Boss DD3 stock, and Blackstone Appliance Mosfet Overdrive.
    I’m going to run through my pedals tomorrow (spring break started tonight —weeeee!) and something else is getting the axe: maybe the Zen, Hermida Distortion, Barber Small Fry, Bixonic Expandora….
    yeah, I did well on ebay.

    Reason: Tim ready this month, and Toneczar ready at the end of this month. Need to free up funds 😉

  13. Tim–haha That’s awesome! Feel free to post some pedalboards right here. lol 😉

    Larry–actually, I totally agree with you! 🙂 Maybe I didn’t make myself clear in that response. What you just said is exactly what I mean. They knew it ‘sounded better’ that day, or that the ‘band was clicking’ or something. They noticed the ‘right’ stuff when you used the Zen, even though they may not have known what exactly made that sound. And that’s the point! I would much rather have someone tell me the music sounded good, then that my overdrive had more presence in the mids. lol The presence in the mids is, of course, what helped make the whole picture sound better, but I want people to notice that whole picture, not focus on my guitar in general. 🙂

    We’re saying the same thing, I think…I just probably didn’t express myself properly.

    And I’ll let you know if any of your pedals could be of use to me! haha Feels like the good old emporiums!

    Oh ya! The Verbzilla. Yikes, sorry for another long comment. But…uh…maybe it’s just my rig. I know you love it, and a lot of guitarists I respect (even some big names) use it and sound great with it. But as of now, it’s not really what I’m looking for. I might play it out before I sell it, though, just to make sure. I’ve been wrong in the past, and I definitely plan on being wrong many more times in the future! hehe

  14. Karl-

    I might be interested in the Verbzilla. Yes, I’m amassing a collection of pedals even though I don’t have a “real” amp yet 🙂 I picked up a Boss DD20 this past weekend (had spend the rest of my “business expense” budget before April 1st 😉 lol So I’m up to a Zen (currently replacing the OD on my POD X3L), DD20, and an old MIJ Boss DS-1 (had this thing in my shredder days cause all good shredders swore by the MIJ DS-1…had to be Made in Japan, the regular ones were junk and cheap 😉 lol

    Since so many tone freaks (that’s a compliment) frequent here and TGP is down…I am looking for a low watt tube amp with “voxy-chime” for low bills. Preferably a head. I’m accepting donations…remember, you’re not just giving away a Suhr Badger, you are playing a part in leading someone to Christ.


  15. And lets not forget the classifieds and guys offering you the chance to give them a $75 refund on your TS808 because it had a scratch on the side.

    Sorry. Still bitter 🙂 lol

  16. Alright, everyone! The GearPage is back up…which you probably knew already. And there was much rejoicing.

    Steven–sure, let me know of the Verbzilla. And you already know my amp reco’s, a redone Blues Junior or a Vox hw. But also, if you can find a used Mayfly, those are really nice and chimey! 🙂 And you actually might be able to find one now that the GearPage is back up!

    Mark–good call!

    James–lol So awesome.

    Mike–ya, I’ve been meaning to look into that one. Great advice! That’d be great for real small venues or stages that for some reason want absolute silence. 😉

    Larry–haha I guess we gear junkies just gotta talk gear, GearPage or no GearPage. 😉

    Jeff–seriously, me too. I think I went to GearPage like 86 times over the last few days, just gazing it the ‘error’ page. It was the closest I could come to the real thing. lol

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