So it Begins

The unhappiness with my tone. And it’s about that time. It’s been…almost a year since I got my base tone right where I wanted it to be? 10 months, maybe? Right about the time for me to get restless. Last night, at one of my normal venues, the ‘guts’ were gone from my tone. Same tone, just no 3d effect. I even took it apart to see if one the speakers had come loose from its solder, or if a tube was starting to go. Doesn’t appear that way.

Maybe my picks are getting worn down, maybe the speaker cable is going. Or maybe I’m just bored and accidentally ran across this picture again:


Jason Orme with his lovely KT88-tubed Divided by 13 RSA23, run in combination with an unfortunately not-pictured Matchless DC30. And if you’re thinking that the ‘’ in the bottom right of the picture is referring to Alanis Morissette, you would be correct. But before you bash, check her out live. Orme and the rest of her backing band are absolutely amazing. His tone and melodic sense are to die for; I do wish he wasn’t wearing the ‘I-want-to-be-Eddie-Van-Halen’ wristband, but hey……guess you can’t have it all.

So is it an awakening of my ears, or just plain boredom? Should I just be happy with my tone and cure my boredom by just playing my strat exclusively or something like that for the next couple weeks? Definitely. Will I? hehehehe If I gave you one guess……


The Postscript: Apologies for the decidedly uninformative posts as of late. Life is……well, let’s just say that life is definitely happening right now, and all that that entails. Gear reviews, demos, musicianship articles, and stuff that might actually be useful (imagine that!) are hopefully on their way.

76 thoughts on “So it Begins

  1. i wonder if hes wearing that wrist band for comfort, as you can see it hits the edge of his guitar.

    take a break from your guitar for a little bit, sometimes giving your ears a rest can make a big difference.

    btw I just got an ibanez andy timmons signature guitar, i know its not considered a snobby guitar but it sounds awesome.

  2. There is always the issue of familiarity. The longer you hear the same tone, the more likely you will get bored with it because it’s the same. dunno.

  3. @ Chris— agreed on that!

    I started to think my tone was a bit stale until we had a guest guitarist come in with his big crate 2×12. When he blasted me off the stage, I strummed one overdriven chord with delay and said ‘mmmm… thats as close to sustenance as music gets.’

    Just playing with others and hearing them look at your tone is enough!

  4. Kenrick–ya, it probably is for comfort. But then, I wouldn’t get a chance to poke fun at a guitarist I’m extremely jealous of. 😉

    And you’re right…that Andy Timmons guitar is not snobbish enough to sound good. 😉 lol I hope you know I’m kidding, brother!

    Chris–wait. You’re saying I’m bored with it; so I should buy less gear and play what I’ve got? I don’t understand.


    Larry–hehe Guess I’ll have to look around for someone playing a Crate to compare myself with. Haven’t found that in a while. And then with my luck, he’ll (or she’ll) have this amazing sense of melody and sound great even through the Crate. 😉

  5. Karl – pick yourself up an el cheapo amp and an el cheapo guitar and play those exclusively for a week. Then plug into your real board. I think you’ll find yourself cured of your tone-envy.

    I keep a $40 Kustom 10watt practice amp at home for exactly that. I don’t have any el cheapo guitars though… i just can’t bring myself to it…

  6. Force yourself to unplug everything except a guitar and an amp (Maybe an overdrive if the amp stays pretty clean.). Play that way for a couple of days and then plug in the rig. You’ll be happy again. Trust me. Wait….I need a fuzz pedal…and a phrase looper…and I’m really not too happy with my wah pedal….and….Oh never mind!

  7. Karl, i have the solution for you…send your crappy toneless 2d Holland amp, ‘Blues’ cab, and mega board to me and I’ll send you my POD X3L. You’re definitely getting the better end of the deal…50 different amps and 20 cabs! Stereo and everything 🙂 lol

  8. Tom–oh, good idea! 🙂 But think of the pedals I could buy with that money! hehe

    Mark–lol Unfortunately, I have this mental tick that makes me believe the world will explode if I plug in without a delay pedal. 🙂

    Steven–lol Okay, that was awesome.

    James–yes!! That’s it!! hehehe 🙂

  9. If the rig, guitar(s) and settings are the same, then maybe it is an awakening of some sort.

    I learned a long time ago that the majority of tone is in your hands. I’ve seen good players using what I consider bad equipment sound unbelievable (in a good way). That is very frustrating/puzzling to me.

    Here’s a link I found years ago, called “It’s the Guitar’s Fault”:

    It’s doubtful I’ll get to that magic level by myself, so I guess I’ll have to continue cruising TGP for my tone.

    Oh and +1 on Mark’s guitar and amp only suggestion. It will show you a lot of things.

    If we all throw an extra delay on our rig, that should offset you not using one and the world won’t explode. You’ll have to warn us first, so we have time to prepare.

  10. Exactly what Mark is saying. The same concept applies to mixing. It’s more so for mixing in the studio but same with live. After I set the mix during the rehearsal on Sunday mornings, I’ll leave the sanctuary for a few minutes. When I return, it’s as if my ears are hearing the mix for the first time. Then I notice the good and the bad parts of the mix and tweak if necessary.

  11. +1 Chris on the mixing. When I’m doing mixes on demos, I always wait on the final mix for the next morning when my ears aren’t fatigued. Ear fatigue stems from my four children repeatedly saying: Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, when I have the headphones on.

    And a big OH YEAH to Tim. What the amp-guitar thing usually shows me is how sloppy my playing has gotten relying on effects.

    Karl – An intervention might be in order.

  12. Rhoy–lol Absolutely!! Although it might be time to actually bite the bullet and put my money where my mouth is……meaning selling effects if I truly believe the amp is more important and that I need a new one. *Gasp!* hehehe

    TimH–great link! So, if tone is in the hands, then maybe I just sucked on Sunday night? lol That is entirely possible. 🙂

    And if everyone here did throw another delay in their rig, I would quit this blog. My life’s mission would be complete. 😉

    Don–thanks. I totally appreciate that. I just always want to make sure that as the title of the blog suggests, there will always be resources here for people to get better tone, play better, and worship more deeply. I don’t ever want to turn it a ‘Here’s what I did today–care about it’ blog. hehe 🙂 But I’m glad that the last few short posts have at least been somewhat useful. I’m trying. 🙂

    Chris–great advice. So maybe not just boredom, but ear fatigue as well. Well, I didn’t play yesterday, so we’ll see what happens this evening. 🙂

    Mark–absolutely. It’s just that I’m still digging my effects, just not the amp right now. hehe With my switchers, clean tone is just guitar–>amp. And that’s when I realize how much I suck. lol

    And yes…an intervention might not be a bad idea. Especially if I start to decide on a Two Rock. I saw one for $8075 today. Which is like, $8000 more than what I’ve got. hehe

  13. Eight grand for an amp. I find it hard to fathom that an amp can sound like eight grand. I heard a guy sound like eight grand once and he was playing an old Harmony jazz top through a Peavey Bandit. Is it wrong or sinful to spend eight grand on an amp? No, I don’t believe it is! Would I spend eight grand on an amp. Probably not (Notice I said probably. I also once said that I wouldn’t spend $400.00 on a dirt pedal.).

    I used to play on a worship team with a guy who owned a multimillion dollar company. He bought amps and guitars that I couldn’t even afford to walk into the store and look at. You would think that with that kind of equipment, his tone would be so good that the rest of us would have been ashamed to turn our stuff on. According to my wife (Who for a nonmusician has an incredible ability to hear the difference between good and bad tone. Hopefully because she’s used to hearing good tone. ;)) the guy (In her words) sounded like an ice pick going through her ear drums. Regrettably she was right but I doubt that it was the gears fault. Probably too many years on the factory floor without ear protection.

    I’ve been told that us Praise and Worship guys are all a bunch of gear dogs (Not actually what the guy said…but what he said wouldn’t be printable.). The guy plays out an average of three times a week. Plays a high end Line6 amp and generally a Mexican Fender Strat with stock pickups. He always sounds amazing. Knows pretty much nothing about any of my effects and thinks that I spend way to much time and money on gear. He may be right.

    Does any of this change any of my opinions about gear or my ideas about how to achieve good tone. No…but it does make me think.

  14. Tube amps are funny. Some days they just sound good but not amazing. The store 2 blocks from my house sells D/13 and 65 amps but I’ve never had the inclination to try them. For me, I’m not sure that spending $2K and up on an amp is going to improve my tone that much. Maybe just end up sounding like a more expensive version of my tone? I would like to try a Two Rock Jet combo at some point but I wasn’t able to make it out to the last guitar show in Marin where TR had a booth.

  15. Dan, there was very very little difference, if any, between my Jet and a Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I bought it for research purposes and sold it for +$100 within a week.

  16. I think that tube amps start to sound the best after they’ve been pushed for about a half hour. Regrettably, that’s about how long a worship service lasts.

  17. @ karl – no don’t sell your effects! otherwise, i can’t tell my friends that I know a guy who have a board that looks like a cockpit! 🙂

    @ mark – lol! i’m lucky that we do a dress rehearsal 1-hour before the service on Sundays. and yes, it makes a lot of difference. i thought it was just me starting to be more awake. alas, it’s actually the tube being cooked to perfection 🙂

  18. Dan–great point on tube amps. I thought I was going to get rid of all that by running a power conditioner, but alas…guess not. hehe

    And ya, some amps, like Two Rocks and Dumbles and all that, I can’t imagine them sounding as good as they cost. Unfortunately, every time I’ve heard a D13, it does. Which sucks. Not sure about the 65 Amps. I haven’t liked the clips so much, but I’ve heard them at stores and they’re pretty good. And the build quality on the cab I have from them is fantastic.

    And then again, a Blues Junior still sounds great. hehe 🙂 Go figure.

    James–huh. That’s really good to know.

    Larry–my day has now been brightened. 🙂

    Mark–I agree. Also, the older your tubes are, the longer they will take to get to their ‘optimum sounding heat.’

    Rhoy–haha Don’t worry, if I do, I know myself way too well…it’ll only be a matter of time before I buy them all back. hehe

  19. James – that is some expensive research but good to know! What did you think of the drive channel? What amps do you like?

    Karl – looking forward to some D13 demos 🙂

  20. It was, but I took out a small loan and paid it back to help establish my credit. I don’t want to hear comments from anybody either! haha 🙂

    I have, right now, my first amp build which started out as a Matchless Lightning clone. I’ve since tweaked it to the schematic of a Jennings era AC30. It doesn’t sound like Karl’s, but I have more tweaks I might do this summer. My other amp actually isn’t complete yet. It’s a 100 watt version of Dumble #124 with high plates. The goal is to get Gregor Hilden’s sound. You can see them both in my Facebook album:

    I really think a 35 watt or higher blackface type amp with a Zendrive will give the complete Two-Rock package to 95% of the players who try them. Most of the groove you hear in the John Mayer clips, for example, are from the 100 watts.

  21. Compare this oh so sweet clip with his song, “Shades of Gold” on iTunes. Shades is Dumble, this is vibrolux with a Zen-esq pedal. Pretty cool!

  22. Mmmm… James.
    I liked your input. So much I forgot about the article at hand.

    POG? Whats that? 😉

    BTW, I Lol’ed for several minutes after the “this filter slider” demo. Thanks Karl! I’m not the only goof out there ! 😀

  23. Mark–hehe 🙂

    Dan–unfortunately, they’re probably coming. I’m like a dog on a bone right now, and I just can’t seem to shake myself of the thought right now. It’s bad. hehe

    James–can’t wait to play out with a James Orr Amp!! 🙂

    Larry–I am not a rockstar. Blast. hehe

  24. Hi Karl,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few month now, and honestly, I thought you where a tone snob. Too many expensive pedals on and off supersized board (I mean its huge and has so many delay pedals on it).
    But this POG demo changed my mind. You got a killer tone, I love it, it justifies each minute and cent that went into your rig. Would love to hear something recorded.

  25. haha Hey, Ben! Great to have you here! Ya, I definitely am a tone snob. My only hope is that maybe I can be a nice tone snob. hehe But thanks for the kind words, and I may have to do a video walkthrough of my board at some point, because there’s really not as many pedals as it seems. It’s just that I have this curse of every time I like a pedal, it always ends up being the biggest one! I hate it! hehe Just once I want the pedal that winds the shootout to be the smallest one. I’m searching. 🙂

    But anyway, thanks again, welcome, and hope to hear your input in the future!


  26. Chiming in a few days late. Perhaps your ears have taken the next step… Perhaps a /13 amp will help? Perhaps one of those crazy $8K amps will help? Probably. For a little while at least.

    Tone greed will always be greater than what can be attained. I bet those guys that own the $100K rigs are on somedays not happy with their sound, but what more can they do. They already have everything they could ever want (doublefold). They tweak and just play.

    Though it is fun, I think the whole A/B of pedals and amps and guitars are kind of silly (though I do it all the time). It really serves to make us feel like we made a good decision when in fact, sometimes the best decisions are bought completely blind (e.g. my Olson SJ acoustic – completely happy with it.) On some days, certain combinations sound better. On some days, our ears just like something different. Perhaps it is a single ELC cable gone funny. Perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps, you need to change your tubes…

    In any case, good luck. Be happy with what you have. It is pretty ridiculous by most of our standards, though others would say the same of me… Greed is good! Tone greed that is. [I can’t believe how much money I’ve spent since I started reading your blog! I hate you! :)]

  27. Skonger, you’re absolutely right; sometimes (most of the time), it’s the little things that have gone bad to change tone. And even more often than that, changing our technique will help more than new gear. However, hehe, there is something to be said for having the right gear. And for me, I just love the testing part to find out which is best. The main thing that keeps me at least somewhat objective about every piece of gear I buy is that I have learned to never (well, rarely, hehe) buy something that I may have to force myself to like because I know I can’t return it. The tone journey gets un-fun real quick when you get stuck with sucky gear and debt. 😉 So I try really hard now to buy only stuff I’m certain I can resell, so that I can avoid having to lie to myself that the $5K guitar that sucks was worth it. (And just for the record, I’ve never spent that much on a single piece of gear!! lol)

  28. Wow.
    Here’s my humble discovery about “tone.” I’ve seen and heard guys with huge pedalboards, great amps, amazing guitars talk shop for days about this and that. Then I hear them play, and I have to laugh – beause frankly they stink.
    So many guys are all juiced up about tone, and gear while they have no idea how to play along with a click track, hold a decent groove, or just stop playing when the song doesnt ask for it. And as for being able to read a proper arrangement, or even play in anything other than the key of G while walking all over everyone else on stage – they just cant handle it.

    There used to be a blind guy who played jazz on an old junky chinese guitar, plugged into a cheap solid state amp in the mall close to where I grew up. No, pedals, no effects nothing.
    His “tone” was some of the best I ever heard, because he could play so well. No pick, just all fingers. I could stand for hours and listen to him play. His “tone” came from the heart, and out of his hands. SRV just used to turn everything up as loud as it could go, (ok so maybe he had 1 TS9 and a fuzzface) and play the crap out of everything.

    Point. All the gear, and vintage pedals in the world cant cover lousy playing. Learn how to play your instrument. When I practice these days, I turn everything off. No delay, no reverb – just into the amp. Nice and dry. Maybe I’ll turn on my MXR distortion II for some drive. You’ll be amazed at what you hear when it isnt layered by 12 different effects pedals. You’ll wont belive how mutch better you’ll get when you practice this way.

    I love gear as much as the next guy, but I use it as an add on to a great “source tone” Modern worship requires 3 sounds.
    Clean, overdriven, and delay. Last I remember for that you need and amp, and 2 pedals.

    We played a few gigs with a well known christian guitar player, I got to hang with him for a few days. He showed up with a pod, and plugged into the PA. His “tone”was amazing – but his playing and musicianship was incredible. No custom amps, half stacks, guitar techs, yada yada. Just a great, great guitar player.

    Anyway – learn to play your guitar well. Great tone will follow.

    It doesnt work the other way around.

  29. Hey, Sean! Welcome! Great to have you here. 🙂

    You make some great points, bro! Surely, tone is not to be used to cover poor playing. In fact, I would venture the opinion that good tone is impossible without good playing. Some of the best gear is the best because it is ‘responsive;’ it reacts and amplifies what you put into it. I think good gear is supposed to bring out what you are doing with your hands.

    So, with your example of the guy playing at the mall, I’m sure he sounded better than I ever could. But, in my humble opinion, tubes tend to be more responsive than solid state. So, as good as some of those guys sounds, I always wonder how much better their hands would come through with a more responsive amp…even a $75 Valve Junior, that’s probably cheaper than what they’re playing.

    However, I do disagree slightly that it can’t ‘work the other way around’, with playing following tone. I remember the first time I switched to a Peavey tube amp from the Crate solid state I was playing. And the notes were so much rounder, with so much more sustain, that it helped simplify my playing. Suddenly, I was okay with just letting a note ring out, or playing a three note recurring theme instead of a solo…because it, for the first time, sounded good to do so. So I hear your point about making sure you don’t neglect your playing chasing after gear; but some modestly tasteful gear can also go a long way in helping your playing, in my very humble and limited experience.

    As for Stevie, I’m going to go ahead and commit guitar heresy and blog suicide by saying that he played a bit too much to do much for me…tone-wise and otherwise. *Ducks thrown guitars with upside down trem bars* 😉

    But I love your points, and you explained them quite eloquently. It’s a good reminder for all of us to remember that ‘great’ gear will not necessarily equal a great sound. 🙂



  30. Hey Karl –
    Thanks for the welcome. I really like this site. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’ll admit I am a self confessed tone hound. I love vintage gear, I love the art of playing the electric guitar, and appreciate those who have learned to play it well. Eric Clapton was once quoted as saying that the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn, but one of the most difficult to master.

    Your point is well taken. I agree, that if you are serious about learning to play the instrument well, if you have cheap gear you will soon get to a point where you will outgrow your stuff. As one gets better, you learn to appreciate sublte nuances that better equipment will get you. I had a Japanese strat that I had for years that I thought was the best guitar on the planet. That was until I bought my Music Man, and I could hear and feel the difference in the sustain and native sound of the instrument. I sold my strat a few months later, and never looked back. I still have the Music Man, its been on more than a few albums and I’ve had it refretted already because I basically wore them down to nothing. My basic point was that great playing comes from years of practice, listening, and learning. The gear only makes all that sound even better.

    on a side note – Interstingly enough, I just switched to a Line 6 X3 Live. A thought which only a few months ago would have seemed like a sick joke to me. I just got tired of lugging my pedalboard, amp, and all my gear around. I have to say the the sound from that thing is unreal. I am using it in a studio project right now and it is blowing me away. I cant get over how clean this thing sounds. Now let me offer a caveat by saying that it took 3 nights of solid tweaking to get it to sound right, and all I did was set it up to replicate my original sound as close as I could but the results are unreal, so far.

    Still love my tube amp any my collection of pedals tho. I have a peavey classic 50 ’93 model (without the effects loop) that for whatever reason sounds amazing. I just replaced the original tubes after 16 years, and they were still going strong. I’ve used that amp so much, the tweed is starting to tear off.

    Anyway – dig the site. will be around here often.

  31. Good times, Sean. Nice to know you’re a gear junkie, too. 😉 But like I said, you made a great point about having the gear add to your hands, not making your hands. I appreciate that point of view, and I’ll be the first to admit I lose site of it sometimes.

    And you’re really liking the X3, huh? Way interesting. It goes against everything I hold dear, and everything I believe. hehe However, a bunch of people lately have been telling me all the good sounds the thing can get if, like you said, you put in your time tweaking it. So…jury’s still out for me on it. How’s the response and dynamics? Does it respond like a tube amp, or is it more sterile? Or does it have a different type of response, with which you might need to almost relearn how to play with it?

    And you’ve got a Peavey Classic 50?! Right on! My first tube amp was a Classic 100 head that I still regret selling sometimes. That old Classic series is one of those sleeper series of amps, in my humble opinion. Some great sounds to be had from those!

    And did you say ‘recording albums’? Am I possibly listening to some of your guitar work right now without knowing it? hehe 😉

    Again, great to have you here, and really appreciating having your point of view.


  32. I would say stick with your pedals (I don’t think I’ll have to do much to convince ya) Karl. Though some big names like Lincoln Brewster use the X3 and the Line6 guys know what they are doing, it takes too long to get the slight acceptable variations, if you know what I mean. If you are doing studio work, sure, that’ll work, but then you wouldn’t have to lug around equipment anyways… I was able to get great sounds from my Roland GT board, but it was either too over the top many times, and tweaking in the middle of rehearsal to get what the worship leader wanted or what I wanted just didn’t cut it. 80% of the congregation doesn’t care that much anyways, but it’ll probably bug you to distraction, at least it did me. And distraction means no worship.

    For tweakability, I actually like the Boss ME boards better because it is like having 20 analog pedals in one, but then you are stuck with the boss sound…

    I don’t agree with a poster that said all you need are 3 sounds: clean, driven, and delay. I know Glenn Pearce said this, but have you seen his rig lately… Listen to his recordings and playing and he uses 3 main sounds, but adds variation with his modulation pedals like Mojovibe, Zvex stuff. I use tremelo sounds, phaser stuff (break up is different with the phaser as well), and med and high gain stuff, etc. So in a given set I’ll probably use more like 6 types of sounds. If you are talking doing a song like Hosanna and trying to capture everything the recording is doing, you’re talking at least 5 different sounds through the whole song. Most worship teams only have 1 or 2 guitarists and generally only 1 of those guitarists are any good. So we’re left with doing more with less if we’re trying to emulate some of the “big time” worship teams (not that that is the end all be all).

    You can get away with 3 sounds that you stick with and the congregation wouldn’t know the difference, but it bugs me. I like getting that right sound for the right song. That’s why you need more than 3 guitars… 🙂

    What I’ve compromised on is the amp. I keep an amp at church that a few guitarists on rotation share. It’s a cheap tube amp that has a nice clean, sucky reverb (don’t need reverb in a church), and a decent overdriven sound. With a decent pedal board and nice guitar, you’re golden. Though if I had your (Karl’s) pedal board, I wouldn’t be lugging that thing around… Shield the amp, keep it close as a monitor, so you get that nice natural feedback/sustain type of thing happening between amp and guitar, and go from there. Gotta have that amp close by (or a monitor)…

    Of course, the playing has to be there otherwise, it all don’t matter. It’s gonna suck… Only the single sustain notes and perhaps rhythm will be palatable, but hey that might actually make the worship better. Praise God!

  33. Skonger, great points, brother! And no, I’m not changing my rig just yet. It’ll take a lot to convince me over to the dark side. 😉 Lincoln does get some great sounds, but he doesn’t persuade me so much as I’m probably the only worship guitarist alive who doesn’t think he’s Hendrix reincarnated in Christian form. He’s got more chops than I’ll ever have, but his music doesn’t do anything for me, personally.

    And ya…I think od and delay are the basics, but a little trem and fuzz can go a long way, too. 😉 Good example with ‘Hosanna’. Paul Baloche version, right? With the seek wah thing going on at the beginning?

    So you’ve got an amp that you just leave at the church? Actually, that’s pretty cool. I don’t know…I’m just weird, I guess. I’ve been lugging around my entire rig for going on six? years now, and everyone said I’d get tired of it and go to a modeling rig, but honestly that’s never even crossed my mind. Something’s probably wrong with me.

    And great point that sometimes that stuff we think is ‘bad’ and causes us to play less might actually help the worship music more. That’s a post in itself right there. Great stuff, bro!!

  34. I wouldn’t say you’re weird, just very particular. I usually bring so much stuff that I’ve tried to reduce, just for sanity. Hard to carry so much stuff in and out when you’ve got 3 kids hanging on ya…

    I don’t love Lincoln Brewster either, but some of his stuff I like, but hey, he’s successful which is hard enough to do in the music business, and no, he doesn’t compare to Jimi (nobody does). I don’t think anyone in their right mind would compare them, especially Lincoln. Good guy I think, and he must be doing something right…

    Plus, Lincoln plays in huge venues with huge sound. That’s a big mistake I think alot of worship guitarists/musicians make, trying to exactly copy something that works well in a stadium, but doesn’t fit their church. I can’t imagine “Everlasting God” without the solo, but we never do it, because it doesn’t feel right for “real worship”, a little too showy.

    Anyways, I appreciate the kind comments and the overall very safe environment you’ve provided to talk about gear (no hating is a refreshing and nice thing to experience once in a while).

  35. haha That’s it, right there. I have no kids. lol Maybe that’s the magic ingredient…if I ever have kids, no more gear lugging. hehe Actually, that makes total sense! I have a lot of respect for those of you who can balance ministry, music, and children. Props.

    And you’re right…I’m sure Lincoln is a great guy, and is for sure extremely talented! For some reason, though, his music just doesn’t do much for me personally. But good point on the fact that his music obviously does do something for a lot of people, and that’s something that should not be ignored.

    And good point about the stadium vs. small church thing. So many good points……you should start a blog, bro! 😉

    And honestly, I feel very blessed that things have remained so civil over here. There’s a good vibe, and I don’t think it’s anything I’ve done. I think God’s got a hand in it for some reason, and hopefully we’re all encouraging each other with a good balance of honesty, encouragement, and love. I’m just praying that that attitude lasts! 🙂

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