The unhappiness with my tone. And it’s about that time. It’s been…almost a year since I got my base tone right where I wanted it to be? 10 months, maybe? Right about the time for me to get restless. Last night, at one of my normal venues, the ‘guts’ were gone from my tone. Same tone, just no 3d effect. I even took it apart to see if one the speakers had come loose from its solder, or if a tube was starting to go. Doesn’t appear that way.

Maybe my picks are getting worn down, maybe the speaker cable is going. Or maybe I’m just bored and accidentally ran across this picture again:


Jason Orme with his lovely KT88-tubed Divided by 13 RSA23, run in combination with an unfortunately not-pictured Matchless DC30. And if you’re thinking that the ’’ in the bottom right of the picture is referring to Alanis Morissette, you would be correct. But before you bash, check her out live. Orme and the rest of her backing band are absolutely amazing. His tone and melodic sense are to die for; I do wish he wasn’t wearing the ‘I-want-to-be-Eddie-Van-Halen’ wristband, but hey……guess you can’t have it all.

So is it an awakening of my ears, or just plain boredom? Should I just be happy with my tone and cure my boredom by just playing my strat exclusively or something like that for the next couple weeks? Definitely. Will I? hehehehe If I gave you one guess……


The Postscript: Apologies for the decidedly uninformative posts as of late. Life is……well, let’s just say that life is definitely happening right now, and all that that entails. Gear reviews, demos, musicianship articles, and stuff that might actually be useful (imagine that!) are hopefully on their way.